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[Results] "Road to KANFES 2015," 2015/05/25 @ Korakuen Hall

May 25, 2015
Tokyo - Korakuen Hall (2,100)

* The final ROAD TO KANFES 2015 show happened today in front of a packed Tokyo Korakuen Hall. The show opened as it usually does, with Kinta Nakayama, KJPW's erstwhile ring announcer, reading off the card, which included appearances from Double Titles champion Kazuma Fujita, teaming with the legendary Genji Yamato in tag team action, but also a main event 8-man Elimination Match between Hybrid Corps ARMADA and Ryo Inoue's T.A.P. faction!

* The first match of the evening was a rare 3-way contest. ROAD TO KANFES15 tour debutant Ryo Nozawa was the first wrestler out tonight, so new he uses the KJPW theme as his entrance music. "Moar Ghosts 'N' Stuff" from deadmau5 followed, bringing out FIGHTING LOVE! rookie Yusuke Kishimoto, acting as if he'd just woken up. "Uptown Funk" heralded Kishimoto's dojo-mate, the Hawaiian wrestling prodigy Maleko Momoa. The match was a good comedy warm-up, with Kishimoto and Momoa playing a double-act, one offering the other a pin on Nozawa but then pushing the other off at the two-count. The two definitely seemed to treat this as a bit of a fun romp. This almost came to bite them in the rear, however, when Nozawa got a head of steam and took out both FIGHTING LOVE! members with a double-lariat off the ropes! But, that was to be Nozawa's shining moment, as Kishimoto would catch the true rookie in a Leg Roll Clutch for the win...

Match #1: 1 Fall, 20-Minute Time Limit
3WAY Match
Yusuke Kishimoto
(6:04 - Japanese Leg Roll Clutch)
Ryo Nozawa
Maleko Momoa

* More first-year wrestler action followed, as "Stronger" by Kanye West & Daft Punk played over the PA. The remaining FIGHTING LOVE! rookies, "Young Noble" Hajime Kon, and the much-hyped "Prince of FIGHTING LOVE!" Kohei Obata entered Korakuen Hall. The crowd gave them a great reception, as they did for their opponents, Yutaka Awano & true rookie Kappei Nakao, both of whom looked ready for battle. Awano and Kon started off, and seemed evenly matched, with Kon winning a chop fight between the two when he chose not to chop, but lariat Awano! Kon tagged out to Obata as Awano regained his bearings. Awano once more tried to play the senior bully again to Obata, as he did on 5/16, and once more got German Suplexed out of this world! Awano would tag in Nakao, who was sadly completely overmatched. Obata tried to toy with the junior rookie a bit, and would be on the end of a nasty judo style throw from Nakao, but once Obata tagged in Kon, Kon has his way with Nakao. Kon would send Nakao through the canvas with a thundering powerbomb, and nearly got the pin, but Awano made a save at 2.8! Kon would tag in "The Prince," who slapped his "Lock Kohei" STF variant onto a still dazed Nakao, leading to the junior rookie to tap out in submission. Afterwards, all four men would bow in respect to one another...

Match #2: 1 Fall, 20-Minute Time Limit
Tag Match
Yutaka Awano
Kappei Nakao
(8:35 - Lock Kohei)
Kohei Obata
Hajime Kon

* Since the return of Kingdom of Japan Pro Wrestling, the armies of the KJPW Jr. Seikigun and villainous KyouHonGan has raged with both sides fighting tooth and nail at every opportunity. Another chapter was added to that list of battles as the world famous ATSUKA & Yoshihiro Shimoda; two legendary figures of Junior-Heavyweight wrestling faced off against the younger team of Kazuki Sendo & SS Star both aiming to use the legends to make their mark in pro-wrestling. To further complicate things for the legendary duo Sendo & Star were accompanied to the ring by their fellow KHG members HOT LIMIT; Wataru Yamada & Keisuke Rongai which both ATSUKA & Shimoda protested to the referee but their protests fell on deaf ears.

ATSUKA & Star started the match off with a quick series of reversals leading to Star getting the upper hand with a hip toss leading to a flamboyant strut to celebrate his accomplishments. In the next sequence it would be ATSUKA who came out on top with his own hip toss leading to ATSUKA strutting around the ring, enraging Star who charged across the ring only to be dumped hilariously to the floor as ATSUKA resumed strutting around the ring!

Following a mutual tag, next up was Kazuki Sendo and Yoshihiro Shimoda. Sendo attempted to start fast charging at Shimoda with blows, only to have Shimoda easily catch the forearm, turning Sendo's arm into a modified armbar sending Sendo scurrying to the ropes for the break. Suddenly SS Star hit the ring, attacking Shimoda from behind. The follow-up double team failed as ATSUKA charged the ring, allowing ATSUKA & Shimoda to send both Sendo & Star packing from the ring leaving the two veterans to soak up applause from the audience.

The match settled down after that point, Shimoda & Star exchanging fast grappling action with Star showing surprising ability to hold his own against the grappling acumen of Shimoda. KHG formally took over the match after an illegal double team as Sendo entered the ring, raking the eyes of Shimoda; and while ATSUKA was held back by the referee Sendo & Star hit a double suplex but Shimoda kicked out of the follow up cover at two.

KyouHonGan held the advantage for several minutes from there, trying to work over Shimoda and isolate him from his partner ATSUKA with several near falls on Shimoda. A chance presented itself when Sendo went for his Nice Hit! running knee strike to a kneeling opponent but Shimoda caught the knee before it connected with his chin; using it as an opportunity to rise to his feet. Sendo attempted an enzuigiri with his free leg but Shimoda ducked under! Shimoda then grabbed Sendo's exposed back for a release German Suplex! With both men down, they were able to make the tag bringing in both SS Star & ATSUKA!

Star charged in but was met with the PUNK ROCK SENDING STAR CRASHING INTO THE CORNER! Star bounced off with incredible force, trying to somehow maintain his balance right into the ATSUKA Twister! ATSUKA covered but at ringside the numbers suddenly came into focus as Wataru Yamada distracted the referee as Keisuke Rongai came up from behind ATSUKA with a double sledge! Rongai & Star attempted to grapple ATSUKA from behind, only to have Star pulled off and BLASTED with a short range Torokeru Knee Kick from Shimoda! Rongai, his grip weakened, was himself greeted with a BLATANT reverse mule kick to the groin from ATSUKA!

