Saturday, March 28, 2015

[News] Tetsuhisa NAKAI joins KJPW, New Match for 4/17!

Almost a week ago, in a campaign spearheaded by KJPW star Naoki Fukuda, the political borders that had kept many of Japan's most well-known stars away from KJPW were symbolically lifted. Today marks the first significant milestone as former Pro-Wrestling FURY star and Kazuma Fujita disciple TETSUHISA NAKAI appeared at KJPW's offices in front of reporters who publically witnessed his contract signing! KJPW President Ishiyama pushed the signing as a pivotal moment for the company, and praised NAKAI as arguably the strongest wrestler to debut in the last 15 years.

[News] The Worst Rudo Trio Return from Mexico! "WE ARE... KYOU HON GAN!!"

From KJPW's Tokyo offices, a press conference was held by former Pro-Wrestling FURY Jr. Heavyweight Star, "The Outlaw" Kyoto Okazaki -- in addition to the duo known as HOT LIMIT, Wataru Yamada and Keisuke Rongai. For months, the three have raised their portfolio with a joint excursion of Mexico with several high profile wins, along with many championships -- including the AALL Tag Team titles currently held by Yamada and Rongai, and the AALL Intercontinental Welterweight title currently held by Okazaki.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

[News] "Kenji Tanamura is... the Next Ryo Inoue!!" -- The Ryo Inoue Interview

It took no time at all for “Shoot Terrorist” Ryo Inoue to start his media attack to call out Hybrid Corps ARMADA and their front man Kenji Tanamura. Following the last week's written challenge to the ARMADA faction, Inoue made his first appearance in 5 years of Riki Fudo's FIGHT! Radio program. Fudo broached some of the key topics the press and fans have been wondering and the T.A.P. Guru's responses were vintage Ryo Inoue.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

[News] Genji Yamato Unveils the Next Generation of FIGHTING LOVE!

Earlier today, at a training facility just outside of Shinjuku, Genji Yamato held a brief press gathering, ostensibly to show off his four rookie trainees, but also to answer some other questions.

Monday, March 23, 2015


An interesting press conference was held this afternoon from KJPW's Tokyo offices, headed by the last man to hold the HEC Heavyweight Title, "DAUNTLESS" Naoki Fukuda; along with President Shigesato Ishiyama.

The message was clear: KJPW is opening its borders to any and all wrestlers in Japan... Speaking on an underlying feud that has existed in Japanese pro-wrestling for the past three years. For reasons never clearly defined, Pro-Wrestling FURY -- a company that lasted from 2002 until 2012 -- ended with a philosophical divide between its roster. One half would go on to form Kingdom of Japan Pro-Wrestling, while the other half would individually go their own ways. However, both President Ishiyama and Fukuda wished to emphatically announce the end of "ideological impasse."

Saturday, March 21, 2015

[News] The Nansei Terrorist Returns!

The ghosts of the past continue to turn up, because the "Terrorist of Nansei" is back! During the later hours of March 21st, a shocking letter was found nailed to the door of Kenji Tanamura's "KT-Club" dojo in Kobe. Scrawled in red ink was the kanji character for "CHALLENGE," in addition to brazenly displaying the unmistakable crest of Ryo Inoue and the famed Steel Wind Dojo.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

[Breaking News] Rise of the Third Kingdom! 3.19 Press Conference!

[The Live Youtube stream opens on an empty press room. The shaky camera takes a moment to steady itself, before focusing on three empty chairs. To the right, a foggy class door opens up, leading to the entrance of a young lady in her early 30's wearing a black dress suit. Seeing the cameras, she calmly collects herself before addressing the media with a warming exuberance.]

Woman: "Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for coming to this scheduled event, where we will announce the largest, most anticipated bout in the history of Japanese Pro-Wrestling. I am the Press Secretary for Kingdom of Japan Pro-Wrestling, Junko Hamaguchi. We thank you once more for your time and hard work. We look forward to reading about the proceedings in the comings weeks. Now without further delay, please let me introduce our President and CEO, Mr. Shigesato Ishiyama."

[On cue, the eccentric owner of KJPW enters, wearing a simple blue three-piece suit. After acknowledging the members of the press, Ishiyama takes his seat in the middle where a microphone is already conveniently placed.]