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[Results] "Road to KANFES 2015," 2015/05/15 @ Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium #2

"Road to KANFES 2015"
May 15, 2015
Osaka - Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium #2 (1,500)

* Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium #2 was a full house today at 1500 paid attendees coming for the Kingdom of Japan action.

 Before the show fully started, two rookies warmed up the crowd with Ryo Nozawa of the KJPW Junior Seikigun taking on FIGHTING LOVE!'s Yusuke Kishimoto. It went back and forth, Kishimoto looking a bit more relaxed and aloof about it all than Nozawa, who was definitely trying to make an impression. In the end, however, Kishimoto was able to latch Nozawa into a Camel Clutch, and the Seikigun rookie had no choice but to submit. Afterwards, Kishimoto chose not to shake hands, but rather fist bump Nozawa, to applause and laughter...

Match #0: 1 Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit
Yusuke Kishimoto
(5:04 - Camel Clutch)
Ryo Nozawa

* The broadcast proper began with ring announcer Kinta Nakayama reading off the match card, with some well-received surprises in store. None so much as the opening match, which started off with "Blood & Thunder" by Mastodon sounding out, heralding two more FIGHTING LOVE! protégés, the "Young Noble" Hajime Kon, and Hawaiian prodigy Maleko Momoa. Their reaction was nothing compared to the sounds of Lion's "Never Surrender," deafening chants of FU-JI-TA yelled all over the BODYMAKER Second Hall, as the J1 Rikidozan/Neo Japan Pro Wrestling Unified Heavyweight Champion Kazuma Fujita lead out Seikigun's Yutaka Awano.

While Awano seemed to handle himself against Momoa, Hajime Kon proved to be a much tougher prospect for the youngster, barely kicking out a few times against the power of "Young Noble." Fujita definitely saw Kon as a test, both for himself AND Kon, and relished their battles, Fujita's experience seeming to win the upper hand on Kon. Oddly, Momoa's speed and agility as a junior perplexed Fujita, leading to some comedic moments almost re-enacting old Bugs Bunny cartoons. However, when Fujita DID finally land strikes on Momoa, it was catastrophic to the Hawaiian rookie, and found himself needing to come out for Kon.

Kon went on a tear against the Double Titles champion, letting out a triumphant scream as a standing staggering Fujita was in the center of the ring. But then a ROOKIE MISTAKE by Kon, coming off the ropes and BLASTED by a Standing Fujita Lariat! Kon crumpled to the mat, and Fujita pinned for the three-count to much ovation! Afterwards, Fujita praised the Genji Yamato acolytes, Kon especially, and said he looks forward to seeing them both grow and mature as wrestlers. Fujita then said he hopes Kon will challenge him in the years to come. All four shook hands and left the ring...

Match #1: 1 Fall, 20-Minute Time Limit
Special Opening Tag Match
Kazuma Fujita
Yutaka Awano
(10:12 - Counter-Fujita Lariat)
Hajime Kon
Maleko Momoa

* The next bout saw the first go-round of the night between Hybrid Corps ARMADA and Total Attack Pro-Wrestling, a feud burgeoning since the run-up to KING X KING. ARMADA's Yusaku Kitajima & Yukio Kisanuki took on T.A.P. "Wolves" Shuji Kido & Daichi Kurumada this time around.

Fans of high flying junior action were not to be pleased with this one, however those who prefer quick striking, hard hitting offense enjoyed this. It wasn't pretty, but effective as a wrestling match. Both sides tended to focus more on submission-oriented catch wrestling rather than any flash, and it seemed pretty even, until "Hungry Wolf" Kurumada caught Kisanuki square in the face with a running soccer-style kick for the pin. Afterwards, the T.A.P. members taunted ARMADA, saying they were not "True Fighters."

Match #2: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Special Tag Match ~ ARMADA versus Total Attack Pro-Wrestling
Yusaku Kitajima
Yukio Kisanuki
(6:01 - Running Soccer Kick)
Shuji Kido [T.A.P.]
Daichi Kurumada [T.A.P.]