With Star down, Shimoda tackled Sendo sending both men out of the ring as ATSUKA aimed to finish the match off with his AT-Z, but as ATSUKA lifted the dead weight of Star, Wataru Yamada came into the ring and blasted ATSUKA with a kick directly to the back of the head. ATSUKA crumbled to his knees, horribly stunned from the unprotected and unexpected blow to the head. A dazed SS Star climbed to his feet, seeing the stunned ATSUKA, and blasted ATSUKA with a double foot stomp directly to the chest! Star covered but ATSUKA summoned his inner strength to kick out at 2.9!

On the outside Yoshihiro Shimoda desperately attempted to get back into the ring to help ATSUKA, but found himself held back by THREE different people! In the ring, SS Star pulled ATSUKA's prone body towards the corner before climbing up to the top rope. ATSUKA slowly pulled himself up to a sitting position, his eyes glazed over. His effort in trying to get up was met by SS Star who flew off the top rope, CRUSHING ATSUKA with a double foot stomp to the chest; the COSMIC BIG BANG! Shimoda at ringside screamed at ATSUKA, but ATSUKA had nothing left and SS Star pinned the legend to secure the victory for KyouHonGan!

Match #3: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Tag Match
Yoshihiro Shimoda
(11:18 - Cosmic Big Bang)
Kazuki Sendo
SS Star

* The next match saw Hiroaki Nakata teaming alongside the tenacious Ryuugo Nagashima to face the quarrelsome duo who betrayed Nakata back on 5/13, Manabe Tsuji and RYUJI.

Things got off to a wild start immediately, as RYUJI and Tsuji ambushed Nakata and Ryuugo prior to the bell, leading to the two rule breakers quickly drawing the match into an outside brawl. Going as far as to break several chairs over both Nakata and Nagashima, OSAKA WILD STYLE took a commanding lead in the early going of the match. Upon returning to the ring, the two took great pleasure in isolating their once-ally, Hiroaki Nakata. Together, both men openly mocked Nakata with their use of the term, "Senpai" (Upper Classman.) Having enough, Nakata eventually caught RYUJI with a flurry of kicks to make an opening big enough to tag out to Ryuugo Nagashima! Gaining a measure of revenge, Nagashima sent the two men scurrying from the ring -- only to propel onto them with a breathtaking Tope Suicida!

Back in the ring, Nagashima and Nakata showed good teamwork along with frequent tags. However, WILD STYLE would again use their rule breaking to take back control after RYUJI caught Nakata with a blatant low blow! The dastard attack set Nakata up for a JUMPING Tombstone Piledriver! RYUJI sensed the end by covering Nakata with a mocking pin... Only for Nakata to kick out at 2.5! After cutting Nagashima off the apron, WILD STYLE tried to further finish Nakata with stereo lariats to set up a devastating combination attack that saw RYUJI blasting Nakata in the head with a running kick as Tsuji had him prone in a standing Fireman's carry! Thankfully for Nakata, he was aided by the timing of his partner Nagashima.

Tsuji continued with another series of hammer blows to the back, before HURLING Nakata in the corner, where he followed up with skewer shoulder charges, crushing Nakata's body! Nakata tried to fight his way out, hitting Tsuji in the midsection with a knee. But the strong bull powered straight through, driving Nakata back into the corner with another charging shoulder! Tsuji dragged Nakata's body over towards his corner, before tagging out to RYUJI, who delivered a THUDDING headbutt to the exposed abdominal region. With Nakata prone, RYUJI took the time to taunt him with humiliating slaps across the back of the head. With every shot, Hiroaki would fire back with forearms to the midsection, only for RYUJI to quell his comeback with an axe handle blow to the back. After a snapmare, RYUJI continued to work his opponent over with a vice lock on Nakata's trapezius muscle. Slowly, Korakuen Hall rallied behind Nakata, who fought his way to his feet, where he finally broke free, before unloading with a flurry of forearms and finally knocking RYUJI down! However, just as he was about to make the desperate tag, Tsuji interfered by grabbing Nakata's leg and dragging him back to the corner! However, as RYUJI tried to finish the match with the Comet Rendezvous, Nakata would NARROWLY avoid it, sending RYUJI crashing to the mat!

With the chance of victory in their sights, Nakata made the much-needed tag to Ryuugo Nagashima! After sending Tsuji to the outside with a forceful kick to the face, Nakata gave the signal to Nagashima -- essentially leaving the match in his hands! Despite some resistance from the stubborn RYUJI, Nagashima looked very impressive in finishing RYUJI with a succession of elbows, followed with a Death Valley Bomb, before finally ending RYUJI with the R-Bracer sliding elbow!

Match #4: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Special Tag Match
Hiroaki Nakata
Ryuugo Nagashima
(12:59 - R-Bracer)
Manabe Tsuji [FREE]

The victory was rendered somewhat bitter as Manabe Tsuji assaulted Nagashima and Nakata from behind with steel chairs! He added further insult after giving Nagashima his violent GUTS COASTER Argentine Backbreaker driver. Over the house microphone, Tsuji called tonight's result "utterly pointless" in regards to 5/31. He warned officials that he and RYUJI would "raise hell" in Kobe World Memorial Hall, likely forcing the building to ban KJPW from ever running future events in not just Kobe World Memorial Hall -- but Kansai in general.

* The focus returned back to the juniors as Jet Jaguar and GALLEON teamed alongside Hayato Saigo to face the top three members of the villainous KyouHonGan.

