Tuesday, February 24, 1970


Real Name: Mamoru Sekishima (関嶋衛)
Nickname: "Greco Superman," "Destructive Power," "Japanese Pro-Wrestling's Last Hope"
Birthplace: Suma-ku, Hyogo Prefecture
Birthdate: February 10, 1987
Theme Music: "Assault"
Weight: 120kg (266lbs)
Height: 198cm (6'6")
Debut: July 06, 2009 (vs. Kazuma Fujita)

Physical Appearance: Mamoru is very tall by Japanese standards, as even someone 6'4"/193cm is considered freakishly above average. His body is thick, but muscular having finally grown into his frame.

Ring Costume: Mamoru wears black trunks with a faux-leather material. Tribal/flame designs decorate the sides in yellow, gold, and orange The back clearly reads "GRECO" in bold lettering. The rest of his gear is rather traditional, wearing black kneepads and boots with gold trim. Coming to the ring, he sports a long, sleeveless jacket with similar stylings.

Title History:

* HEC Heavyweight Title
- Naoki Fukuda (2015/05/31) /

Tournament History:

* None 

Trademark Moves

* Canadian Backbreaker
* Running Senton
* Hi-High Bomb (High-Angle Rydeen Bomb)
* Rocky Buster (Sitout Reverse Powerslam)
* Knee Kick
* Backdrop hold
* Greco Bomb (Gutwrench High-Lift Powerbomb)

Biography: Due to his abnormal size and power, Mamoru Sekishima was a touted prospect from the moment he entered high school. His strength, combined with impressive athleticism mad him a killer threat on the mat. However, despite his success, Mamoru had no plans to go to college, and instead wanted to haphazardly pursue a childhood dream of being a pro-wrestler.

Mamoru began writing letters to Kazuma Fujita during high school, asking to join Fujita's dojo. Fujita had considered taking Mamoru on due to his size, but took notice of his amatuer wrestling results during Mamoru's first year. In his third year of high school, Fujita responded personally to Mamoru's letter, encouraging him to finish his compulsory education and attend a University. Despite not being what Mamoru wanted to hear, he applied to Keio University in Tokyo, and would eventually graduate with a Professional Degree in Law.

While maintaining his studies, Sekishima also continued honing his mat skills by winning the All-Asian Greco Roman Championship in the Super Heavyweight class. Mamoru became a very well-known figure by this point, and had garnered a lot of attention from several kakutougi and kickboxing organizations. But to the shock of most people in Japan, Sekishima would turn down several lucrative deals, and an invitation to the 2012 Olympic qualifiers, to enter Kazuma Fujita's dojo and begin his formal training. He debuted in mid 2009, facing the man he had personally written all of those letters to: Kazuma Fujita.

Year 1 of KJPW saw Sekishima branching out in a tag team with fellow FURY dojo upstart Tetsuji Kawamura. Embracing their love for heavy metal and kaiju films, the two developed the team of MONSTER HEAD DUO. The two gained a very popular following from fans, but failed to make any waves in the rankings. Fate took Mamoru in a surprising direction in 2015 however as Tetsuji Kawamura's contract was not renewed, forcing Sekishima to break out as a singles wrestler once more. Hoping to land a big match for KJPW's 2014 return, Sekishima appealed to former senpai and FURY star Tetsuhisa NAKAI, who agreed to be Mamoru's partner in a semi-main event tag bout against Naoki Fukuda and Riki Ichiro. To the shock of many, Mamoru sunk Ichiro to pick up the biggest win of his career After the match, Sekishima staked a claim in KJPW's main event scene.

On the historic 2015/05/31 KANSAI PRO-WRESTLING FESTIVAL, Sekishima reached the pinnacle of Japanese Pro-Wrestling after defeating Naoki Fukuda in a thrilling bout to capture the HEC Heavyweight Championship, along with title of KJPW's "Ace."