* Following that, WAS everything junior heavyweight aficionados was looking for, as a KYOU HON GAN team consisting of HOT LIMIT (Wataru Yamada & Keisuke Rongai) and Kazuki Sendo, with Yamada and Rongai showing off their AALL Tag Team title belts while disrespecting the Osaka crowd. The crowd's hatred of KHG was sated by the sounds of "Honoo no Jaguar" over the PA, as the DREAM HEROES (Jet Jaguar & GALLEON) were joined by Yoshihiro Shimoda of the Junior Seikigun in a prelude to the AALL Tag Team championship match at KANFES on 5/31.

The action was very heavily focused on the DREAM HEROES against HOT LIMIT, with Yamada & Rongai heeling it up at every opportunity. Oftentimes, the match would go from 1 v. 1 to 3 v. 1 in a matter of moments, KHG taking every chance it could to try to gain an unfair advantage on the tecnicos.

The match tide started to turn when Shimoda fought against Sendo, Shimoda's basis in shoot fighting seeming to soften up Sendo. That didn't stop HOT LIMIT from taking advantage of Shimoda, especially when Sendo threw him to the outside. All three KHG members started beating Shimoda down on the floor, which prompted amazing top rope planchas from GALLEON and Jet Jaguar! Total chaos on the floor!

The three tecnicos threw the rudos back into the ring, all against the ropes! DREAM HEROES catching HOT LIMIT with amazing hurricanranas, and Sendo being laid out with a short arm lariat!! Shimoda pins, one, two, NO KICKOUT!! Shimoda tagged in Jet Jaguar, and a still dazed Sendo gets caught with a SPIRAL BOMMMMMMB!! ONE! TWO! THREE!!!

Match #3: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Road to KANFES 2015 Special 6-Man Tag Match
Jet Jaguar
Yoshihiro Shimoda
(13:25 - Spiral Bomb)
Wataru Yamada
Keisuke Rongai
Kazuki Sendo

The Junior Seikigun celebrated, but afterwards the KYOU HON GAN members each gave the Seikigun the finger, with Rongai saying the DREAM HEROES are "too old and washed up" to ever hold the AALL Tag Team Titles....

* Fresh off a betrayal on 5/13 by Manabe Tsuji & RYUJI, Hiroaki Nakata was ready to beat the former UPRISER'Z to a pulp, and brought two friends with him to assist: Tetsuhisa NAKAI and Ryuugo Nagashima! Tsuji & RYUJI also brought one of their new friends from the Shin Dark Triad, "Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka!

The result? Absolute chaos from beginning to end. Indeed, you can count the number of seconds there was actual 1 v. 1 wrestling going on in this match on one hand. From the opening bell, everybody wanted a piece of the other side, with Nakata especially going after Tsuji & RYUJI. Whomever wasn't in the ring at that moment, were on the outside, brawling away. NAKAI and Nagashima, especially, seemed right at home in this element, letter Nakata try to have his way with the UPRISER'Z, but Nishioka was proving to be too much for Nakata by himself.

The match finally went to a no-contest when everyone involved were counted out of the ring, everyone brawling among themselves not even realizing they were counted out until the bell had rung for nearly thirty seconds. Finally, NAKAI got on the house mic, challenging the three heels to a Six-Man Tag Match at KANFES. Nagashima then whispered something to NAKAI, which NAKAI enthusiastically went with, to Nakata's chagrin - NAKAI added the stipulation that this will be a Six-Man Street Fight. The UPRISER'Z didn't care for that but "Mr. Hard Body" enthusiastically agreed, saying he's not afraid of any match, and he will take on ANY stipulations...

