Nearing towards the end of 2012, the professional wrestling industry had hit an all-time low in activity, with virtually no actively touring company in existence. The two constants of the national scene since 2002; Pro-Wrestling FURY and Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON were desperately fighting a losing struggle to keep themselves afloat; though for varying reasons. The one common affliction both company's shared was the economic state of the country itself; still reeling from the destruction and post-nuclear fall out of the 2011 earthquake.

Iwate-based Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON took on incredible financial loss as a result of their home area being directly hit by the resulting typhoon, which forced them to cancel several tours, and make a costly move from Iwate-to-Tokyo that ultimately crippled the promotion. After a failed relaunch in 2012, the promotion officially ceased activities nearing their tenth anniversary.

Pro-Wrestling FURY; arguably the more popular of the two brands, endured several hardships from late 2009 to its final card in 2012, including the federal indictment of Hiroshi Nishida; Acting President at the time for tax evasion and embezzlement charges in 2009. To go with the financial and PR woes, the company had become embroiled in a bitter internal civil war that divided the entire roster, and even staff members. Over the decade long history of FURY, philosophies and ideologies became very conflicted. A lot of what is known about the dispute involves the company's Patriarch, Kazuma Fujita. Reportedly, half of the roster wanted to move away from "Kazuma Fujita's Pro-Wrestling," hoping to take FURY in a new direction, while the other half wanted to keep FURY much in line with its current style; though agreeing to compromise on some principals. After numerous failed restarts between 2011 and 2012, it had become clear that the two sides simply could no longer work together. With no plausible way to keep FURY going, it was mutually agreed to end the promotion on 10/25/2012; the tenth anniversary of the company's first card.

Anticipating the inevitable demise of Pro-Wrestling FURY, executives from Mainichi Broadcasting System approached many of the soon-to-be unemployed staff members with the concept for a new company; a company that would aim to restore the nation's faith in professional wrestling. Not simply an independently funded upstart with lofty ambitions. But rather a company with a solid business foundation and firm financial backing by well-known and trusted sponsors. But most importantly, a company with the corporate strength to bring professional wrestling back to terrestrial over-the-air television. MBS could provide all of these things in return for the signing of the most well-known pro-wrestler of the modern era, Kazuma Fujita, who joined the organization as a high-ranking supervisor, and as a wrestler; beginning what would be the last run of his in-ring career. Joining Fujita was Eizo Hayakawa, who was best known as the gold-suit wearing ring announcer for FURY. What most didn't know however, was just how involved Hayakawa was in the long-term success of the company, as he served as match maker and producer for most of the company's existence.

During the month of November in 2012, all parties met together in a private meeting at Osaka's BODYMAKER Colosseum (Formally known as the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium.) The venue had been the site of some of the best matches seen in the last decade; many of which involved Kazuma Fujita. For over five hours, several names and concepts had been discussed and debated. While the original pitch was something more in line with older groups such as Burning Spirit Pro-Wrestling, the pull to take the company in alternative directions was still there as some execs from MBS and parent company TV Tokyo felt the best course would be to move away completely from the "old ways" of pro-wrestling. In the end however, it was Kazuma Fujita himself who was the voice of reason. Simply put, he said pro-wrestling has always been about "Heroes" and "Villains," with the over-arching theme being "Strength." He said that pro-wrestling in Japan has ALWAYS honored its legacy, and moving away from what fans considered traditional pro-wrestling to be would be "irresponsible sacrilege." He went on to say "We must lower the bridge to the Kingdom of Pro-Wrestling and show fans that we are still capable of incredible things." While agreeing that pro-wrestling must modernize itself in many ways, he believed in the strength and skills of all of the men penned to join the initial roster. He humbly asked the television executives to put their faith in their Kingdom, and vowed to help raise the "Heroes of the New Age." On New Years Eve, Fujita, staff members, and many of the wrestlers who would make up the roster officially announced the formation of Oukoku Nihon Puroresu -- Kingdom of Japan Pro-Wrestling.  

The Real Story 

Kingdom of Japan Pro-Wrestling (KJPW) is a fictional pro-wrestling organization based out of Osaka and Tokyo. I started KJPW in late 2013 as a continuation of a long-existing universe of other similar-styled e-feds. Before KJPW, I wrote Pro-Wrestling FURY off-and-on for a decade, before LIFE ultimately reared its ugly head and took my focus. FURY, and most of my time in eWrestling has always been an extension of my passion for the real world of pro-wrestling, and my love for telling stories within those familiar concepts. Obviously, I am a huge fan of the Japanese style, and this; along with the last ten years of my life has been my own weird tribute to Puroresu.