With tensions high leading into 5/31 -- where the three KHG members will defend their respective AALL Championships, the bout quickly got off to an immediate start as the rudo trio charged their opponents as soon as the bell sound. After the ring cleared, Hayato Saigo and Kyoto Okazaki started the bout off with a feverish exchange of chest slaps -- with some kicks from Saigo thrown in. Reaching into his bag of tricks, Okazaki cut the "Limitless Genius" off with a crafty eye poke -- largely to set up an impactful DDT into the mat! KHG continued on offense as Okazaki tagged out to Wataru Yamada, who further grounded Saigo with various holds to wear him down. With the fans rallying behind the popular star, Saigo managed to find an opening to escape. After another intense exchange, Saigo managed to reverse Yamada's Irish Whip attempt -- before following with a RUNNING DROPKICK TO THE FACE! This gave the Seikigun side their first big opportunity of the match after tagging in Nansei's Roaring Lion -- GALLEON! After clearing the apron with the help of Jet Jaguar, GALLEON unleashed a flurry of palm strikes in the corner on Yamada. After whipping him into the opposite corner however, GALLEON found himself caught by Yamada's drop toe hold -- sending GALLEON tripping and smashing FACE FIRST into the bottom turnbuckle! Yamada's comeback would be brief however, as GALLEON would counter once more with another palm strike -- NEARLY KNOCKING YAMADA OUT OF HIS BOOTS! GALLEON followed with the cover -- only for both Okazaki AND Rongai to make the save!

After cutting Jaguar and Saigo off the ring apron, KHG isolated GALLEON in the corner. Keisuke Rongai further punished the DREAM HEROES star with crushing lariats in the corner, followed by a backbreaker. GALLEON would be forced to endure further suffering after finding himself locked in a painful Camel Clutch! Slowly however, GALLEON displayed amazing heart by reaching the ropes for the break! This chance was enough to inspire GALLEON to fight back with hard chops -- prompting Rongai to answer with blistering shots of his own! Eventually however, GALLEON managed to duck Rongai's wide-swinging lariat. Upon the follow through, GALLEON caught Rongai with a lightning fast flying headscissors! After following with a jumping elbow in his corner, GALLEON tagged out to the ever-popular JET JAGUAR; who immediately came off the top with a DIVING FOOT STOMP across Rongai's back while GALLEON held him!

With the Korakuen fans rabidly behind the Seikigun side, Jaguar delivered powerful kicks to further deteriorate Rongai's resolve. While Rongai would successfully counter Jaguar's Irish Whip, Jaguar pulled yet another over on him by gracefully stepping up each turnbuckle, before BACKFLIPPING OFF THE TOP -- AND OVER RONGAI!! With his opponent momentarily bewildered, Jaguar followed by coming off the ropes and BLASTING RONGAI WITH A LEG LARIAT! Jaguar came even closer to finishing the bout after scoring with a diving headbutt -- giving him a two-count pin attempt! After an all-out brawl broke out between the other participants, Rongai and Jaguar came down to a thrilling closing stretch that ultimately saw Jaguar countering Rongai's lariat with a spectacular MODIFIED JAGUAR SPECIAL II (Flying Cross Armbreaker.) After reaching the ropes however, Rongai found himself on the receiving end up a one-two high kick combination -- which in turn set up a FISHERMAN BUSTER! Jaguar covered for the win, only for KHG to make the last second save! After the other Seikigun members dispatched of Okazaki and Yamada, Jaguar finished Rongai with his diving rotation guillotine drop -- THE JAGUAR SPECIAL!!

KHG attempted to ambush the three afterwards, only to be thwarted and easily taken out. The three Seikigun members all mocked the rudos by making "title belt" motions around their waists -- giving KHG a taste of their own medicine.

Match #5: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Road to KANFES 2015 Special 6-Man Tag Match
Jet Jaguar
Hayato Saigo
(13:20 - Jaguar Special)
Kyoto Okazaki
Wataru Yamada
Keisuke Rongai

* With the sounds of "Star of 666" by Vampires Everywhere blaring from the Korakuen PA, the Shin Dark Triad of James Goodwin, Jr., "BIG" Jon Goodwin and "Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka were lead to the ring by two of Nishioka's "special girlfriends." Nishioka particularly interacted with the Korakuen crowd, antagonizing the audience while showing off the women he brought with him, whereas Double Goodwin kept to themselves...

"Machinegun Samurai" started up next, which brought out KJPW's own tough guy Tetsuhisa NAKAI, pumping up the crowd, while getting in the Dark Triad's faces before the referee sent him into his own corner... as "Machinegun Samurai" faded out, "Climbatize" by the Prodigy faded in, and all eyes went on the arena entrance, as chants of "YA MA TO!" started up. Out came Genji Yamato, striking his FIGHTING LOVE! pose, soaking up the adoration of the crowd as he made his way to the ring, making the pose once more right in front of the Dark Triad! The ref had to restrain "BIG" Jon after that... but it wasn't even over yet, as "Never Surrender" by Lion sounded out, heralding the J1 Rikidozan/Neo Japan Pro Wrestling Unified Double Titles Champion, "Mr. 300%" Kazuma Fujita! As Korakuen chanted "FU JI TA!," the champ entered the ring... and Dark Triad attacked!! "BIG" Jon on Fujita, before he could even take off the Double Titles! James Jr. against Yamato! NAKAI fending off Nishioka! Complete chaos in the ring!

The going finally rang, with James Jr. starting off against Yamato as the legal men, James Jr. SLAPPING Yamato, screaming "How you like me NOW, you grandstanding sumbitch!" right at the former Double Titles champion! Yamato responded with a slap of his own across the face of James Jr.! The two tied up, Yamato losing out James on that tie into a headlock. James Jr. WRENCHED on Yamato's skull until Yamato pushed James off to the ropes, and caught James with a dropkick before tagging out to NAKAI!

NAKAI came out and bare-knuckled boxed James for a sequence, but James was able to tag in his "BIG" brother, and the brawling began in earnest! Back and forth with less technical skill, and more outright brute strength, but "BIG" Jon caught NAKAI into a thundering choke slam! But the Goodwin could only get a 2-count for his trouble... NAKAI escaped "BIG" Jon, and tagged in Fujita! The Double Titles champion went to work on "BIG" Jon, with a series of chops that was sure to leave welts on the Goodwin brother, but Jon hit back himself, leaving red marks all over the champion! Jon whipped Fujita to the ropes, but Fujita reversed, leaving Jon to rebound and get BLASTED by a FUJITA LARIAT! COVER! ONE, TWO... NO KICKOUT!! Nishioka ran in to double-team Fujita, but NAKAI hurried out to equalize! Chaos in the ring! NAKAI threw Nishioka over the ropes, and went over after him... but got blasted from behind by James Jr.! Now NAKAI was getting double-teamed on the outside as Fujita and Jon Goodwin went at it! WAIT! Off the apron, leaping off! Yamato! DIAMOND BLUE TO NISHIOKA!! All four men collapsed in a heap outside the ring!