Match #4: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Special 6-Man Tag Match
Hiroaki Nakata
Tetsuhisa NAKAI
Ryuugo Nagashima
(5:52 - No Contest)
"Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka
Manabe Tsuji [FREE]

* Vampires Everywhere's "Star of 666" heralded two of the most feared young tandems in all of wrestling: The Goodwin Boys, or "Double Goodwin" as Japan knows them. Coming to the ring masked as always, James Goodwin, Jr. and his brother "BIG" Jon Goodwin, marched into the ring, shaking the ropes, trying to get the intimidation factor going from the get go.

But, intimidation wasn't going to come easy, as "Climbatize" by the Prodigy came over the speakers, and one of the Goodwins' opponents on 5/31 arrived to a thundering ovation, and chants of "YA-MA-TO! YA-MA-TO!"... GENJI YAMATO entered the BODYMAKER Colosseum Second Hall, soaking up the adulation and adoration from the crowd, striking his FIGHTING LOVE! pose to great applause. Behind him, his student, and partner for the night, the so-called "Prince of FIGHTING LOVE!," Kohei Obata, catching him up, helping his sempai into the ring.

The match began fast and furious, with James Jr. immediately laying right into Obata with straight closed fist punches. Obata was able to counter after a few seconds, however, with a quick snap DDT. Obata pinned, but didn't even get a 1-count. Obata picked up James Jr., threw him to the ropes, but James Jr. was able to catch himself, sending Obata crashing to the mat with a failed dropkick! James Jr. threw Obata into the Goodwins' corner, allowing "BIG" Jon to start double-teaming on the young rookie! Yamato protested, but the ref could do nothing as breaks were made at the last second, and "BIG" Jon was tagged in!

"BIG" Jon had his way with young Obata, first with an arm wringer that nearly tore his arm off! When Jon got bored, he picked up the youngster and THREW him with a "BIG" Cyclone!! But Obata landed near his corner, and tagged in his teacher, and the crowd went wild! "BIG" Jon tried chopping Yamato, but Yamato countered with dropkicks to the knees! As this went on, Yamato finally got the upper hand, and the giant Goodwin went down on one knee, leading to a flash DIAMOND BLUE!! But it wasn't enough to totally bring him down, so Yamato went for TWO DIAMOND BLUES! This brought the "BIG" man tumbling to the mat, which Yamato answered with going to the ropes for a Flashing Elbow! Cover! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT!

Yamato threw Jon to the ropes, but Jon countered with a Diving Body Press! Good grief! ONE! TWO! Kick out from the legend, and the crowd chanted Yamato's name even louder! "BIG" Jon decided he'd had enough, and decided to tag in his brother, but the two Goodwins threw Yamato to the ropes, and hit double elbows right to the former Double Titles Champion! James Jr. covered, ONE, TWO, WAIT YAMATO REVERSED IT INTO A SMALL PACKAGE!! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT BY JAMES JR.!!

Yamato tagged out to Obata, and the "Prince" relished his chance to get back at James Jr. with a jujigatame, but James Jr. made it to the ropes for a break. Afterwards, the two tied up, James Jr. winning that duel with a headlock. Obata tried to push James Jr. out of the headlock, but the Goodwin would NOT let go! On the third attempt, Obata looked like he made his way free, but James Jr. turned it into a BULLDOG! Obata's head hit the mat, and James Jr. covered for another two-count! Obata still prone, however, so James Jr. took to the top rope for a MOONSAULT PRE-- OH WAIT!! OBATA GOT HIS KNEES UP! James Jr. was in a world of pain! Obata capitalized by getting the Goodwin into LOCK KOHEI!! Obata wrenched on James Jr., and he looked to submit, but NO!! "BIG" Jon broke the hold with a series of stomps! Yamato, infuriated, took to the top rope and hit a flying lariat on "BIG" Jon as James Jr. and Obata lay on the mat! Yamato threw "BIG" Jon out of the ring, and followed that up with a top rope plancha to the floor!! Osaka went NUTS for this!

