Tuesday, February 24, 1970


Real Name: Yutaka Awano 
Nickname: "Youjin" (Common Man)
Birthplace: Habikino, Osaka
Birthdate: December 19, 1985
Theme Music: "Iron Eagle" by King Kobra
Weight: 107kg (238lbs)
Height: 180cm (5'11")
Debut: January 24, 2013 (vs. Yukio Kisanuki)

Physical Appearance: While still in shape, Awano has a bulkier physique than most -- possibly to play up his "Youjin" persona. His dark brown hair is slicked back, forming something of an Iron Perm.

Ring Costume: Awano wears plain dark blue trunks and matching knee pads, in addition to plain black boots with white laces.

Title History:

* None

Tournament History:

* None

Trademark Moves:

* Lariat
* Backdrop
* Camel Clutch
* Diving Body press

Biography: Prior to joining the Kazuma Fujita dojo in late 2012, Awano studied architecture at prestigious Tokyo University before having to withdraw after a year due to personal reasons. After joining a community college in Osaka, Awano revisited his high school days by joining the amatuer wrestling team, where he excelled at a regional level. During the off-season, Awano was very active in the school's Pro-Wrestling club, which gathered and essentially put on shows in makeshift rings and sometimes on gym mats. Awano's participation gained him a high level of popularity on campus and in the local Habikino area. After graduating, Awano decided to pursue the real thing, and joined Kazuma Fujita's school.

Having a natural charisma and charm, he took to the showman side of pro-wrestling quickly. Within six months of his debut, Awano began projecting more of a "common man" persona, allowing him to play up his "plain" face by using his wit and charisma. While Awano still struggles in the ring, he has become a popular fixture on variety shows due to his unique personality.