But inside the ring, the legal men still went after each other! POWERBOMB BY "BIG" JON! COVER! ONE! TWO! YAMATO MADE THE SAVE AS NAKAI, NISHIOKA AND JAMES JR. GOT BACK IN THEIR CORNERS! Yamato tagged in, but so did James Jr.! Some heat mat wrestling between the two that wowed the Korakuen crowd here! Yamato tried a superkick, MISS, James Jr. replied with a kenka kick, that Yamato CAUGHT! DRAGON SCREW! James Jr. on the mat! Yamato! FLASH ELBOW OFF THE ROPES! COVER! ONE! TWO! NISHIOKA WITH THE SAVE!

Nishioka stayed in, double-teaming Yamato off the ropes, double elbow! James Jr. tagged out, Nishioka standing before a dazed Yamato while doing a very rude version of the FIGHTING LOVE! stance! But YAMATO! Dropkick to the knees! DIAMOND BLUEEEEEE!!! ONE! TWO--- NO! KICKOUT BY NISHIOKA!!

NAKAI badly wanted in this time, so Yamato relented, and NAKAI chopped away at Nishioka! Nishioka returned the favor however with a kick to the gut, and a DDT!! But Nishioka wasn't done yet! Nishioka lifted NAKAI vertically, the SQUATTED! and came back up for a TSUTOMU BUST-- BUT WAIT! NAKAI! He reversed the move!! FIREMAN'S CARRY--- MAX BULLET!!!! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREEEEEE!!!!

The Shin Dark Triad couldn't believe their loss, but went to the back to assuage their anger. Meanwhile, post-match, NAKAI got on the house mic, pointed straight at Kazuma Fujita, and simply barked "I challenge YOU, KAZUMA FUJITA, for the Double Titles!!" The Korakuen Hall crowd was overcome with shock, as was Fujita, and it took him a few seconds before he yelled a simple "I accept!" back at NAKAI. The victors all shook hands, but now there was to be new tensions, as a challenge was made by someone who famously beat Fujita in FURY all those years ago...

Match #6: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Road to KANFES 2015 Special 6-Man Tag Match
Kazuma Fujita
Genji Yamato
Tetsuhisa NAKAI
(14:24 - MAX BULLET)
"Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka
James Goodwin Jr.
"BIG" Jon Goodwin

* As we approach the fated 5/31 date, the participants of two of the most anticipated bouts on the card melded into one tonight as "DAUNTLESS" Naoki Fukuda teamed alongside his good friend and current holder of the WWA National Heavyweight Championship -- Riki Ichiro to face the man Fukuda will meet to determine the 6th HEC Heavyweight Champion -- "Greco Superman" Mamoru Sekishima, in addition to the man who will challenge Riki Ichiro for his coveted title -- "Nightmare Child" Norihiro Akashi. The bout was given something of a big match focus -- with the competitors entering according to their 5/31 match-ups. Emotions ran extremely high as Akashi and Ichiro quickly faced off nose-to-nose -- garnering a clamoring reaction from the fans. Similar feelings were evident as Fukuda and Sekishima were introduced -- albeit it with an obvious level of respect between the two.

Choosing not to wait until 5/31, Akashi and Ichiro both started the bout trading tempering slaps and chops. Akashi's usual aloof demeanor was enough to irritate the "Hot-Tempered Samurai," who literally tried to slap the grin off Akashi's face. While it seemed no matter of force in the world could shake Akashi, a ferocious ENZUIGIRI to the back of Akashi's head was enough to stagger him! Ichiro quickly followed with a snapping Backdrop! The momentum of the suplex sent Akashi landing onto his feet -- who in turn suddenly belted out a MANIACAL LAUGH IN ICHIRO'S FACE! With eyes wide open, Ichiro wildly swung with a violent lariat -- only for Akashi to easily evade the shot. Finding his opening, Akashi finally dealt a sizable receipt after avoiding another wild shot, and following with a Backdrop of his own! Not wanting to show any weakness, Ichiro rebounded himself -- before LAUGHING in Akashi's face! The turnabout pleased the fans, who heralded both men's efforts with cheers and applause...

Reaching a momentary stalemate, the two tagged out to their respective partners, bringing in the Principals for the 5/31 Main Event -- Naoki Fukuda and Mamoru Sekishima. With split calls for both men, Naoki and Mamoru took the time to measure and analyze the other. Moving at a slower pace compared to Ichiro and Akashi, Naoki and Mamoru tested one another on the mat. Sekishima jumped ahead early in the exchange -- largely due to his size and amateur experience. Despite Mamoru's credentials, Naoki held his own, and asserted himself whenever possible. Eventually, Naoki found himself on the defensive in the corner. As an opening presented itself, Mamoru tagged Naoki with elbows and punches to the body. After every second or third shot, Naoki would retaliate with an elbow -- almost on instinct. After finding himself whipped into the opposite corner, Naoki would avoid Mamoru's oncoming charge before following it with a forceful running elbow in the corner! Further shots weakened Mamoru, who sunk into a defensive position in the corner. Due to Mamoru's position, the referee was correct in calling for the break. After repeated threats, he was finally able to pull Fukuda off -- but not before one, final measured strike to the jaw.

