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[Results] "Road to KANFES 2015," 2015/05/17 @ Nomura Town Gymnasium

May 17, 2015
Ehime - Nomura Town Gymnasium (500)

* The small yet full-capacity show opened with this tour's debutants, Ryo Nozawa & Kappei Nakao, showing the Nomura Town Gymnasium what they were made of. This time, instead of a draw as it was in their debut on 5/9, Nakao's background in judo and karate served to counter Nozawa's more gymnastics-oriented approach, and young Nozawa was made to submit to a crab hold from his fellow Junior Seikigun rookie to warm applause from the Ehime crowd.

Match #0: 1 Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit
Single Match
Kappei Nakao
(5:57 - Crab hold)
Ryo Nozawa

* Next, Yusaku Kitajima & Yukio Kisanuki of Hybrid Corps ARMADA were faced with sometime-ally Yutaka Awano, this time teamed with Yusuke Kishimoto, from Genji Yamato's FIGHTING LOVE! group. Another pretty evenly matched contest, however the discipline and precision from the ARMADA members seemed to take Kishimoto off his game, yet the Yamato-student showed a bit of surprise and innovation that gave Kisanuki some trouble. Finally, Awano caught Kisanuki in a Leg Roll Clutch for the win.

Match #1: 1 Fall, 20-Minute Time Limit
Tag Match
Yutaka Awano
Yusuke Kishimoto
(9:03 - Japanese Leg Roll Clutch)
Yusaku Kitajima
Yukio Kisanuki

* The two highly-touted heavyweights of FIGHTING LOVE! found themselves face to face with two of the principals of ARMADA, as Kohei Obata & Hajime Kon squared off against Kenji Tanamura & Harumi Sakai. The two rookies were defeated by the more experienced ARMADA men, but both Kon and Obata have Tanamura and Sakai some trouble, Kon with his endurance and strength, but Obata more for his adaptability and improvisation. Tanamura found it difficult to use the same move twice on Obata with much effect. In the end, however, Tanamura slapped on a wakigatame on a prone Kon, and was forced into submission. A standing ovation followed the match, ARMADA impressed with Yamato's disciples, showing respect.

Match #2: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Tag Match ~ Hybrid Corps ARMADA versus FIGHTING LOVE!
Kenji Tanamura
Harumi Sakai
(12:50 - Wakigatame)
Kohei Obata
Hajime Kon

* After three matches of pure wrestling, without incident, out came the heels, as three members of KyouHonGan, led by AALL Intercontinental Welterweight Champion Kyoto Okazaki, marched to the ring. Opposing their ways tonight were ATSUKA and Yoshihiro Shimoda of the Junior Seikigun, joined by FIGHTING LOVE! Junior Maleko Momoa. Between the three, Okazaki, Kazuki Sendo and SS Star did everything possible to make life miserable for the other side, up to and including interfering with the referee. Yet, as always, they did just enough to get out of trouble, long enough to get right back into it. Momoa showed great fight, nearly getting pin falls on both Sendo and Star on several occasions. ATSUKA nearly had Okazaki at his mercy with an El Nudo Lagunero submission, but that was broken up by Sendo! But, the bad guys would be victorious this time, during a fantastic sequence that ended quickly when poor Momoa was caught in a devastating Otokogoroshi by Okazaki, the KHG leader getting the pin on the Hawaiian rookie.

Match #3: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
6-Man Tag Match ~ Seikigun/FIGHTING LOVE! versus KyouHonGan
Yoshihiro Shimoda
Maleko Momoa
(11:17 - Otokogoroshi)
Kyoto Okazaki
Kazuki Sendo
SS Star

* A titanic clash of heavyweights was soon in following, as WWA National Heavyweight Champion Riki Ichiro lead out three brawlers in Hiroaki Nakata, Tetsuhisa NAKAI and Ryuugo Nagashima. On the other side came Ichiro's WWA belt opponent at KANFES, "Nightmare Child" Norihiro Akashi, leading out the Shin Dark Triad of "BIG" Jon Goodwin, James Goodwin, Jr., and "Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka. To say this match was wild would be putting it mildly. While not the out of control spectacle we saw Nakata/NAKAI/Nagashima help perpetrate in Osaka on 5/15, these three ganged up on Nishioka like brothers wronged. Thankfully for "Mr. Hard Body," the Goodwins provided more than enough support to keep the heels in it. Ichiro, for his part, mainly concentrated on his challenger on 5/31, with Akashi more than proving his credentials against the long-time WWA title-holder. One particularly wild sequence came courtesy of NAKAI, who while not the legal man, put Akashi through a table to the shock and thrills of the Ehime crowd. The Goodwins also did a double-team number on Nakata on the outside during one sequence towards the end, getting choke bombed to the floor by "BIG" Jon. Finally, Ichiro proved why he was the leader of this motley crew, laying out Nishioka with a thundering lariat to get the three count win over the heels. Post-match, there was a lot of back and forth talk between NAKAI, Nagashima and the Goodwins...

