Saturday, May 9, 2015

[Results] "Road to KANFES 2015," 2015/05/09 @ Korakuen Hall

* Prior to the broadcast opening, two junior heavyweights made their debut before the sell-out Korakuen Hall crowd. Ryo Nozawa, dressed in turquoise trunks and black boots, took on fellow KJPW dojo rookie Kappei Nakao, himself in plain green trunks & kneepads, with black amateur wrestling shoes. Nozawa, from a gymnastics background, was more flash than not, whereas Nakao has credentials in judo, karate and amateur wrestling, so his style was kept on the ground with hard strikes more often than not. It was back and forth for the allotted ten minutes, but neither could put the other away. A time-limit draw was declared, both men showing respect after the match.

* The first broadcast match of the night began with "Billboard" by S-Type, the entrance song of "Technique Savage" Harumi Sakai, in an orange silk robe, leading out a largely Hybrid Corps ARMADA team of himself, Yusaku Kitajima & Yukio Kisanuki, joined by Yutaka Awano of the KJPW Seikigun, all of whom got warm greetings from the Korakuen crowd. Their opponents entering to "Moar Ghosts 'n' Stuff" by deadmau5, Genji Yamato's FIGHTING LOVE! students got great reaction as well from the audience. Led by the "Prince of FIGHTING LOVE!" Kohei Obata were "Young Noble" Hajime Kon (who fell to a Kimura lock by Kishimoto at KING × KING), Yusuke Kishimoto and Hawaiian prodigy Maleko Momoa. Introductions were made, and the opening gong was rung.

The match went at a very fast pace, suiting the juniors involved quite well. Standout matchups included Kisanuki vs. Momoa, Kitajima vs. Kon, and one very exciting sequence between Obata and Sakai, that nearly ended in victory for Yamato's acolytes when Sakai just barely reached the ropes from Obata's "Lock Kohei" crossface STF variant. For his part, Hajime Kon seemed to handle Kisanuki better this time out than at KING × KING, not getting gripped on by the ARMADA submission specialist as easily. Yusuke Kishimoto seemed a little out of his depth when dealing with the hard strikes of the ARMADA members. Ultimately, however, it would be Momoa that fell to Kisanuki, debuting a Firebird Splash on the youngster for the three-count. Once more, respect was shown post-match, and everyone was applauded for their efforts.

* The growing rivalry between KJPW's Jr. Seikigun and the villainous Kyou Hon Gan took stage in the following match as ATSUKA, Yoshihiro Shimoda, and Hayato Saigo met Kyoto Okazaki, Kazuki Sendo, and SS Star. The Seikigun trio received a big ovation from the Korakuen fans, led by the most seasoned member of the team, the "Limitless Punk" ATSUKA! By comparison, Kyou Hon Gan were met with loud boos -- likely to their preference. The three appeared wearing brand new apparel sporting the "KHG" letters in gritty, red English letters. SS Star seemed to receive a good portion of the jeers himself due to his over-the-top Visual Kei inspired performance. Before the match got underway, Okazaki took the microphone and taunted the three seikigun members, calling them "tired throwbacks." He pointed out Sendo and Star as the future -- along with HOT LIMIT themselves. This garnered a huge chorus of boos from the crowd, and became even more intense as the two stood forward and struck pretentious poses... In response, ATSUKA said that they were all hopeless if they were the future. ATSUKA elicited laughs as he poked fun at Star's costume and hair styles, saying "Visual Kei died along with Hide," in reference to the late X Japan leading man. Things quickly deteriorated, leading to an all-out brawl to start the match.

