Friday, April 17, 2015

[Results] "KING × KING," 2015/04/17 @ BODYMAKER Colosseum

* Prior to the start of the PPV broadcast, the assembled masses at BODYMAKER Colosseum were witness to a double debut, as junior heavyweights Yusuke Kishimoto and Maleko Momoa, both training under the auspices of Genji Yamato, showed off what they were made of. The match itself was pretty even, as Kishimoto and the Hawaiian native Momoa were both showing off high-flying prowess. In the end, however, it was on the ground that the match was determined, as Momoa managed to roll up Kishimoto with a small package for his debut win. After the match, Momoa and Kishimoto both shook hands, bowed to the crowd, and left the ring together, in good spirits as the TV broadcast began...

* The live PPV opened with Ring Announcer Kinta Nakayama welcoming all 7,500 fans to KING × KING in Osaka's BODYMAKER Colosseum to a thunderous reaction. The confident ring announcer then proceeded to read off the night's card lineup, with the fans anticipation building with every bout.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

[News] Final FIGHTING LOVE! Workout Features Shinji Uchikawa!

The final full workout for the crew of Double Titles Champion Genji Yamato's FIGHTING LOVE! crew was held today, with some press allowed to attend and watch. This was made more of an event, by the fact there was a special guest at today's practice session. KJPW prodigal son, and EXODUS Pro Pacific Coast champion Shinji Uchikawa was present in Shinjuku today, at Yamato's request. The two respective champions have struck up a casual friendship on social media in the run-up to KING × KING, so this was the first formal meeting between the two.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

[News] Genji Yamato: "I No Longer Fear Anything"

Earlier today, Genji Yamato ventured into what may be considered "enemy territory," as he appeared on Riki Fudo's well-renowned FIGHT! Radio program, in the run-up to KING X KING this Friday night. Fudo, of course, is very close to the "Nansei Terrorist" Ryo Inoue, who has been extremely critical of Yamato all throughout his career.

Yamato was not alone, however, as his FIGHTING LOVE! trainee Kohei Obata joined him on the program.

Here now are some edited highlights from that interview:

Sunday, April 12, 2015

[News] Transcript of Ryo Inoue's Message to ARMADA!

As mentioned yesterday, the KJPW offices received a video message from Ryo Inoue. In it, Inoue reveals the men he has chosen to reform Total Attack Puroresu -- Japanese pro-wrestling's oldest terrorist faction. What follows is a transcript of the video.

[News] Profile on Hajime Kon! A New Face in Strong Style!!

The full card has now been announced for KING × KING, and with it came a surprise change in the opening matches. It was assumed that Genji Yamato-protégé Kohei Obata would be teaming with Hawaiian debutant Maleko Momoa, however Momoa now opens in a pre-PPV "dark match" with fellow FIGHTING LOVE! Junior rookie Yusuke Kishimoto.

This change of events means that the final new face under Yamato's umbrella, HAJIME KON, will debut for Kingdom of Japan Pro Wrestling, teaming with Obata against Yutaka Awano & Hybrid Corps ARMADA's Yukio Kisanuki. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

[News] Full Card Lineup for 4/17! Finally, We Will See It!!

With less than one week before the historic 4/17 event, KJPW has unveiled the full lineup for KING × KING! The news comes as a great follow up to what has been speculated for days: all advanced tickets for the event are now SOLD OUT! While not out of the ordinary for big shows to sell out in advance, companies have typically relied on last-minute walk-up to garner a capacity crowd in the last five years.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

[News] Profile on Kohei Obata! The Prince of FIGHTING LOVE!!

Much of the focus of the KING X KING show to date has been on returning talents, such as Kazuma Fujita, Ryo Inoue, Genji Yamato, Naoki Fukuda, Tetsuhisa NAKAI, etc.

However, the show will also feature wrestlers in their debut matches. Several of those are aligned with Genji Yamato's FIGHTING LOVE! group. Today we look at one in particular, KOHEI OBATA.