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[Results] "Road to KANFES 2015," 2015/05/16 @ Sakaide Hall

"Road to KANFES 2015"
May 16, 2015
Kagawa - Sakaide Hall (800)

* The Road to KANFES 2015 continued in Kagawa tonight in front of a respectable crowd. 

Starting the night off was Ryuugo Nagashima and rookie Kappei Nakao facing an uphill challenge in the form of Double Goodwin. While the tenacious Nagashima looked good in his exchanges with the lesser experienced "BIG" Jon, Nakao was completely outmatched by the strength demonstrated by Double Goodwin. Nagashima did his best to bail Nakao out when he needed to. However, their luck would run out after Nakao ate a brutal lariat from James Goodwin Jr. Nagashima would find himself restrained by the larger Goodwin, allowing James to score the pinfall.

Match #1: 1 Fall, 20-Minute Time Limit
Tag Match
James Goodwin Jr.
"BIG" Jon Goodwin
(8:32 - Lariat)
Ryuugo Nagashima
Kappei Nakao

Backstage, Double Goodwin gave what is becoming their accustomed post-match interview, as they declared themselves to be the NEW KINGS OF THE LARIAT in a clear mockery of Kazuma Fujita. Speaking directly to Genji Yamato, The Goodwins soundly denounced FIGHTING LOVE, saying they were fueled by FIGHTING HATE.

* KyouHonGan scored a decisive victory over the Jr. Heavyweight Seikigun members -- not without some rule breaking of course. The inexperience of rookie Ryo Nozawa was the weak link for the Seikigun side, which was naturally exploited by the crafty rudos. The bout largely focused on the forthcoming 5/31 AALL title matches with Saigo constantly targeting Okazaki throughout the match, while Jet Jaguar aimed to gain revenge after his recent humiliation at the hands of Wataru Yamada and Keisuke Rongai. While the Seikigun side shined early on, Yamada would eventually catch Nozawa in the painful Triangle Lancer submission -- forcing an almost instant-tap out.

Match #1: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
8-Man Tag Match
Jet Jaguar
Yoshihiro Shimoda
Hayato Saigo
Ryo Nozawa
(11:08 - Triangle Lancer)
Kyoto Okazaki
Wataru Yamada
Keisuke Rongai
Kazuki Sendo

KHG continued to assault the poor rookie after the gong, forcing Jaguar, Shimoda, and Saigo to clear the ring before tending to Nozawa...  Shimoda personally took exception, sarcastically remarking that he's "seen that hold somewhere..." in an obvious reference to Shimoda's Sapporo Lancer submission. While KHG were already backstage, Saigo grabbed the house microphone and confidently declared that "The Outlaw" would be "...brought to justice!" on 5/31.

* The next bout featured a friendly, but competitive six-man tag pitting Hybrid Corps ARMADA's Kenji Tanamura, Yusaku Kitajima, and Yukio Kisanuki against the unique trio of Hiroaki Nakata and FIGHTING LOVE!'s Hajime Kon and Yusuke Kishimoto. Being old rivals dating back to 2003, Nakata and Tanamura targeted one another during the match, before ultimately facing off in a crowd-pleasing exchange of strikes and suplexes. In the end, neither man could gain a substantial advantage over the other, forcing them to leave it to their younger, arguably hungrier partners. Hajime Kon earned high marks for his demonstrable strength and spirit during a fiery exchange with Yusaku Kitajima, while Kitajima himself impressed after catching the over-eager Kon with a beautiful judo throw to set up a running soccer kick! The end of the match however would come down to the two juniors -- Kishimoto and Kisanuki. The two garnered huge applause from the crowd for their lightning quick pacing and maneuvers. The two blended styles to create a unique mish-mash of martial arts and lucha libre. Ultimately however, Kisanuki would catch Kishimoto on the top turnbuckle -- before connecting with an avalanche hurricarana! Despite kicking out of a pin attempt following a sickening Vertical Brainbuster, Kishimoto could not escape Kisanuki's beautiful 450 degree Firebird Splash -- giving ARMADA the win!

Match #3: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
6-Man Tag Match
Kenji Tanamura
Yusaku Kitajima
Yukio Kisanuki
(12:39 - Firebird Splash)
Hiroaki Nakata
Hajime Kon
Yusuke Kishimoto

After the bout, Tanamura and Nakata briefly teased tensions... However, Tanamura finally extended his hand outwards towards Nakata. Acknowledging their respect for one another, both men shook hands -- prompting the other four to follow suite. Nakata and Tanamura both in particular showed praise for Kisanuki and Kishimoto's efforts.