Despite being the smaller of the two, Naoki demonstrated his renowned "Mastodon" strength by throwing his 5/31 opponent around with ease. The early overload of suplexes and throws gave FukuRiki a strong lead in the first ten minutes of the bout. As usual, the two demonstrated amazing chemistry and teamwork. Mamoru found himself completely unable to handle the two, as anytime he tried to mount a comeback, the other would be there to thwart him. Soon enough however -- with the fans slowly rallying behind Mamoru, Fukuda and Ichiro left a wide-enough gap open to allow Sekishima to fight back with wild chops to both men! Despite the two swinging in reprisal, Mamoru begun to stagger both stalwart heavyweights. Finally, Sekishima used both palms to knock both Fukuda and Ichiro to the mat, garnering a BIG reaction from the fans! This allowed him to tag out to the eagerly-awaiting Norihiro Akashi, who shot his right arm into the air in gusto before leaping over the rope and immediately planting the bottom of his foot across Ichiro's face with a running high kick! With the WWA National Champion momentarily dispatched, Akashi and Sekishima sparked the crowd as they showed surprising cooperation between one another. The two sent Naoki Fukuda into the ropes, before catching the "Dauntless Mastodon" with a double shoulder block! Riki Ichiro attempted to take control back -- only to be cut off by Akashi with a stout boot to the stomach. Doubling over, Ichiro suddenly found himself upside down as the powerful Mamoru Sekishima lifted him overhead in a Canadian Backbreaker position... With his head dangling precariously, Norihiro Akashi belted out an exciting war cry before sprinting off the ropes and BLASTING ICHIRO -- assisting Mamoru in SPIKING Ichiro with a Canadian Rocky Buster! Akashi followed with the cover over his 5/31 opponent -- only for Fukuda to make the save!

The bout quickly broke down upon Fukuda's intervening with all four men trading heavy strikes back and forth. Soon, the brawl spilled to the outside -- and soon all four corners of Korakuen Hall! As the fight raged on, the Burning Spirits of all four men appeared to increase in strength with every passing shot! While drawn-out, the referee's count eventually reached 17 -- prompting the participants to begin to make their way back. Akashi teased a ring out as he staggered to the ring after receiving a Piledriver on the wooden floor at the hands of Riki Ichiro -- only to make it in at 19! Not wasting the opportunity, Ichiro stayed hard on the attack -- using another Piledriver, followed by a Powerslam. Despite some brief help from Sekishima, Akashi continued to find himself at odds as Ichiro made frequently tags. Despite being on the ropes, Akashi antagonized Fukuda by laughing off his thudding elbows... After a fourth powerful elbow, Akashi's cocky grin suddenly vanished as his face plows into the canvas! The referee showed immediate concern, and attempted to check on the seemingly unconscious Akashi -- only to be shoved away by Fukuda! Garnering some boos, Fukuda paid no mind and covered Akashi for the pin -- only for him to kick out at two!

As the 20-minute mark approached the match, Akashi appeared to be exhausted. Recognizing his efforts, the Korakuen fans solidly stood behind the charismatic Norihiro Akashi. With applause ringing throughout Korakuen, Akashi worked his way back to his feet -- despite Fukuda trying to put him back down with blunt elbows. Finally with a jolt of energy, Akashi ducked Fukuda's oncoming elbow before answering with an ENZUIGIRI! With Fukuda staggered, Akashi reached deep to lift the 113kg Fukuda up -- before SPIKING HIM WITH A BRAINBUSTER! While unable to follow with the cover, Akashi managed to tag out to Mamoru Sekishima, who met the freshly-tagged Riki Ichiro head-on with dueling lariats! Despite having the size, Sekishima found himself wobbled by Ichiro's trademark lariat -- while Ichiro himself did his best under the forceful strength of Sekishima. The bravado would continue back-and-forth until Riki fool heartedly came off the ropes -- who walked into Sekishima's HI-HIGH BOMB! Sekishima went for the pin -- only to be thwarted by Fukuda. In turn, Fukuda saw himself quickly dispatched by Akashi -- allowing Sekishima to continue his string of offense. After a powerful Irish Whip -- followed by a running knee to the body in the corner, Sekishima TOSSED Ichiro overhead with an effortless Front Suplex. Stubborn as he is brave, Ichiro quickly scrambled to a fighting position -- only to be sent back to the mat with a crushing knee to the body! Sensing Mamoru's intentions as he gripped his arms around Ichiro's waist, the "Hot-Tempered Samurai" fought with everything he had left -- unable to break the "Greco Superman's" vice! While he was able to lift Ichiro up for his patented Greco Bomb, NAOKI FUKUDA saved Ichiro from certain doom with a powerful enzuilariat! After being dropped on his feet, Ichiro aided Fukuda in sending Sekishima into the ropes -- ONLY TO BE KNOCKED DOWN WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE FROM MAMORU! While exclaiming, "HERE WE GO!!," Mamoru once more grabbed his Greco-Grip to effortlessly pull off his GRECO BOMB! Mamoru immediately covered as the referee made the count! ...ONE! ...TWO! --FUKUDA MAKES THE SAVE!

Showing more aggression than at any time during the match, Fukuda pounded Sekishima's jawline with brick-crushing forearms. Showing that Sekishima is far from the only wrestler known for his strength, Fukuda caught Sekishima with a Front Suplex off his own after sending Sekishima off into the ropes. With the fans equally divided amongst all four men, Fukuda tagged himself in to continue his campaign to win. Looking to further impress and hurt, Naoki lifted the much larger Sekishima onto the top turnbuckle. Despite some resistance from Mamoru, Fukuda pulled off an incredible top-rope Superplex -- sending both bodies CRASHING to the canvas! With the crowd's involvement growing as time went by, the Korakuen fans were near rabid as the bouts final minutes were approaching! Ichiro and Akashi found themselves facing off after getting the tag from their respective partners. Holding nothing back, both men tried to finish the other with big moves -- only to have them continually countered! That all changed however Akashi used physical trickery to catch Ichiro with the DREAM WEAVER LARIAT! With a self-satisfying grin on his face, Akashi went for the cover -- ONLY FOR FUKUDA TO MAKE THE SAVE AT 2.9! With only ONE-MINUTE remaining in the allotted time limit, Sekishima removed Fukuda from the ring. After exclaiming the universal word, "FINISH!", Akashi once more aimed to finish things once and for all with his Dream Weaver Lariat. However, Akashi was COUNTERED! After ducking the lariat, Ichiro broke Akashi's grip before coming off the ropes and BLASTING HIM WITH THE RIKI LARIAT! Wasting not one second, Ichiro quickly rolled Akashi over for the cover... One... TWO... TH--2.5! "30-SECONDS REMAINING!" the ring announcer bellowed. With uneasy panic in Ichiro's eyes, he hastily crossed Akashi's arms before scooping him overhead -- presumably for the Aramusha... Riki appeared to have held Akashi up too long however, as the "Nightmare Child" suddenly began kicking -- before striking Ichiro atop the head with a knee strike! "15-SECONDS!" Akashi gripped Ichiro's arm from behind -- setting up a third Dream Weaver attempt... Once more however, ICHIRO BROKE FREE! "10-SECONDS!!" With every fan on their feet, Ichiro prepared his lariat arm upon rebounding off the ropes -- ONLY TO COLLIDE HEAD-ON WITH AKASHI'S OWN LARIAT! Both fighters connected like two slabs of beef, with a thunderclap of humanity echoing throughout Korakuen Hall. "5-SECONDS!!!" With both men lying motionless on the mat, the seconds ticked away. Finally, the gong sounded to a mixture of disappointment and enthusiastic appreciation to signal the elapsed 30-minute time limit...

