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[Results] 2013.04.21 @ KBS Hall

* One night after visiting neighboring Osaka, KJPW brought its road to 4/28's "THE NEW WORLD" iPPV to Kyoto in front of a healthy crowd. As they will continue to do so through out the series, HEC Heavyweight Champion TAKU and Norihiro Akashi -- The Dream Catcher -- faced off in the main event in another preliminary skirmish before their fated 4/28 Title Match. Teaming with Kyoto native Masafuji Yoshida, KJPW's Ace look to avenge the indirect defeat he suffered to Akashi and SPIRIT International the night prior. However, it wouldn't be a simple task as Akashi the big and powerful foreign enforcer of SPIRIT International -- Sean King -- to back him up.

The match itself saw Akashi and TAKU lightly engage one another. Playing head games however, Akashi strategically drew TAKU out through out the match to stay one step ahead of the HEC Champion -- often giving Sean King the chance to blindside TAKU. Working over popular local Masafuji Yoshida, Akashi further displayed crisp groundwork while exuding charisma and confidence. Naturally, The Dream Catcher's arrogance would come back to haunt him after failing to get the 129kg Yoshida up for a German Suplex, only for the Nise Sumo to counter with a hip throw! The local fans went wild for Yoshida's offense -- only to be disappointed after Akashi caught Yoshida directly in the back of the brain with a high-jumping dropkick! This was merely the precursor, as Akashi soon had Yoshida trapped in the same painful submission he unveiled the night before in Osaka -- the Nightmare Cascade! The torturous hammerlock/crossface hold forced the Kyoto native to submit within moments -- giving The Dream Catcher another indirect win over the HEC Heavyweight Champion!

Champion and Challenger had a brief face off to close the show. No words were exchanged, but Akashi made it clear that he was coming for TAKU's Championship before leaving the ring. After two encounters with The Dream Catcher, TAKU acknowledged the threat Akashi poses to his crown. Hoisting the belt high into the air for all to see, TAKU said he was the measuring stick to which all wrestlers were compared to. On 4/28, TAKU vowed to show The Dream Catcher the essence of the World's Strongest.

* In something of an upset, the unlikely team of Go Taniguchi, Yujiro Higuchi, and James Goodwin Jr. and "BIG" Jon Goodwin of Double Goodwin defeated Naoki Fukuda, Riki Ichiro, and Mamoru Sekishima & Tetsuji Kawamura of MONSTER HEAD DUO in a high-spurt semi final. Fukuda and company looked to have the match won as Sekishima and Kawamura isolated "BIG" Jon. One mistake however allowed Jon to tag out to his older brother James, who would devastate MHD's Tetsuji Kawamura with the Power Collapse Powerbomb for the victory!

After the match, Double Goodwin taunted their second round opponents in the HEC Tag Team Title Tournament, Naoki Fukuda and Riki Fukuda. Full of unfocused intensity, "BIG" Jon promised to decimate Naoki and Riki in rather graphic language. Showing no fear, Naoki responded in fluent English, "C'mon! BIG MAN!" James managed to reign his younger brother in before making their retreat.

* With the assist of his ward Yuichi Miwa, Kenji Tanamura's ARMADA defeated the Seiji Ebisawa-led SPIRIT International trio in something of a preview for tomorrow's second-round HEC Tag Team Title Tournament match. The match had plenty give-and-take; with all six men getting a chance to shine. The fans naturally were highly into the interactions between Tanamura and Ebisawa. However, it was Miwa and Gakusha respectively who stood out against one another. The two took pleasure in showing the other up. While having the experience edge, Gakusha let his guard down just long enough to taste Miwa's Berserker Knee -- giving ARMADA the victory!

Embarrassed, Gakusha brazenly vowed he and Ebisawa would easily beat Tanamura and Miwa tomorrow. Miwa fired back, saying SPIRIT International has a 0% change of winning, and declared them to be no match for "The Gladiator" and "The Berserker."

* Kazuma Fujita led Kazuki Sendo and Shinji Uchikawa of the rookie class against Harumi Sakai and Uchikawa's rookie contemporaries, Yutaka Awano and Yukio Kisanuki. Fujita largely kept out of the match, as to allow the younger wrestlers to take stage. Though he playfully laid into Awano with knife-edge chops. In the end, Kazuki Sendo struck Awano with a lightning-fast thrust kick to put the rookie down for the count!

* Repeating his actions from last night, Chikao Kessin opened the night soundly beating a rookie -- this time Tsutomu Nishioka. Now wearing all black, Kessin only needed less than three-minutes to put Nishioka away. In that time however, Kessin devastated the young boy with clubbing strikes and cratering suplexes -- as demonstrated by the match ending Sekai Ichi no Backdrop.

Never being one for microphone appeals, Kessin oddly spoke afterwards. He claimed to be out for himself for the first time, saying he was now the "Big Boss."

April 21, 2013
Kyoto - KBS Hall

802 Fans (No Vacancy)
1. Chikao Kessin beat Tsutomu Nishioka (2:33) with the Sekai Ichi no Backdrop.
2. Kazuma Fujita, Kazuki Sendo & Shinji Uchikawa beat Harumi Sakai, Yutaka Awano & Yukio Kisanuki (11:41) when Sendo used a thrust kick on Awano.
3. ARMADA vs. SPIRIT Inter: Kenji Tanamura, Yuichi Miwa & Yusaku Kitajima beat Seiji Ebisawa [SI], Katsumi Gakusha [SI] & Shino Hiriyama [SI] (18:52) when Miwa used the Berserker Knee on Gakusha.
4. Go Taniguchi, Yujiro Higuchi, James Goodwin Jr. & "BIG" Jon Goodwin beat Naoki Fukuda, Riki Ichiro, Mamoru Sekishima & Tetsuji Kawamura (14:01) when James used the Power Collapse on Kawamura.
5. HEC Heavyweight Title Skirmish: "Dream Catcher" Norihiro Akashi [SI] & Sean King [SI] beat TAKU & Masafuji Yoshida (20:47) when Akashi used the Nightmare Cascade on Yoshida.

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