* In the only singles bout of the night, Tetsuhisa NAKAI faced the growingly controversial "Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka. After making his arrival, "Mr. Hard Body" forcibly took the microphone from the ring announcer before speaking to the crowd with a tone that could only be described as both seductive and off-putting. Nishioka largely insulted male fans for not taking more of an interest in their bodies, noting that every man in attendance looked like skinny daikon radishes... He implored men (and women, if they so desire) to increase their protein intake, or risked losing their significant others to "Mr. Hard Body."

Hearing enough, NAKAI stormed to the ring before his proper introduction, and immediately dealt punishment in the form of a double-sledgehammer attack to the face! With the fans solidly behind NAKAI, the "Invincible Shogun" laid into Nishioka with blistering knife-edge chops in the corner -- one after another! The cries Nishioka let out were almost comical -- causing some of the fans to laugh. NAKAI allowed "Mr. Hard Body" to slink away just long enough to pursue him into the opposite corner. Despite Nishioka insistently begging off, NAKAI delivered MORE chops -- forcing more HORRIFYING CRIES from Nishioka! The torture would only continue after Nishioka retreated to the outside, as NAKAI took a microphone cable and begun choking "Mr. Hard Body!" Nishioka would finally land some offense -- albeit briefly -- after raking NAKAI's eyes, and dropping him throat first across the security railing! As the referee reached the count of 18, the move proved Nishioka's first -- and maybe best chance to win, as he darted into the ring... Unfortunately for him, NAKAI would recover before returning just before 20! Nishioka tried to keep NAKAI grounded with stomps and kicks, but the indomitable spirit of Tetsuhisa NAKAI proved too much for "Mr. Hard Body," who soon found himself receiving more chops -- before suffering from NAKAI's HALF-NELSON SUPLEX! Fans seemed to sense the end for Nishioka, as they were shocked -- and seemingly impressed after he kicked out of the ensuing pin attempt at 2.9! NAKAI soon measured Nishioka for his lariat, which would surely end the match... However, JAMES GOODWIN Jr. suddenly ran to the ring, where he grabbed Nishioka's foot, before pulling him out of the ring! As if that wasn't enough to garner a disqualification, "BIG" JON GOODWIN AMBUSHED NAKAI FROM BEHIND -- FORCING THE REFEREE'S HAND!

Match #4: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Special Single Match
Tetsuhisa NAKAI
(9:17 - Disqualification)
"Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka

Double Goodwin continued their assault on NAKAI afterwards as "Mr. Hard Body" gleefully watched on. NAKAI would soon be aided by Ryuugo Nagashima. However, he too would find himself overwhelmed by the numbers as Nishioka promptly joined in on the assault. The Goodwins went as far as to target Genji Yamato's young wards Hajime Kon and Yusuke Kishimoto, who were stationed as seconds for the match... The three earned vociferous boos for their actions.

* The semifinal bout featured six-man tag action as Naoki Fukuda, Yutaka Awano and GALLEON of KJPW's Seikigun faced Mamoru Sekishima and FIGHTING LOVE!'s Kohei Obata and Maleko Momoa. Most of the focus was squarely on Fukuda and Sekishima, who will compete on 5/31 to determine the brand new HEC Heavyweight Champion. With every passing bout leading into KANFES 2015, Sekishima is impressing more and more people with his performances. No matter how much Naoki threw at him, Mamoru would not falter. In one of the more impressive feats in the match, Naoki tried to finish Sekishima early with the Mastodon Crash -- only for Sekishima to show incredible agility by leaping onto the top rope, and giving the former HEC Heavyweight Champion an avalanche Front Suplex! While Fukuda and Sekishima were the focal-points, the other four men played their roles. GALLEON and Momoa entertained fans with fluid exchanges of holds and arm drags, with the craftier GALLEON eventually gaining control. Kohei Obata looked impressive as well in exchanges with Yutaka Awano. Despite being roughly Obata's equal in experience, Awano tried to play senior bully -- only to nearly get German Suplexed out of his boots! Obata demonstrated solid technique, giving him the slight edge over Awano. However, one simple mistake would allow Awano to take back control with a nasty Backdrop! After finding an opening, Obata would make the tag to Sekishima, who would eventually prove to be too much for Awano. After catching Fukuda off-guard on the ring apron with a lariat, Sekishima finished Awano with his Greco Bomb -- an impressive high-lifting gutwrench Powerbomb -- to obtain the win!