Match #7: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Road to KANFES 2015 Special Tag Match
Naoki Fukuda
Riki Ichiro
(30:00 - Time Limit Draw)
Mamoru Sekishima
Norihiro Akashi

Ichiro and Akashi were both exhausted afterwards -- needing help to the back from officials. In the ring, Fukuda and Sekishima shared an intense stare down in the final prelude before their 5/31 HEC Heavyweight Championship bout. Both men left without further incident. Backstage however, Fukuda stated that 5/31 would be the defining moment for both his and Sekishima's generation. Still picturing himself as the Ace of Japanese Pro-Wrestling Fukuda confidently vowed to "put Sekishima in his place." Upon hearing the comments, Sekishima was shockingly unnerved. Dishing out heaping praise for Fukuda, Sekishima acknowledged him as the strongest wrestler in Japan's modern era... However, 5/31 would bring about a titanic shift in generational momentum. Citing many of the younger stars on the roster, Sekishima vowed to be the conduit of their aspirations. Noting he was nothing more than a "midcard tag wrestler" prior to 4/17, Sekishima said he would prove the limitless power of believing in yourself by disproving all of the critics who have criticized Sekishima for perhaps taking on too much too soon.

* During a brief intermission, the participants for the upcoming KING of the SUPER JUNIORS tournament were officially revealed! During the video announcement, it was stated that the vacant HEC Jr. Heavyweight Championship would be awarded to the victor!

2015.06.19 --> 07.05

Kyoto Okazaki
Wataru Yamada
Yusuke Kishimoto
Josh Sullivan
Caleb Storm [REVO]

Jet Jaguar
Yoshihiro Shimoda
Hayato Saigo
Yukio Kisanuki
Keisuke Rongai
Simon Raines [REVO]
Curtis Penn [DEFIANCE]

* After a moment to give the fans some time to breathe, we finally came to the highly anticipated full-confrontation elimination bout between Hybrid Corps ARMADA and Total Attack Pro-Wrestling. As usual, T.A.P. entered with their renowned militaristic -- almost cult-like entrance with each member of T.A.P. entering in order of rank beginning with Daichi Kurumada, followed by Shuji Kido, Takumi Amano -- and finally, the ever-controversial Ryo Inoue! Soon, ARMADA followed with their arrival, entering in similar fashion to Inoue and his eager men! Prepared for far, all four ARMADA members appeared wearing light/dark blue camouflage -- arguably the most pointless camouflage ever. Regardless, ARMADA's message was clear: No prisoners. No survivors. All will be eliminated.

Inoue appeared to be amused by ARMADA's war paint more than anything -- infuriating the hot-headed Yusaku Kitajima enough to SLAP Inoue across the face before calling him out! This seemed to entertain Inoue even further, who eagerly rubbed his hands together as the gong sounded. Wasting no time, Kitajima darted forward with a wild barrage of palm strikes and elbows! As if he was slowing down time, Inoue displayed incredible reflexes and head movement to evade every blow. Leading Kitajima exactly where he wanted, Inoue suddenly shot forward as his back touched the turnbuckle -- taking down the unsuspecting Kitajima with a double-leg slam! A little flustered, Kitajima pounded on Inoue's back and body with punches -- all while Inoue snaked his way up Kitajima's body. Ever the technician, Inoue quickly maneuvered himself in a position to catch the lesser experienced Kitajima in a painful Cross Armbreaker! Almost as soon as Inoue had full-extension of his arm, KITAJIMA SUBMITTED!

In a mere 61 seconds, Ryo Inoue delivered the first elimination of the bout. Much to the excitement of the crowd, KENJI TANAMURA jumped into the ring to face Inoue. However, the fans were quickly disappointed as Inoue chose instead to tag out to Daichi Kurumada... While looking to impress his teacher, Kurumada soon paid the same price as Kitajima after being too aggressive against a fighter the caliber of Tanamura. After landing a stinging combination of leg kicks, Kurumada foolishly dared Tanamura to retaliate. With no hesitation, the "Gladiator King" answered in kind with piercing kicks to the back of Kurumada's knees and thighs. After trying to fight back with another flurry of his own, Kurumada soon found himself outmatched by Tanamura's unrelenting fury! After a savate kick to the body sent Kurumada kneeling, Tanamura struck with an axe kick to the top of his head! As Kurumada's body bobbed upward from the attack, Tanamura followed with a BRUTAL LEFT-LEG HIGH KICK! As Kurumada's body hit the canvas, it was clear he was KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS! Having no choice in the matter, the referee was forced to eliminate Kurumada from the match via TKO! To make the scene even more impressive was Tanamura turning his back and walking away before Kurumada hit the ground, leading to a tag to Yukio Kisanuki!

