Saturday, May 30, 2015

[News] FIGHTING LOVE!'s Final Preparations for 5/31!

FIGHTING LOVE! headmaster Genji Yamato was on NHK this week, not as a wrestler, but back in his role as a soccer pundit, as the news of the FIFA Corruption Scandal arrests broke worldwide.

Yamato gave his thoughts on the ongoing crisis, saying it's "shocking the way the sport has come to this, but perhaps this is what's needed to finally promote a change in the way things are run." Of course, he also promoted his appearance at the 2015 KANASI PRO-WRESTLING FESTIVAL on 5/31 at Kobe World Memorial Hall...

In other FIGHTING LOVE! news, Hawaiian prodigy Maleko Momoa is said to be "disappointed and beside himself" that he will not take place at the KING OF THE SUPER JUNIORS tournament in June. "I guess I didn't prove myself worthy just yet," said Momoa. "I will need to work harder, and prove that I should be a part of this tournament next year. I know I am still brand new, and have a long way to go. Next year, not only will I participate, but I plan to win it as well."

The so-called "Prince of FIGHTING LOVE!" Kohei Obata has received rave reviews for his performances on the ROAD TO KANFES tour, even if he was not always victorious. Nevertheless, he is pleased to have done so well. He also gave praise to his partner at times, "Young Noble" Hajime Kon, and said that even though they are on opposite sides on 5/31, he rather likes their partnership in the ring, and hopes "KON-BAT" can continue to team up in the tours to come...

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