Tuesday, February 24, 1970


Real Name: Yujiro Higuchi
Nickname: "Nagoya Tower"
Birthplace: Chikusa, Nagoya
Birthdate: January 28, 1981
Theme Music:"Sarutobi"
Weight: 121kg (267lbs)
Height: 194cm (6'4")
Debut: 2003 (vs. Razan Toyota)

Physical Appearance: Yujiro is tall for a Japanese person, along with carrying added size and muscle not often seen with Japanese men of his stature. Yujiro's facial features are plain, aside from a short goatee to go with his short black hair.

Ring Costume: Yujiro is a no-nonsense wrestler, wearing short black trunks with matching kene pads and boots.

Title History:

* PWC Tag Team Titles
- (w/ Tatsumichi Akamatsu) Seiji Ebisawa & Katsumi Gakusha (09/05/2009) /

Tournament History:

* None Won 

Trademark Moves:

* Double Gauge  (Sitout Neck Hanging Tree Slam)
* Big Boot (Leaping boot to the face)
* Chokeslam
* Powerbomb

Biography: Possessing incredible size and strength, Yujiro Higuchi made for a perfect prospect to enter pro-wrestling, resulting in widely-respected instructor Ryo Suzuki recruiting him for his dojo. In 2003, Yujiro made Pro-Wrestling BETA, along with its promotional successor CRIMSON, his main battleground, teaming with Razan (Akuma) Toyota. After forming a seemingly promising team; which included fruitful excursions to the United States, the two had a bitter split that resulted in Yujiro's exile from CRIMSON.

Yujiro eventually rebuilt himself under the tutelage of Pro-Wrestling DYNAMITE's Tatsumichi Akamatsu, and emerged as a top level star for the company. Along with Akamatsu, Yujiro formed a powerful tag team with Riki Ichiro, which continues in KJPW today.

While sometimes labeled as an underachiever, Yujiro Higuchi is a dangerous opponent capable of staggering any foe. While lacking the finesse of some wrestlers, Yujiro attacks with an uncanny aggression not seen by most wrestlers his size.