The heels were quick to seize control after disposing of ATSUKA and Yoshihiro Shimoda. The three beat Hayato Saigo with clubbing blows across the back, before unanimously planting one boot across his back and cheerleading uproariously. Something resembling order was soon established, as KHG continued to pick apart Saigo. Okazaki took ample shots at both ATSUKA and Shimoda, further leading to Saigo's further isolation. The crowd took the psychological bait as chants of "SA-I-GO!" bubbled throughout Korakuen, before reaching a boiling point. Feeding off the energy, Saigo found an opening after countering Star's shoulder throw with a precise Axe Kick to the back of his head! This allowed Saigo to tag in Yoshihiro Shimoda, who used the top rope to launch himself into the ring -- catching the stunned SS Star with a swandive missile kick! Now was the Seikigun's time to deliver revenge, as ATSUKA and Saigo cleared Okazaki and Sendo from the ring apron. The three collectively landed dropkicks, along with a series of moves ending with a brutal soccer kick to the chest from Shimoda!

After getting tagged in, ATSUKA took great pleasure in pulling out a good portion of Star's red hair extensions... However, ATSUKA took perhaps too much time to indulge in his opponent's humiliation, allowing Star to land a timely thumb to the eye -- followed by the tag to Kyoto Okazaki, who delivered a great insult to ATSUKA in the form of his powerful Punk Dropkick -- sending ATSUKA FLYING into the corner violently! After briefly mocking the fallen ATSUKA, "The Outlaw" pulled him up -- setting up the Otokogoroshi. However, ATSUKA came to life as Okazaki raised him overhead! After sliding down Okazaki's back, ATSUKA kicked his legs out from under him, before racing off the ropes and paying back the favor by using Okazaki's very own Perfect Dark Sliding Kenka Kick! After getting a two-count pin attempt, ATSUKA tagged out to Saigo, who amazed the Korakuen fans with a flashy Running Shooting Star press!

Quickly, Saigo tried finishing Okazaki with a deadly Brainbuster. Living up to his newest nickname of "The Worst One" however, Okazaki cut Saigo off with a rake of the eyes -- followed by an Inverted Atomic Drop! This further set Saigo up as Okazaki pulled the trigger on his Colt Python Jumping Kenka Kick to the chest! Signaling to his KHG cohorts, Okazaki watched on as Sendo and Star knocked ATSUKA and Shimoda from the apron before following to the outside. With Saigo prone, Okazaki ascended to the top, where he performed his patented Moonsault press... ONLY TO LAND SQUARELY ON SAIGO'S RAISED FEET! The painful counter had the Korakuen fans unusually sympathizing with Okazaki who shambled around the ring doubled over... Saigo wasted no time in capitalizing by hooking Okazaki's arm and cradling him with a modified small package hold -- the MATSUKASA -- to score the flash three count!

Okazaki protested the result, insisting he had kicked out at specifically 2.8. When he could no longer stand on that flimsy excuse, he simply resorted to blaming Sendo and SS Star... Not letting Okazaki off easy, Hayato Saigo took the microphone and issued a challenge for his AALL Intercontinental Welterweight Title as a result of his direct pinfall over the champion. Okazaki attempted to refute the challenge, citing a long list of challengers appointed by the AALL Championship Commission. However after further provocation, Saigo secured the title bout from Okazaki -- with the date and site yet to be determined.

* In a rematch from KING × KING, the former UPRISER'Z Hiroaki Nakata, Manabe Tsuji & RYUJI give a second try against the Dark Triad, despite the problems last match that saw Nakata eat the pin. A familiar song, "Star of 666" by Vampires Everywhere, cued up in Korakuen. This time, however, the Dark Triad have a different third member. "BIG BOSS" Chikao Kessin is now at EXODUS in the USA, so the third member of Dark Triad is the new, villainous version of Tsutomu Nishioka! "Mr. Hard Body" led out Double Goodwin, "BIG" Jon Goodwin & James Goodwin Jr., the Shin Dark Triad getting rousing heat from the crowd that they just soaked up.

