Tuesday, February 24, 1970


Real Name: Kazuki Sendo
Nickname: "Clutch Hitter"
Birthplace: Kashiwara, Osaka
Birthdate: August 03, 1986
Theme Music: "Hanshin Tigers no Uta" (Theme of Hanshin Tigers)
Weight: 87kg (192lbs)
Height: 177cm (5'10")
Debut: February 02, 2008 (w/ Kyoto Okazaki & Manabe Tsuji vs. Kenichiro Hujikawa, Norihiro Akashi & Keichi Ito)

Physical Appearance: Sendo's body is tan, and very shredded, showing the body of a true athlete. He has medium length blond hair, typically stylized with an array of hair spray and mousse. While mostly clean shaven, Kazuki has some chin scruff.

Ring Costume: Sendo wears slick red trunks with black and gray graffitti designs, in addition to red knee pads and matching short boots.

Title History:

* None

Tournament History:

* None

Trademark Moves

* Nice Hit! (Running knee to a seated opponent.)
* 322 Clutch (Arm-trapped Gannosuke Clutch.)
* Clutch Tope (Graceful no-touch tope over the top rope.)

Biography: Before entering pro-wrestling, Sendo was a star baseball player on the college level. However, an untimely rotator cuff injury forced Sendo to miss his final year at Osaka University. After properly healing, Sendo entered the Kazuma Fujita Dojo in a big coup for the gym, before debuting in February of 2008. Sendo would endure the trials most rookies do, but never gave. Sendo had the opportunity to stand out as one of the few juniors upon KJPW's inception in 2013. However, Sendo struggled with the new influx of talent, showing cracks in his beaming personality for the first time. Sendo began teasing a heel turn towards the end of 2013, before pulling the trigger in 2014. Since then, Sendo has continued to discover his "rudo" ways during KJPW's downtime on the independent scene, and formed a team with senpai and former FURY star S☆S Star. Together, the two proved to be a rather unpopular, but successful heel tandem. The two enter KJPW as allies for fellow rudos KyouHonGan, serving as provisionary members.