Tuesday, February 24, 1970


Real Name: Chikao Kessin
Nickname: "The World's Strongest Ozeki," "Mr. Backdrop 2000," "BIG BOSS"
Birthplace: Seto, Aichi Prefecture
Birthdate: January 31, 1979
Theme Music: "Secrets of Sosetsuken"
Weight: 145kg (320lbs)
Height: 186cm (6'1")
Debut: November 29, 2002 (vs. Masafuji Yoshida)

Physical Appearance: Kessin is a thick heavyweight, befitting his sumo background. He has long dark hair, usually tied in a top-knot.

Ring Costume
: Kessin wears thigh-length yellow trunks with a red/silver design. The back of the trunks firmly show "OZEKI" in romaji letters. In addition to white wrist tape, yellow knee pads and black boots, Kessin wears a long, feathered ring coat and black wide-brimmed hat, with one, singular yellow feather in it.

Title History:

* F-MAX Tag Team Titles
- (w/ Masafuji Yoshida) Tetsuhiro Kaneda & Takayuki Morita (12/21/2004) / Hiroaki Nakata & Yoshihiro Shimoda (5/18/2005)

* PWC World Tag Team Titles (2)
- (w/ Masafuji Yoshida) Makoto Tachibana & Tatsumichi Akamatsu (8/20/2006) / Tatsumichi Akamatsu & Makoto Tachibana (10/25/2006)
- (w/ Chikao Kessin) Jason Ramsey & Naoyuki Watanabe (5/31/2008) /

Tournament History:

* PWC Tag League (P*J - 2006): Masafuji Yoshida & Chikao Kessin beat Makoto Tachibana & Tatsumichi Akamatsu (18:54) when Yoshida used a Cross-Armed Fire Thunder on Akamatsu

Trademark Moves:

* Disaster Point (Leveled up version of the Sekai Ichi no backdrop, applied with a wrist-clutch and executed with unrelenting force.)
* Sekai Ichi no Backdrop (The World's Strongest Backdrop Suplex.)
* CKG145 (Pinning variation of the Sekai Ichi no Backdrop, with Kessin essentially bridging his opponent in half.)
* Back Blow (Clubbing back-fisted strike to the side of the opponent's neck. Typically done as a set up to the Sekai Ichi no Backdrop.)
* Scrap Buster (Bossman Slam style counter to an opponent coming off the ropes.)

Biography: Kessin was a highly touted prospect in the sumo world, earning the rank of Ozeki in astonishing time. However, a knee injury would force him to into retirement at an early age, forcing him to look elsewhere before finding his way to the pro-wrestling ring.

Kessin benefited from dual training, studying under famed instructor Ryo Suzuki, in addition to Kazuma Fujita; the later of whom he would remain close to through out his career. Upon his debut in late 2002, Kessin would choose to make FURY his home battlefield. Upon debut, he immediately found himself embroiled in a rivalry with FURY's resident Sumo, Masafuji Yoshida. The two met in a Sumo exhibition, where Kessin showed the true spirit of the Ozeki and won. After which, Kessin revealed Yoshida was in fact, lying about his Sumo background, and was actually disgraced from his stable for not cooking the Chanko stew correctly. Rather than get angry, Yoshida repented, and asked to learn the ways of Sumo from Kessin. The two would form the immensely popular "Sumo Brothers" tag team.

The Sumo Brothers were a constant fixture in FURY for almost six years, where they captured the F-MAX Tag Team Titles, in addition to PROMO * JAPAN's prestigious PWC Tag Team Titles. However, after failing to capture the F-MAX Tag Titles in August of 2008, Yoshida proposed to end the team, feeling he was holding Kessin back.

While initially wanting to strike out as a singles wrestler again, Kessin reluctantly reformed the popular Sumo Brothers team with Yoshida to lackluster results. Reaching his "Disaster Point," Kessin betrayed Yoshida in a fit of rage after being eliminated from the HEC Tag Team Title tournament by Double Goodwin. After flooring Yoshida, Kessin struck a friendship with the two sons of Legend James Goodwin, forming the "Dark Triad."