Manabe Tsuji and James Jr. started the match with a collar and elbow tie-up, and all seemed to be going like a normal match... for about thirty seconds. Then, after briefly getting an upper hand on James Jr., backing him into one of the corners, Tsuji scrambled back to his corner and tagged in Nakata! Looking bemused, with a "Not THIS crap again" look, Nakata stepped into the ring, showing good against James Jr. before "Mr. Hard Body" was tagged in. This didn't work out QUITE as well for Shin Dark Triad, as strength alone couldn't save Nishioka, Nakata laying into him with a furious Dokkan. This sent Nishioka back for Jon Goodwin. Nakata having had enough for a moment, tagged in RYUJI, but then RYUJI immediately tagged in Tsuji, who THEN tagged in Nakata once more!

Nakata is furious by this point, but he goes in against Jon Goodwin, taking it to him with chops and kicks, both, before unleashing another Dokkan against the "BIG" man. This wears Jon down to where a wakigatame is possible, and he does so, before Nishioka breaks it! Tagging in Nishioka officially, Jon steps out, but Nakata doesn't lose a step, getting "Mr. Hard Body" in a bridging Dragon Suplex! ONE! TWO! Kick out!

Nishioka still woozy, Nakata tries his luck with his prone opponent, running up for a ZANZAI but James Jr. BLASTS him with a lariat!! Nishioka tries a pin, ONE, TWO, kickout by Nakata! Nakata scrambles to tag in Tsuji, who goes in, SLAPS Mr. Hard Body before getting a HARD chop across the chest for his trouble! Tsuji tries to go for a lariat off the ropes, but gets caught by Nishioka! He lifts up for a Brainbuster, but SQUATS before slamming him down! TSUTOMU BUSTAAAAAAAAA ONE! TWO! RYUJI makes the save!!

RYUJI and Tsuji BRIEFLY show some competence here, double-teaming Nishioka with a double lariat, before leaving the ring together! They're getting out of Dodge! Nakata can't believe what he's seeing! Forced to enter the ring, Nishioka lays him out with a TSUTOMU BUSTAAAAAAA!! Nishioka then tags in James Jr.! TERROR RIIIIIIIIIDE!! James Jr. tags in his brother! BIG JON PICKS UP NAKATA! TO THE ROPES! DIVING BODY PRESS DRIVES NAKATA INTO THE CANVAS! ONE! TWO! THREEEEE!!

The Shin Dark Triad celebrate as they kick Nakata out of the ring! Nakata is helped by ring attendants to the back, for the second match in a row! How much longer can the former UPRISER'Z continue like this?!

* After a brief intermission in the action, "Never Surrender" from LION sounded over the arena, with the Korakuen crowd immediately chanting "FU-JI-TA! FU-JI-TA!" Out stepped the NEW J1
Rikidozan/Neo Japan Pro Wrestling Unified Heavyweight Champion, "Mr. 300%" Kazuma Fujita. Dressed impeccably in a black Armani suit with a red tie, the Double Titles draped over his shoulders, he made his way into the ring, bringing two chairs with him, setting them down in the center of the ring, and seating himself in one of them.

As the crowd quieted down, Fujita began to speak, saying how he still cannot believe this is the waking world, with him as Double Titles Champion, as he'd dreamed of this for so long, it could not possibly be true, yet here it is. Fujita explained how he was so overcome with emotion he cried after receiving the belts that he longed after since beginning his career, having held that in for so long. The crowd applauded that statement. Fujita then asked for his opponent from KING × KING, the head of FIGHTING LOVE! himself, Genji Yamato to enter the Korakuen Hall ring so he can say some things face to face to him. With that, "Climbatize" by The Prodigy began, and out exited Genji Yamato, not as formal as Fujita, wearing a KJPW baseball cap, plain white T-Shirt and blue/white training pants. "I wasn't expecting to have to wear a suit tonight," Yamato said, taking his seat, the crowd laughing.