Meanwhile in the ring, Obata fought valiantly against James Jr. with a series of back and forth elbow strikes, but the stronger, more experienced Goodwin got the upper hand with a lariat!! ONE! TWO! THREEEENOOOOO!! James Jr. then picked up the young Obata! Powerbomb! POWER COLLAPSE!!! ONE! TWO!! YAMATO TRIED TO RESCUE OBATA BUT "BIG" JON *AND* TSUTOMU NISHIOKA PREVENTED HIM!! THREE!!!!

Match #5: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Road to KANFES 2015 Special Tag Match
Genji Yamato
Kohei Obata
(13:40 - Power Collapse)
James Goodwin Jr.
"BIG" Jon Goodwin

After the match, the rest of Shin Dark Triad threw Yamato into the ring, and as "BIG" Jon restrained Yamato, Nishioka and James Jr. beat down Obata mercilessly!! The crowd was aghast at what was going on, but! BUT! KAZUMA FUJITA! TETSUHISA NAKAI! They made the rescue on the FIGHTING LOVE! members, Fujita hitting a HUGE lariat on "BIG" Jon to release Yamato, who returned the favor with DIAMOND BLUE on Nishioka!! The Shin Dark Triad made their escape, NAKAI getting on the mic yelling "NISHIOKA! You never learn, FOOL!" to great response from the Osaka crowd...

* Next up was a Special Eight Man Tag Match with the combatants for both the HEC Heavyweight Title AND the WWA Nation Heavyweight Championship going against the other! What made this one odd, was two members of KyouHonGan linking up with "Greco Superman" Mamoru Sekishima for this bout! Definitely an odd pairing here!

But teamed up they were, as Sekishima, Kyoto Okazaki and SS Star were joined by "Nightmare Child" Norihiro Akashi, who had a taste for blood against Riki Ichiro tonight! Ichiro did come, with Sekishima's HEC opponent Naoki Fukuda, and Junior Seikigun members ATSUKA & Hayato Saigo!

The match started off with ATSUKA vs. SS Star, and Sekishima's influence was nil in curbing the heel tendencies of the KHG members, as Kyoto Okazaki frequently double-teamed ATSUKA until Saigo got involved too! The ref had to bring things under control fairly quickly, which was done by bringing in Akashi, who made short work of the junior heavyweight Saigo! The former HEC Heavyweight Champion delighted in torturing Saigo with Submission holds, but Saigo flipped his way out of harm, and tagged in Ichiro!

Now the heat was on, as Ichiro lunged at Akashi with a brutal lariat! But Akashi ducked! NECKBREAKER on Ichiro! Quick cover by Akashi, but quick kick out by Ichiro! As time went by, Ichiro and Akashi hammered one another with hard shots until short-term exhaustion forced their momentary exist, allowing Sekishima and Fukuda to lock horns! Back and forth, the two beefy heavyweights traded elbows at an incredible pace. Where lesser men would have crumbled, both stout heavyweights refused to show weakness. While Sekishima has been getting the better over Fukuda recently, the spiritual holder of the HEC Heavyweight Title showed a renewed fire against the man chasing his title as "Ace." After countering a powerful knee, Fukuda caught the big Sekishima off guard with a Rolling Elbow -- softening him up for a Death Valley Bomb! With the Osaka fans crying out for both men, Naoki seized the opportunity before him by leaping over the ropes and scaling the turnbuckles! There, he flew from the top with his patented Frog Splash -- the Mastodon Crash -- ONLY FOR MAMORU TO GET HIS KNEES UP!

This set up a NASTY running knee to Naoki's body, sending him flying into his corner, where Riki Ichiro tagged himself in! With right-left elbows, Ichiro softened Sekishima up before delivering his trademark RIKI LARIAT! Despite the force put into the shot, Sekishima merely wobbled -- staying his ground! Not deterred, Ichiro came off the ropes once more -- ducking Sekishima's lunging counter-attack! Just as Sekishima turned around, Ichiro caught him off the ropes -- A SECOND RIKI LARIAT, TAKING SEKISHIMA OFF HIS FEET! Ichiro immediately went for the cover -- only for Norihiro Akashi to make the save BEFORE the count of one! Getting the two-on-one over Ichiro, Akashi and Sekishima showed great teamwork as Akashi lifted Ichiro over his shoulders, before dropping him chest first across Sekishima's knee!