The sight of his friend and partner being knocked unconscious was enough to light a fire under Takumi Amano. While restraining himself enough to not make a costly mistake, Amano could not hold back his latent rage. After quickly overpowering Kisanuki, Amano punished him on the mat with a modified armlock -- which also happened to wrench Kisanuki's neck in an uncomfortable direction. Kisanuki survived the early going long enough to mount his own comeback. The two wrestled to what appeared to be a stalemate, until Kisanuki abruptly caught Amano cold with a rolling kneel kick, nearly knocking Amano out! Kisanuki followed with a successive combination of blows, before connecting with a Backdrop! Rather than go for the cover, Kisanuki focused on Amano's right leg in an effort to secure a crippling submission hold... While staggered, Amano had the wherewithal to defend for a short period of time. Eventually however, Kisanuki had the cross heel hold applied, forcing the proud Amano to swallow his pride and grab the ropes to force the escape! Now standing, Kisanuki continued to hone in on Amano's ankle. However, Amano would capitalize upon thwarting Kisanuki's takedown attempt. Forcing Yukio in a turtled position, Amano dug his legs into the inside of Kisanuki's thighs before sinking his arms under his chin... Soon, Amano had a deep Rear Naked Choke applied! Kisanuki did his past to hang on... Eventually however... Kisanuki was forced to tap out!

With T.A.P. taking the lead 3-2, Amano boldly directed his attention to Kenji Tanamura, taunting the "Gladiator King" to face him head on! Amidst loud chants of "TA-NA-MURA!", the two squared off -- with Amano looking to gain a measure of revenge after losing to Tanamura one-on-one earlier this month in this same building. Looking to test what Amano had in him, Tanamura played defense as he parried and absorbed Amano's onslaught of blows. After being backed into the corner, Tanamura made his move -- shifting positioning and pinning Amano against the turnbuckle! With Amano trapped, Tanamura retaliated with a burst of palm strikes and knees. In an attempt to break free, Amano shoved Tanamura off before making his escape towards the center of the ring. After reaching his feet, Amano found Tanamura's leg buried DEEP into his abdomen! Tanamura followed with a second kick, followed by a third. Upon throwing a fourth however, Amano caught the kick -- before knocking Tanamura off his feet with a sweep! As Tanamura scrambled to a defensive position, the wild Amano JUMPED HIGH INTO THE AIR before STOMPING TANAMURA IN THE FACE WITH BOTH FEET! The ruthless attack took the crowd aback, as the shot clearly busted Tanamura's bottom lip! While in the corner, Amano continued his merciless assault by jumping and driving both feet into Tanamura's face and body! Finally, showing no pretense of objectiveness, the pro-KJPW/ARMADA crowd ERUPTED in boos for Amano's unsavory behavior -- much to his delight! As Tanamura recovered in the corner, Amano approached his corner. After exchanging audible words with his mentor, Amano happily tagged out to Ryo Inoue, garnering a huge reaction!!

Upon seeing Inoue enter the ring, Tanamura's eyes widened with excitement. Even with blood dribbling down the side of his mouth, Tanamura obviously anticipated this moment. Finally as the crowd reached a feverish peak, Tanamura and Inoue collided nose-to-nose in an exchange of bravado. The two finally made contact as Inoue shoved Tanamura back, before following with a JARRING slap across the face -- sending blood flying! Shaking it off however, Tanamura responded with wide-swinging slaps -- easily avoided by the laughing Inoue, who answered two missed shots with a THUNDEROUS SHOT! With Tanamura sinking to a knee, Inoue took pleasure in hooking a front face lock momentarily. While Inoue surely looked to finish things as soon as possible, Tanamura would show great valor in not just surviving Inoue's increasingly tight submission, but countering with a release Northern Light Suplex for the escape! With the fans wildly excited, Inoue hastily scrambled to his feet -- INTO TO WALK INTO A BEAUTIFUL DROPKICK TO THE FACE FROM TANAMURA! Showing a jump in adrenaline, Tanamura was quick to pull the disoriented Inoue up. While Tanamura tried to deal severe damage with a Backdrop, Inoue would counter with a tight SLEEPER HOLD! Both men struggled back-and-forth to pull off their respective attack... In the end, Inoue would appear to gain the advantage, with his Sleeper hold sinking deeply! With the fans solidly behind the "Gladiator King," Tanamura mustered the strength to grab hold of Inoue's waste before DRIVING HIM INTO THE MAT WITH A BACKDROP! Unfortunately for Tanamura, Inoue retained his grip! The referee was quick to begin checking Tanamura, who was quickly fading... Concerned cries for Tanamura continued to pop from the crowd as it appeared the referee was coming closer and closer to stopping it... Finally, a surge of adrenaline shot through Tanamura's body -- prompting him to get to a standing position! Wrapping his legs around Tanamura's body, Inoue tried to force his opponent back to the mat -- only for Tanamura to stand his ground! After shaking Inoue's legs off, Tanamura plowed forward into the ropes! With Inoue still riding his back, the momentum sent him TUMBLING OVER THE ROPES!!! Not out yet, Inoue held onto the top rope to remain on the apron. There, Inoue once more locked his arms around Tanamura's head with a SLEEPER HOLD! Showing no mercy, Inoue forced Tanamura over the ropes, with Inoue applying the sleeper on the ring apron! With the fans erupting in commotion, Inoue begun trying to swing Tanamura's body off the apron. However, the "Gladiator King" defended with everything he had -- and eventually broke Inoue's grip! Now, with both men scrambling on the ring apron, the two traded shots back-and-forth! After some distance, the two simultaneously fired off dueling high kicks -- WITH BOTH BLOWS LANDING! Seeing the other momentarily staggered, both men once more charged at the other, KICKING EACH OTHER IN THE FACE -- KNOCKING EACH OTHER OFF THE APRON, ELIMINATING BOTH MEN!

The fans ROARED as both team captains found themselves eliminated from this match! Regardless, T.A.P. now had the 2-on-1 advantage against the lone member of ARMADA: Harumi Sakai. With the fans sympathetically rallying behind Sakai, Shuji Kido and Takumi Amano made frequent tags to keep the isolated Sakai on his toes. Despite earning some boos for his affiliation, Kido impressed the fans with his finesse and skill. Eventually however, Kido and Amano would have a critical miscommunication after Sakai narrowly avoided a running high kick from Kido -- inadvertently causing him to knock Amano off the apron to force his elimination!