Fujita, sounding very solemn, first thanked Yamato for "One of the greatest matches in my career," and said he was glad that his knee was not injured after all those dropkicks to it, which Yamato looked sheepish at. Afterwards, Fujita also thanked Yamato for "protecting the titles after Neo Japan, after Japan Puroresu Association... and for doing the honorable thing, signing them over to Kingdom of Japan. You may have considered them a burden, Yamato-sama, but your actions kept them ALIVE. You, of all people, deserve a rematch for these titles, whenever you want it, as long as I hold them!" A full standing ovation for Fujita came after he said that, leaving Yamato wondering how to follow that up.

"Without wanting to belabor the point, Fujita-sama," began Yamato, "Thank you for your kind words. I had one of the greatest matches of my career as well, even if I didn't end up on the winning end. I would accept your offer of a rematch, however..."

The crowd got nervous at this point, as did Fujita, before Yamato continued "...I have grown accustomed to my duties, talking about football, and..." The crowd began chanting Yamato's name. "I have given a lot of thought to this, but..." The crowd got louder... "Right now, I am rededicating myself to puroresu, and to Kingdom of Japan!" The audience cheered loudly at this. "Fujita-sama! It is OUR DUTY to usher in this new era of wrestling! I have already begun on my end, with the FIGHTING LOVE! students! ARE YOU COMMITTED TO BUILDING THE NEXT PHASE, FOR WHEN WE ARE GONE FOR GOOD?!"

Fujita stood, meeting Yamato eye to eye, before giving a resounding "Yes!" that drew thunderous applause from the Korakuen crowd. Fujita and Yamato shook hands, even embraced, as they tried to exit the ring...

...But were interrupted by a voice! "Hey hey hey! Where the Hell do y'all think YOU'RE going?!" Out of the entrance came James Goodwin Jr., followed by his brother "BIG" Jon Goodwin and "Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka. As the Shin Dark Triad entered the ring, Fujita and Yamato got on their guards when "BIG" Jon got in Fujita's face, as Nishioka stood before Yamato, but James Jr. spoke instead. "Now, while you two are here patting yourselves on the back, allow me to remind YOU, FUJITA-SAN, how OUR DADDY beat YOU senseless, and damn near broke YOUR neck!" That got some boos from the crowd, before turning to Yamato. "And YOU, GENJI YA MA TO, while OUR DADDY was tearing all through Japan, YOU were off Who Knows Where doing Who The Hell Cares, because YOU KNEW that he was gonna come for ya sooner or later! NOW, here WE are, and we've got a bit of a family tradition beating down Fujita, but I think we're just gonna have to scalp us another legend while we're at it!"

Tsutomu Nishioka then took the mic, trying to speak in Japanese to Yamato and Fujita what James Jr. had just said, but Yamato swiped it from his hands. "First off, I speak FLUENT English. Second, I HIDE from nobody, and I FEAR nothing. So if you have a challen--"

The Goodwins then SHOVED Fujita and Yamato, respectively! The crowd were shocked by this, but then Fujita and Yamato gave each other knowing glances, before Fujita LAID OUT "BIG" JON WITH A HARD LARIAT! In the confusion, Yamato leapt on his chair, straight at James Jr.! James Jr. ducks, but Yamato hits Nishioka with a thundering DIAMOND BLUE!! The Shin Dark Triad make their escape, James Jr. pulling Nishioka out of the ring, while "BIG" Jon continues mouthing off at Fujita! Fujita and Yamato each raise the other's hands, clasped together, perhaps... in partnership???

* Following the shocking events at KING × KING on April 17th, the team of Jet Jaguar and GALLEON; DREAM HEROES received an opportunity to avenge themselves against the team of HOT LIMIT; the AALL Tag Team Champions Wataru Yamada and Keisuke Rongai! Before the bell could even ring the battle was on; incensed by the actions of HOT LIMIT along with the other members of KyouHonGan Jaguar & GALLEON displayed uncharacteristic behavior by attacking before the bell even rang! The two masked superstars knocked HOT LIMIT out of the ring with stereo dropkicks before following up with stereo dives sending HOT LIMIT crashing into the concrete floor!