After a legal tag, Akashi continued the assault over his 5/31 opponent -- all while constantly making "belt" motions around his waist, signaling his intent. That said, Ichiro never came close to quitting. In fact, Akashi's arrogance seemed to feed Ichiro as the match progressed, culminating with Ichiro landing a decisive lariat over the unsuspecting Akashi! Akashi would never recover from the brutal power of Ichiro's lariat! While Akashi would hang on for a few more minutes, he would finally succumb to Ichiro's cross-armed Northern Light Bomb -- the Aramusha for the victory!

Match #6: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Road to KANFES 2015 Special 8-Man Tag Match
Naoki Fukuda
Riki Ichiro
Hayato Saigo
(14:50 - Aramusha)
Norihiro Akashi
Mamoru Sekishima
Kyoto Okazaki
SS Star

Emotions ran high afterwards, as Fukuda and Sekishima needed to be separated by officials. With the WWA National Heavyweight Title held high above his head, Riki Ichiro stood over his 5/31 challenger, showing that he will have to bring everything he has to wrestle that championship from his waist...

* Finally, the packed Osaka crowd was treated to a big match in the blood feud between Hybrid Corps ARMADA and Total Attack Pro-Wrestling as Kenji Tanamura and Harumi Sakai faced Ryo Inoue and Takumi Amano! The T.A.P. team arrived to a chorus of boos, being the away team. Nevertheless, the stoic Ryo Inoue paid no mind to the reaction; instead choosing to focus on the man he'll face on 5/31 -- Kenji Tanamura.

Despite the bad blood between both factions, both teams shockingly appeared reasonably civil as the match began... However, Amano soon shattered all pretenses of respect by slapping Harumi Sakai across the face following Sakai getting the better of him during a grappling exchange. This prompted Sakai to fire back with equal ferocity -- garnering huge support from the Osaka fans! After getting the better of Amano, Sakai soon found himself face-to-face with the leader of Total Attack Pro-Wrestling, Ryo Inoue! Showing no fear, Sakai threw everything he had against the martial arts master. However, for everything the gutsy Sakai hurled his opponent's way, Inoue had a simple -- but effective answer. While frustrated, Sakai acknowledged the wall before him -- choosing to tag out to his teacher, and Inoue's 5/31 opponent Kenji Tanamura!

Soaking in the feverous atmosphere, Inoue and Tanamura stood nose-to-nose -- all while exchanging inaudible words. Finally, Tanamura struck first with a driving double leg takedown attempt! Inoue showed great body strength in digging his legs into the mat to stop the takedown. However, he instead found himself trapped in the corner, where Tanamura followed with a measured elbow to Inoue's face -- STAGGERING HIM! With the fans stunned over Inoue's sudden vulnerability, Tanamura continued with ANOTHER! This shot however seemed to have the opposite effect of the last, causing Inoue to respond with an ELBOW OF HIS OWN! The shot was enough to create distance between the two, allowing Inoue to follow with a right-left combination of close-fisted jabs -- all legal due to his open-fingered gloves! As Tanamura covered up, Inoue made his move -- DRIVING TANAMURA TO THE MAT WITH A JUDO THROW!

On the mat, Inoue punished Tanamura with petty slaps, prompting the "Gladiator King" to work from a defensive position on his back. While uneducated viewers might have been lost, but fans of grappling were given a treat as both men displayed their grappling proficiencies with one exchange after the next. While both men would have their moments, the series would end in something of a stalemate -- leading to Sakai and Amano tagging themselves back in.

