Tuesday, February 24, 1970


Real Name: Yuichi Miwa (三輪由一)
Nickname: "The Berserker"
Birthplace: Sakai, Osaka
Birthdate: January 20, 1983
Theme Music: "FORCES" (God Hand Mix) by Susumu Hirasawa
Weight: 98kg (217lbs)
Height: 185cm (6'1")
Debut: October 17, 2003 (vs. Kazuyoshi Shiba)

Physical Appearance: Now in his 30's, Miwa isn't quite at the physical peak he was in his 20's, but he still sports a proud athletic physique; albeit with a little added weight. Miwa's hair is cut short, and combed to the side to go along with his clean-shaven face.

Ring Costume: Miwa wears short black trunks with "MIWA" written on the front-right side in cursive, white font. On the back of Miwa's trunks, he has three golden rings in a triangle pattern, representing his surname, which literally means "three rings." In addition to white wrist tape, Miwa wears knee pads and feet guards matching his trunks. During entrances, his fashions a logo tee, with a black towel draped over his head.

Title History:

 * UCC Openweight Title
- NEO-MAN (04/ 09/2007) /

* OLYMPUS-FS Middleweight Title
- Shane Jackson (05/06/2007) /

Tournament History:

* The World's Strongest Tournament (FUJP - 2007): Yuichi Miwa beat NEO-MAN (11:42) by KO with a knee

Trademark Moves:

* Berserker Knee (Powerful leaping knee to a kneeling/crouched opponent.)
* Cross heel hold
* German Suplex hold

Biography: Yuichi Miwa was a student of kakutougi from a young age, specializing in amateur wrestling and kickboxing. Miwa competed in amateur kickboxing bouts during his youth, but would ultimately pursue a childhood dream of becoming a pro-wrestler. Miwa applied, and was accepted to Kazuma Fujita's dojo in Osaka, being a natural physical candidate. He would be apart of a special class of Fujita's students to be partially trained in the United States. Upon debuting in his native Japan, he was already a polished wrestler when he joined most of his classmates in Pro-Wrestling FURY.

Miwa aligned himself with Kenji Tanamura during these days, becoming one of Tanamura's first disciples. Tanamura instilled further discipline and instruction on the already hardened Miwa, who would become incredibly loyal to Tanamura. So much so, that he would follow him to his return to the MMA ring in 2007 when the two signed with the OLYMPUS Fighting Summit. Miwa thrived in the environment, best known for his series of thrilling fights with Hiroyuki "NEO-PUNK" Asano, which would lead to him capturing the OLYMPUS-FS Middleweight Crown from American Shane Jackson. Despite OFS later ceasing activities, Miwa would continue sporadic MMA activity over the year, before confirming his retirement from the sport in early 2012.

Like his mentor, Miwa made the return to pro-wrestling upon KJPW's inception, and now hopes to use all of the tools he's garnered over his career to bring him, and Kenji Tanamura's ARMADA to brand new heights.