What started with eight was now two as Harumi Sakai met Shuji Kido in the final showdown. Holding nothing back, both men lit the other up with hearty forearms and kicks. Putting on a pace that would impress a long-distance sprinter, both men greatly impressed the crowd with their effort and determination. Kido looked incredibly strong after knocking Sakai to the mat with a series of kicks to the body. Using his grappling skills, Kido would fold Sakai in half with a German Suplex, followed by a Dragon Suplex hold -- prompting the referee to count... One... TWO... THR-2.5! After going back to the Full Nelson, Kido tried once more for a Dragon Suplex. However as Sakai struggled, Kido called an audibly by taking Sakai back to the ground with a Wakigatame! However, before he could properly apply the hold; Sakai rolled through before sweeping Kido onto his back! With his weight laterally pressed on top of Kido's upper body, Sakai delivered two short punches to the body -- forcing Kido to momentarily release his grip long enough for Sakai to grab hold of Kido's left wrist... In one solid motion, Sakai suddenly used all of his strength to break what was left of Kido's grasp. With nothing in the way, Sakai WRENCHED KIDO'S ARM -- PULLING HIS WRIST AND ARM UP TOWARDS HIS SHOULDER BLADES! Forcing serious injury, KIDO VERBALLY SUBMITTED TO END THE MATCH!!!

Match #8: Until Final Elimination, No Time Limit
Road to KANFES 2015 Special Full Confrontation Elimination Match
Hybrid Corps ARMADA versus Total Attack Pro-Wrestling
× Kenji Tanamura
Harumi Sakai
× Yusaku Kitajima
× Yukio Kisanuki
(21:05 - Chickenwing Armlock)
Ryo Inoue ×
Takumi Amano ×
Shuji Kido
Daichi Kurumada ×
Fall Progression:

Yusaku Kitajima (1:01 - Jujigatame) Ryo Inoue
Kenji Tanamura (1:43 - TKO) Daichi Kurumada
Yukio Kisanuki (8:30 - Rear Naked Choke) Takumi Amano
Kenji Tanamura (13:04 - Over The Top Rope) Ryo Inoue
Harumi Sakai (16:26 - Over The Top Rope) Takumi Amano
Harumi Sakai (21:05 - Chickenwing Armlock) Shuji Kido

Deafening chants of "AR-MA-DA!" roared through out Korakuen Hall as the three other ARMADA members hit the ring to tend to Sakai. Choosing to not stick around long enough to witness ARMADA's celebration, Inoue personally lifted Kido over his shoulder and carried him towards the back -- but not before shooting a seething look back towards the jubilant victors.

Closing the final show out before 5/31, all four members of ARMADA spoke one-by-one; allowing each member to send a special message to the crowd. To the surprise of everyone, YUICHI MIWA appeared in-ring for the first time since being injured at the hands of Takumi Amano on 4/17. Still wearing a bandage over his eye, Miwa emphatically announced that his in-ring return would take place on 5/31, and challenged Takumi Amano and the remaining T.A.P. members to face him and ARMADA as a precursor to the ultimate showdown between Kenji Tanamura and Ryo Inoue.

Speaking in length, Tanamura admitted that while it's a common thing to say in wrestling, the toughest match of his career was right in front of him come 5/31. Speaking on Ryo Inoue's legacy, Tanamura reminded fans of his historic victory over Kazuma Fujita in front of 45,000+ fans at the Osaka Dome, along with additional victories in the past over the likes of Tetsuhisa NAKAI, and even foreign legends such as Jason Ramsey. While tonight was a pivotal victory for ARMADA, Tanamura suspected that Inoue was limiting himself based on strategic measures. Though in a scary admission, Tanamura theorized that Ryo Inoue at 50% still gave him a difficult challenge... "HOWEVER...!" Tanamura exclaimed, "...After tonight -- after witnessing Sakai-kun earn this win for us... I cannot lose on 5/31. It's an impossibility."

May 25, 2015
Tokyo - Korakuen Hall
1,995 Fans (Super No Vacancy Full House)
1. 3WAY Match: Yusuke Kishimoto beat Ryo Nozawa and Maleko Momoa (6:04) when he used a Japanese Leg Roll Clutch on Nozawa.
2. Kohei Obata & Hajime Kon beat Yutaka Awano & Kappei Nakao (6:35) when Obata used the Lock Kohei on Nakao.
3. Kazuki Sendo & SS Star beat ATSUKA & Yoshihiro Shimoda (11:18) when Star used the Cosmic Big Bang on ATSUKA.
4. Special Tag Match: Hiroaki Nakata & Ryuugo Nagashima beat Manabe Tsuji [FREE] & RYUJI [FREE] (12:59) when Nagashima used the R-Bracer on RYUJI.
5. Road to KANFES 2015 Special 6-Man Tag Match: Jet Jaguar, Hayato Saigo & GALLEON beat Kyoto Okazaki, Wataru Yamada & Keisuke Rongai (13:20) when Jaguar used the Jaguar Special on Rongai.
6. Road to KANFES 2015 Special 6-Man Tag Match: Genji Yamato, Kazuma Fujita & Tetsuhisa NAKAI beat Tsutomu Nishioka, James Goodwin Jr. & "BIG" Jon Goodwin (14:24) when NAKAI used the MAX BULLET on Nishioka.
7. Road to KANFES 2015 Special Tag Match: Naoki Fukuda & Riki Ichiro vs. Norihiro Akashi & Mamoru Sekishima (30:00) went to a time limit draw.
8. Road to KANFES 2015 Special Full Confrontation Elimination Match ~ ARMADA versus Total Attack Pro-Wrestling: Kenji Tanamura, Harumi Sakai, Yusaku Kitajima & Yukio Kisanuki beat Ryo Inoue [T.A.P.], Shuji Kido [T.A.P.], Takumi Amano [T.A.P.] & Daichi Kurumada [T.A.P.] (21:05) when Sakai used a chickenwing armlock on Kido. Eliminations: Inoue eliminated Kitajima (1:01) with a cross armbreaker. Tanamura eliminated Kurumada (1:43) by referee stoppage. Amano eliminated Kisanuki (8:30) with a sleeper hold. Tanamura and Inoue eliminated each other (13:04) after falling over the top rope. Sakai eliminated Amano (16:26) after throwing him over the top rope. Sakai eliminated Kido (21:05) with a chickenwing armlock.

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