Match #4: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
8-Man Tag Match
Riki Ichiro
Hiroaki Nakata
Tetsuhisa NAKAI
Ryuugo Nagashima
(13:46 - Lariat)
Norihiro Akashi
"Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka
James Goodwin Jr.
"BIG" Jon Goodwin

* The night's main event featured a host of title hopefuls that will compete on 5/31. HEC Heavyweight Title contender Naoki Fukuda led a Seikigun trio with the DREAM HEROES Jet Jaguar & GALLEON, against "Greco Superman" Mamoru Sekishima, partnered, uncharacteristically, still, with the AALL Tag Team champions, KyouHonGon's HOT LIMIT (Wataru Yamada & Keisuke Rongai). Indeed, all through the match, HOT LIMIT seemed irritated with Sekishima, on a quest to win the hearts and minds of the KJPW faithful, and would not participate in Yamada & Rongai's heel tactics. Sekishima was instead focused on Fukuda tonight, and once more impressed the fans with his ability to catch Fukuda in a nodowa-otoshi that sent the ring shaking from its force! The DREAM HEROES and HOT LIMIT had their moments too, including a comedic bit with GALLEON pretending to "unmask" Yamada, in revenge for HOT LIMITS de-masking shenanigans on 4/17 and 5/9! The heavyweights seemed out of sorts against the juniors, and Sekishima particularly looked contrite when wrestling against Jet Jaguar, as if to apologize for HOT LIMIT's underhanded tactics. The exciting finish came when Fukuda performed a massive Mastodon Crash on Rongai, crushing the AALL tag champ, before tagging in Jet Jaguar, who pinned Rongai following a Jaguar Special delivered with authority and intent! Following the match, the Seikigun celebrated, but Fukuda got on the house mic and BERATED Sekishima, saying that the "Greco Superman" should be ashamed of himself, and that as long as he associated with "pond scum" like HOT LIMIT, he will NEVER be worthy of holding the HEC Heavyweight Title. Sekishima, who stuck around post-match, looked remorseful, but also got back on the mic himself, saying he did not choose this match tonight, but he WILL choose to beat Fukuda and be the champion he knows he can be! This lead to a stare down that had to be broken up by the DREAM HEROES, but Sekishima left the ring first, to close out the night in Ehime...

Match #5: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
6-Man Tag Match
Naoki Fukuda
Jet Jaguar
(17:19 - Jaguar Special)
Mamoru Sekishima
Wataru Yamada
Keisuke Rongai

May 17, 2015
Ehime - Nomura Town Gymnasium (500)
498 Fans (Super No Vacancy)
0. Kappei Nakao beat Ryo Nozawa (5:57) with a crab hold.
1. Yutaka Awano & Yusuke Kishimoto beat Yusaku Kitajima & Yukio Kisanuki (9:03) when Awano used a Japanese Leg Roll Clutch on Kisanuki.
2. Kenji Tanamura & Harumi Sakai beat Kohei Obata & Hajime Kon (12:50) when Tanamura used a wakigatame on Kon.
3. Kyoto Okazaki, Kazuki Sendo & SS Star beat ATSUKA, Yoshihiro Shimoda & Maleko Momoa (11:17) when Okazaki used the Otokogoroshi on Momoa.
4. Riki Ichiro, Hiroaki Nakata, Tetsuhisa NAKAI & Ryuugo Nagashima beat Norihiro Akashi, "Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka, James Goodwin Jr. & "BIG" Jon Goodwin (13:46) when Ichiro used a lariat on Nishioka.
5. Naoki Fukuda, Jet Jaguar & GALLEON beat Mamoru Sekishima, Wataru Yamada & Keisuke Rongai (17:19) when Jaguar used the Jaguar Special on Rongai.

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