Match #5: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
6-Man Tag Match
Naoki Fukuda
Yutaka Awano
(16:46 - Greco Bomb)
Mamoru Sekishima
Kohei Obata
Maleko Momoa

Fukuda and Sekishima once more faced off after the bout. Gaining the indirect win tonight, Sekishima raised both arms in victory -- much to Fukuda's indignation. Backstage, Fukuda told reporters that these victories would go to Mamoru's head, and that would be his downfall come 5/31.

* 5/31's WWA National Heavyweight Title Bout took center stage in tonight's main event, as Riki Ichiro teamed with ATSUKA to face Norihiro Akashi and SS Star. The match got off to a quick start as Akashi and Star attacked their opponents before the bell, leading to the two assaulting them on the venue's floor. The two continued their control after the match returned to the ring, where Akashi and Star demonstrated great chemistry and teamwork -- likely due to their longtime friendship. The designated crowd-favorites soon made their comeback however, as ATSUKA evaded Star's corner dropkick, allowing him to tag out to the holder of the WWA National Heavyweight Title, Riki Ichiro! With the fans rabidly behind him, Ichiro quickly grounded Star with a running dropkick of his own! Star was helpless to fight the larger Ichiro, who soon had Star on the ropes after receiving Ichiro's trademark Riki Lariat! While the shot may have given Ichiro and ATSUKA the win, Akashi was quick to break up the pin -- giving him and Star some life. Akashi soon was tagged in, allowing himself to take pleasure in punishing Ichiro with kicks and stomps in the corner. However, the pelting kicks only proved to anger Ichiro, who blasted Akashi with thudding elbows in retaliation. Even after both tagged out, Ichiro and Akashi completely lost control, and senselessly fought all over ringside, allowing ATSUKA and SS Star to close out the match with a sensational sequence of moves. SS Star looked remarkably strong against one of the most seasoned juniors in Japan. However, as he tried to finish ATSUKA with his Dark Star Chaos (Air Raid Crash) finisher, ATSUKA countered with a brilliant cradle -- which only proved to set up a kneeling thrust kick to Star's jaw! With Star staggered, ATSUKA finished him with the Point Break (Fisherman Michinoku Driver II) to pick up the main event victory!

Match #6: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Tag Team Match
Riki Ichiro
(23:09 - Point Break)
Norihiro Akashi
SS Star

Ichiro and Akashi would ultimately need officials and referees to be separated. After returning to the ring, a passionate Riki Ichiro took grasp of the microphone in one hand, and the WWA National Heavyweight Title with the other. With the belt raised high above his head, Ichiro proudly stated that HE was the protector of this championship. He acknowledged Akashi's strength as an "elite," but said he could care less about class. On 5/31, he was going to destroy the elite and show that even a common Samurai can overcome the entitled Lords they work under. Getting the chance to speak as well, ATSUKA promised big things for the Jr. Heavyweight division in the coming months, beginning with the second annual KING OF THE SUPER JUNIORS tournament scheduled for June. ATSUKA said he would do his best to prevent "trashy wrestlers" like SS Star from participating...

May 16, 2015
Kagawa - Sakaide Hall
724 Fans (No Vacancy)
1. James Goodwin Jr. & "BIG" Jon Goodwin beat Ryuugo Nagashima & Kappei Nakao (8:32) when Jon used a lariat on Nakao.
2. Kyoto Okazaki, Wataru Yamada, Keisuke Rongai & Kazuki Sendo beat Jet Jaguar, Yoshihiro Shimoda, Hayato Saigo & Ryo Nozawa (11:08) when Yamada used the Triangle Lancer on Nozawa.
3. Kenji Tanamura, Yusaku Kitajima & Yukio Kisanuki beat Hiroaki Nakata, Hajime Kon & Yusuke Kishimoto (12:39) when Kisanuki used the Firebird Splash on Kishimoto.
4. Special Single Match: Tetsuhisa NAKAI beat "Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka (9:17) by disqualification.
5. Mamoru Sekishima, Kohei Obata & Maleko Momoa beat Naoki Fukuda, Yutaka Awano & GALLEON (16:46) when Sekishima used the Greco Bomb on Awano.
6. Riki Ichiro & ATSUKA beat Norihiro Akashi & SS Star (23:09) when ATSUKA used the Point Break on Star.

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