Picking the pace back up, Sakai and Amano lit one another up with more blazing strikes. Amano finally landed a big blow in the form of a nasty Backdrop Suplex, allowing Amano to lock in a modified armbar -- designed more to punish Sakai than to submit him... That appeared to be a mistake for Amano, as Sakai slowly escaped the hold, before countering with a Chickenwing Armlock! The move revealed an interesting insight into the psychology of Ryo Inoue, as he would not enter the ring to break the hold -- instead Inoue left the ring apron and took over as Coach, as he began SHOUTING ORDERS at Amano -- largely telling him not to submit! Questionable as it were, Amano survived the crippling hold long enough to escape... However, the damage was done to Amano, who clearly continued to wrestle while seemingly injured.

After eventually facing off against Tanamura, Amano would find himself overmatched. After a last-ditch effort to land offense, Amano saw his attempts thwarted -- and countered into a nasty Hammerlock combined with a front sleeper -- a move Tanamura lovingly refers to as the IKOBE. Once again, Inoue would not save his student -- instead encouraging them to fight! However, Amano was finally forced to submit...

Match #7: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Road to KANFES 2015 Special Tag Match ~ ARMADA versus Total Attack Pro-Wrestling
Kenji Tanamura
Harumi Sakai
(21:29 - IKOBE)
Ryo Inoue [T.A.P.]
Takumi Amano [T.A.P.]

Amano's guts earned him some cheers from the crowd, who were booing him loudly earlier in the bout. While not happy with taking the loss, Inoue too acknowledged Amano's spirit. Backstage, Inoue personally tended to Amano's injured arm -- all while vowing to make Tanamura pay for hurting his student...

In front of the live crowd, Kenji Tanamura and the rest of ARMADA (sans the injured Yuichi Miwa) closed the show. Tanamura thanked the fans of Kansai for their amazing support, which has earned them the reputation as the greatest pro-wrestling fans in Japan. He said that he felt a swell of momentum for not just ARMADA, but KJPW as a whole going into 5/31. Sending a direct message to Ryo Inoue, Tanamura said that 5/31 would be a "Fight between Life and Death." The least of either man's worries will be an injured limb.

May 15, 2015
Osaka - Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium #2
1,500 Fans (Super No Vacancy Full House)
0. Yusuke Kishimoto beat Ryo Nozawa (5:04) with a Camel Clutch.
1. Special Opening Tag Match: Kazuma Fujita & Yutaka Awano beat Hajime Kon & Maleko Momoa (10:12) when Fujita used a counter-Fujita Lariat on Kon.
2. Special Tag Match ~ ARMADA vs. Total Attack Pro-Wrestling: Shuji Kido [T.A.P.] & Daichi Kurumada [T.A.P.] beat Yusaku Kitajima & Yukio Kisanuki (6:01) when Kurumada used a running soccer kick on Kisanuki.
3. Road to KANFES 2015 Special 6-Man Tag Match: Jet Jaguar, Yoshihiro Shimoda & GALLEON beat Wataru Yamada, Keisuke Rongai & Kazuki Sendo (13:25) when Jaguar used the Spiral Bomb on Sendo.
4. Special 6-Man Tag Match: Hiroaki Nakata, Tetsuhisa NAKAI & Ryuugo Nagashima vs. "Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka, Manabe Tsuji [FREE] & RYUJI [FREE] (5:52) went to a no contest.
5. Road to KANFES 2015 Special Tag Match: James Goodwin Jr. & "BIG" Jon Goodwin beat Genji Yamato & Kohei Obata (13:40) when James used the Power Collapse on Obata.
6. Road to KANFES 2015 Special 8-Man Tag Match: Naoki Fukuda, Riki Ichiro, ATSUKA & Hayato Saigo beat Mamoru Sekishima, Norihiro Akashi, Kyoto Okazaki & SS Star (14:50) when Ichiro used the Aramusha on Akashi.
7. Road to KANFES 2015 Special Tag Match ~ ARMADA versus Total Attack Pro-Wrestling: Kenji Tanamura & Harumi Sakai beat Ryo Inoue [T.A.P.] & Takumi Amano [T.A.P.] (21:29) when Tanamura used the IKOBE on Amano.

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