After the hot brawling action the pace of the match slowed down as HOT LIMIT attempted to escape the onslaught of their mortal enemies but Jet Jaguar and GALLEON would have none of it; isolating Rongai for several minutes taking out their vengeance with vicious strikes and crunching submission holds. HOT LIMIT displayed their true colors; however, as Jet Jaguar attempted what may have been a flying Jaguar Special only to have Wataru Yamada come up from behind on the apron and kick Jaguar's leg out from under him! Jaguar was sent spiraling out of control; smashing onto the top turnbuckle before falling in a disgusting fashion on the back of his head. Both Rongai & Jaguar reached their feet slowly but Rongai struck first with a VICIOUS Lariat! Seconds later Rongai made the tag to Wataru Yamada and the flow of the match changed dramatically.

HOT LIMIT slowly and methodically worked over Jet Jaguar in their half of the ring; focusing primarily on the back of Jaguar's head and neck area following his nasty spill. Wataru Yamada went for the kill, applying a Triangle Lancer to force the submission from Jet Jaguar only for GALLEON to make the desperation save. GALLEON's save allowed an illegal Rongai to enter the ring and double team on Jet Jaguar for several seconds continuing the brutal punishment on Jet Jaguar. HOT LIMIT continued to press their advantage taking every opportunity the referee accidentally presented to choke, rake, and illegally attack Jaguar.

HOT LIMIT took it one step too far, as Yamada suddenly began to rip on Jet Jaguar's mask much like they did at KING × KING! This caused a fire to ignite under Jet Jaguar's heart as he began to fight back desperately. Rongai ran in to stop Jaguar's comeback only to meet a savate to the solar plexus sending Rongai out of the ring. Yamada attempted to grab Jaguar from behind, only for the Junior superstar to BACKFLIP out of Yamada's grasp and tag in the Lion of Nansei; GALLEON!

GALLEON raced into the fray like a lion tackling its prey with a series of forearms and kicks to Yamada's body. When Yamada attempted to fire back, GALLEON ducked under before hitting a lightning fast German Suplex! Again Rongai attempted to enter the fray only to be met as he came into the ring with a scorching kick directly to the face! With Rongai on the floor, GALLEON bounced off the ropes flying once again with a tope! On the other side of the ring, Yamada had rolled to the floor intending to get respite only to have Jet Jaguar suddenly reemerge with a flying plancha from the top rope! At the same time the DREAM HEROES struck poses to the adoring fans before Yamada was rolled into the ring to the awaiting GALLEON!

As GALLEON sized up Yamada. Jet Jaguar raced around the ring to attack Keisuke Rongai. GALLEON attempted to lift Yamada for the Dividing Driver only to have Yamada squirm out of his grasp and fall behind. With the referee distracted by Jaguar & Rongai's brawl at ringside, Yamada took advantage of the situation with a sickening low blow from behind GALLEON! GALLEON collapsed allowing Yamada to cradle him as the referee turned around but GALLEON kicked out at the 2.9 mark! Yamada lifted GALLEON while signaling for the SS
 Arrow! Yamada grabbed GALLEON for the SS Arrow but in mid lift GALLEON suddenly swung his body around, sending Wataru Yamada and himself crashing into the mat...RIGHT INTO GALLEON'S GRAND PRESSURE SUBMISSION HOLD! Yamada screamed in pain as Rongai attempted to get to his partner but was held back by Jet Jaguar at ringside! Yamada tried to crawl towards the ropes but eventually had no choice but to TAP OUT!