In the general context of eWrestling, KJPW would likely fall under the category of an "angled fed," as every result in KJPW is decided far in advance. However, where KJPW, and the other groups I've ran before it have differed is I typically handle EVERYONE in the promotion. While obviously not going to the extents and depths I could if I handled one individual character, I've done my absolute best to provide a fleshed out, detailed personality and fight style for every where I've created in the last ten years I've done this. And thankfully, due to spending WAY too much time doing this as a hobby over the years, most of my creations have legitimate histories you can track across several groups.

The "E-Puroresu" Universe

KJPW exists in a larger, self-contained universe that dates as far back to results found on Usenet from 1996. Over the period of the mid 1990's to 2001, the scene would see ups and downs. However, when one of the larger feds closed, a wrestler or staff member would likely go on to open a fed themself; usually keeping ties to the prior groups. Likewise, inter-promotional activity was frequent so to mirror the real-world of pro-wrestling in Japan.

The modern era of E-Puroresu dates back to 2001, with the formation of Burning Spirit Pro-Wrestling. While originally formed as a joke between friends on the Firewrestling.com message board, the guys who ran it were heavily influenced by another fed that only had a short run, but clearly had a fundamental blueprint as to how Japanese E-Wrestling should be presented. This group was the Japan Puroresu Association (link via Archive.org).  After gaining some steady popularity, BSPW soon continued the E-Puro tradition of opening the  boundaries to other existing e-feds. The man responsible for BSPW became very good friends with the individual responsible for another popular Japanese e-fed called Oita Pro-Wrestling (via E-Puroresu Kai). The fundamental differences between BSPW and Oita were two-fold. 1. Oita was largely made up of the creations of one man, along with submissions from his other E-fed friends, while BSPW followed the traditional model of a fed head, with a roster full of handlers (I should know, being one.) 2. Handling most of the characters himself, Oita was completely booked/angled, allowing itself to tell better and more logical stories than BSPW, which was often restricted due to being RP/promo-based.

Slowly, BSPW made the wise move from being a traditional RP-fed to booking out its results in advance to tell compelling stories. Many of the handlers left, not understanding the vision, but was ultimately going to make for better working relationships between BSPW, Oita, and other emerging feds that popped up per their influence. Unfortunately, as is the fate of almost every promising e-fed out there, both fed-heads succumbed to offline pressures.

By the time BSPW and Oita faded from the scene for good, other stable feds had become established enough to keep the universe's continuity going. These groups include Pro-Wrestling FURY and Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON; both of which lasting off-and-on for about a decade (which is either momentous, or utterly sad depending on your outlook.) During their periods of inactivity, other e-feds opened up to try and capitalize on the void directly left by BSPW's collapse, such as PROMO * JAPAN/Pro-Wrestling ZION; but it would be FURY and CRIMSON that would make up most of the modern era.

In 2007, FURY, CRIMSON, and several other feds that had opened around the time formed the first official umbrella organization for E-Puroresu, which became known to be BATTLEFUSION. The interfed breathed new life into E-Puro by actively encouraging participation and cross-promotional opportunities; while at the same time not burdening feds with the pressures that come with most Interfeds. BATTLEFUSION showcased several talented groups, and boasted even more impressive levels of activity as there was a new show being posted almost everyday. But again, activity would eventually rock bottom. Feds would fade away, and we would eventually enter the period prior to KJPW's formation.

KJPW continues to perpetuate and flesh out this ever-growing universe. As a writer, part of my goal with KJPW is to try my best to encapsulate the E-Puro Universe. I want everything about KJPW to be traceable. Most championships I reference in KJPW have legitimate histories that existed in prior e-feds. The same goes for most wrestlers, and organizations. It's a philosophical choice, but I feel its better to have concrete history to base yourself on rather than simply fabricating a back story out of thin air (which I did myself in 2002 when I made FURY, so I'm not judging anyone.)

The E-Puroresu Universe is open to anyone wanting to participate; whether its as a wrestler, or a fed-head. Doing so however requires working within a set of parameters based most of which on realism and understanding Japanese Pro-Wrestling. It takes understanding that while your fed, or wrestler may have done BIG THINGS "in Japan," nobody in our universe has likely even HEARD of you. This has nothing to do with ego, or enforcing some sort of pecking order. Rather, it has to do with our ability to reasonably explain your existence in our universe within the contexts of our own feds.

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