These sanctions are certified by Kingdom of Japan Pro-Wrestlling. Wrestlers are sworn to observe these guidelines and conduct themselves in a professional manner.
This document was enacted on February 25, 2013.

Chapter 1 - Official Match Guidelines

Article I
All Championship bouts are sanctioned by their respective governing bodies, and will defer to their set guidelines and parameters. Before a Title match can be made however, it must be approved and signed by the KJPW Executive Committee.

Article II
Although openweight matches are frequent, Kingdom of Japan Pro-Wrestling has two general weight classes. Wrestlers 100kg and above are classified as Heavyweights, while wrestlers below 100kg are Junior Heavyweights.

Article III
Champions authorized by the HEC Championship Committee must defend their belt within six months of winning it, or face vacating their crown. This does not apply to champions not authorized by the HEC Championship Committee.

Article IV
Matches can are generally assigned time limits of 15, 20, 30, 45, or 60 minutes; all depending on the card placement and match importance. In rare situations, NO time limit may be assigned to a match, but this is reserved for special circumstances.

Article V
Matches take place in common varieties such as Single (1 vs. 1), Tag (2 vs. 2), Six-Man Tag (3 vs. 3) and Eight-Man Tag (8 vs. 8). However, matches can take place in different formats such as Ten-Man Tags (5 vs. 5), Battle Royal, and Handicap (2 vs. 1, 3 vs. 2, etc.)

Article VI
The use of open-fingered gloves (MMA glove) are allowed; under the provision they are approved beforehand by the opponent(s), referee, and a KJPW commissioned officer.

Article VII
The referee assigned to the match is given principal authority. In addition, the referee can be the only party to administer the official word on the result. Any number of "sub-referees" can be assigned to a match, but the principal referee has absolute authority on bout-related matters.

Article IX
Matches are typically played for one fall. However in some cases, a match may be assigned anywhere from 3 (common) to 5 (not so common) falls, with a one-minute rest period between falls. Falls are rendered via the following methods
  • Pinfall (Pinning your opponents shoulders to the mat for a three-count.
  • Give Up (Verbally or physically submitting his intention of surrender.)
  • Knockout (Being knocked out and unable to answer the referee's ten-count.)
  • Referee Stop (When the referee determines that the wrestler can no longer intelligently defends himself, and stops the match on their behalf.)
  • Doctor Stop (When the ring doctor determines that a wrestler has been severely injured and requires immediate medical attention.
  • Foul (Disqualification)
  • Ring Out (After repeated warnings to return to the ring, the referee may administer a 20 count. If a wrestler does not heed the count, he will be disqualified via ring out.)
  • No Contest (When a match seems beyond the point of order, the referee has the authority to nullify the match and call it a No Contest.)
  • Time Limit Draw (When a match reaches its assigned time limit.) 
Chapter 2 - Match Formalities and Ringside Officers

Article I
The official ring used by Kingdom of Japan Pro-Wrestling measures 6m, 50cm across, with the height measuring to about 90cm off the floor, and has three ropes around to enclose the wrestlers. The ring is also fashioned with a canvas and steps for easy-access. A security barrier is also provided to protect fans from harm. If a ring does not meet these standards, it must be approved by the KJPW Executive Committee.

Article II
The Ring Announcer serves as the match's moderator, and formally announces the decision rendered by the referee.

Article III
The Timekeeper tracks the duration of the match from start-to-finish. The time is relayed to the ring announcer following the result.

Article IV
A Doctor, or trainer is provided at all-times for the health and safety of the wrestlers.

Chapter 3 - Fouls and Other Prohibited Actions

Article I
These are the guidelines and prohibitions set by the KJPW Executive Committee
  1. Punching an opponent in the face with your knuckle (closed-fist) is prohibited
  2. Grabbing hair or trunks/tights is prohibited
  3. Eye Gouging or Fish Hooking is prohibited
  4. Gripping/Manipulating less than three small joints at one time is prohibited
  5. Attacking an opponent's groin is prohibited
  6. Kicking with your toe, and direct attacks to the knee, and elbow joints is prohibited
  7. If any part of a wrestler's body is touching the ropes, the opponent is forced to break his hold.
  8. Intentionally throwing an opponent over the security railing is prohibited.
  9. Using foreign objects and weapons to harm the opponent is strictly prohibited.
  10. Harming an official; be it the referee, timekeeper, or ring announcer is strictly prohibited.
Article II
All wrestlers and staff members have all agreed to comply with the guidelines set forth by Kingdom of Japan Pro-Wrestling. Together, we must strive for a safe and healthy environment. Violation of these policies may result in disciplinary action.