GALLEON released the hold as soon as the bell rang as Jet Jaguar re-entered the ring; and the DREAM HEROES celebrated their victory over their hated enemies! Their celebration was short lived, as Kyoto Okazaki suddenly appeared at ringside. GALLEON and Jaguar turned their attention towards the entrance; expecting a KyouHonGan invasion...ONLY TO BE BLINDSIDED FROM BEHIND BY HOT LIMIT'S CHAIR SHOTS! The DREAM HEROES collapsed and HOT LIMIT went to town smashing their enemies into the ground with sickening chair shots to the back. After several solid blows, HOT LIMIT reached down and once again STOLE THE MASKS OF JET JAGUAR & GALLEON! Seconds with towels hit the ring to cover the heads of Jaguar & GALLEON so that their faces couldn't be exposed. The two villains stood over the bodies of their enemies before striking mocking victorious poses over their now maskless enemies; leaving the ring still wearing Jaguar & GALLEON's precious iconic masks!

* In the night's semifinal, the headmaster of Hybrid Corps ARMADA -- the "Gladiator King" Kenji Tanamura stepped into the KJPW ring to meet the #2 to Ryo Inoue and Total Attack Pro-Wrestling, Takumi Amano. Immediately, a tense feeling of dream drifted over Korakuen Hall. Quickly, two rows of young, stoic men lined the isle way of Korakuen Hall -- all wearing T.A.P. T-shirts. Two flags were then raised, one for Total Attack Pro-Wrestling, and the other for the revered Steel Wind Dojo. Soon, boos and calls flooded the building as the four collective members of Total Attack Pro-Wrestling made their way to ringside, including the feared head trainer of the Steel Wind Dojo, and leader of T.A.P. -- Ryo Inoue, who accompanied the competing Amano to the ring. While T.A.P's arrival garnered boos, Tanamura's entrance was heralded with unanimous cheers. The intensity jumped as both factions found themselves face-to-face in the center of the ring, sending a mad buzz swelling throughout Korakuen Hall! The look of determination Tanamura had on his face was contrasted by the arrogant -- almost evil grin sported by Inoue. This was quickly broken up by Amano, who inserted himself between his mentor and his current opponent, getting nose-to-nose with Tanamura! Having enough finally, Referee Hideki Kajiwara ushered the seconds out of the ring, and called for the start of the contest!

The bout itself started fast and heavy as the bold Takumi Amano showed no fear against the more experienced "Gladiator King" with a barrage of fiery slaps to the face! Tanamura managed to cover his face to avoid any damage taken from a series of oncoming knees from Amano, allowing Tanamura to shoot downward, and quickly sweep Amano off his feet, and onto the mat with a powerful double-leg takedown! Sensing what was coming, Amano quickly blocked a heavy assault of mounted slaps! Amano managed to have his feet wrapped around the bottom rope, prompting Referee Kajiwara to forcibly pull Tanamura off! During the break however, Amano suddenly jumped to his feet, before TAKING TANAMURA DOWN HIMSELF! With the fans -- and even the ringside seconds coming unglued! Both men refused to show any weakness and continued trading top positioning, all while absorbing painful strikes. The fight eventually spilled into the corner, where Amano took advantage of the predicament by unleashing a volley of punches to the body, followed by a heavy knee! This set Tanamura up for a perfectly executed overhead Front Suplex (Belly to Belly). The grappling-savvy Amano effortlessly transitioned into a top position, where he began to work over and manipulate Tanamura's left arm -- possibly aiming for a Chickenwing Armlock. Using his judo credentials, Tanamura defended well, before ultimately escaping to a neutral position!

The pace began to slow somewhat as both men kept their guards up. As the crowd hushed in attention, the voice of Ryo Inoue could clearly be heard giving instruction. Both men displayed slick grappling and submission work. While the aggressor, Amano opened himself up to several counters and opportunities that the more seasoned Tanamura easily exploited. Soon, Amano's frustrations came to a raging climax as ignored the referee's call to break after pinning Tanamura in the corner. There, Amano throw VICIOUS elbows and knees, forcing Tanamura to slump in the corner while doing his best to cover up! Despite the referee's warnings, Amano suddenly grabbed the top rope and began STOMPING AWAY AT TANAMURA'S FACE WITH FORCEFUL KICKS! This not only raised the ire of the crowd, but of T.A.P. leader Ryo Inoue himself, who was visibly angry with Amano's flagrant disregard of the rules. Amano finally relented, having caught a glimpse of his teacher's fiery stare. However as Amano broke away, Tanamura laughed himself from the corner, BLASTING AMANO WITH A RUNNING DROPKICK TO THE FACE! Shooting an equally cold state Inoue's way, Tanamura began BLASTING Amano with hearty elbows as he lied prone in the corner! After stepping away, Tanamura shot Inoue yet another glance, before catching Amano with yet another dropkick, this time with a beautiful delay in airtime!

Even then, Amano still had fight left in him. Despite finding himself on the receiving end of a barrage of attacks -- culminating with a folding Backdrop, Amano would fight back any chance he got. His guts would earn him a level of respect from the Korakuen fans. However, reciprocated their favor by SPITTING towards the crowd, which quickly turned their favor... Ultimately, Tanamura would look to finish Amano after another Backdrop suplex. Signaling for his IKOBE finisher by making a heart-shaped motion with his hands, Tanamura began to secure Amano's arm for the machinegun front sleeper. However, Amano suddenly pulled the go-behind -- BEFORE ATTACKING HIM WITH A PUNCH TO THE GROIN! With the act being blatantly done in front of Referee Kajiwara, the official had no choice but to DISQUALIFY AMANO!

The fans heavily booed the result as the ring flooded with members from both ARMADA and T.A.P. Daichi Kurumada protested the result, while simultaneously threatening Referee Kajiwara in the corner. Their teacher on the other hand had other ideas, as he began BERATING Amano for his actions! Many were confused as Inoue forcibly dragged Amano towards the center of the ring, before THROWING HIM DOWN into a kneeled position -- in front of Tanamura! Taking the microphone, Inoue reprimanded Amano in front of Tanamura, ARMADA, his fellow T.A.P, brothers, and all of Korakuen Hall to see. In the end, Amano was forced with as much sincerity as he could muster to apologize to Tanamura, which more or less seemed to catch the still recovering "Gladiator King." After a moment to process however, Tanamura suddenly shot to his feet, and GRABBED the microphone out of Inoue's hand, getting his -- and everyone else's attention! Full of emotion, Tanamura told Inoue to "save the grandstanding gestures," and ACCEPT HIS CHALLENGE TO A MATCH. Once more showing that smirk, Inoue said that Tanamura was blinded by his selfish desires so much that he would look past Amano's offer of atonement... to the surprise -- and elation of the fans, Inoue ACCEPTED Tanamura's challenge -- citing it as a "make good" for Amano's atonement. Naturally, the match was made for May 31, at Kobe World Memorial Hall! Two of the biggest names in the history of Japanese combat sports will finally face off one-on-one!

* After a hot night of wrestling and developments, the card was capped off with a huge six-man tag featuring six of the top, prime heavyweights in KJPW. The unique trio of Mamoru Sekishima, Norihiro Akashi, and Tetsuhisa NAKAI entered first. NAKAI and Sekishima looked very poised during their arrival, coming off their 4/17 victory over Naoki Fukuda and Riki Ichiro. Norihiro Akashi however trailed behind, seemingly caught in his own world as he was rhythmically moving to Mamoru Sekishima's theme song... Their opponents entered next, led by former HEC Heavyweight Champion, "DAUNTLESS" Naoki Fukuda. Immediately upon entering the ring, Sekishima stood face-to-face with Fukuda -- boldly asserting himself as Fukuda's current obstacle.

With the fans eagerly anticipating this one, the starting match gong was met with a loud round of cheers as Norihiro Akashi and Ryuugo Nagashima started the bout off in a continuation of their 4/17 match. Looking for score early after falling short on 4/17, Nagashima pushed the pace, before eventually lighting Akashi up with a hard forearm. Akashi laughed the shot off, raising Ryuugo's ire. The two had a fiery exchange of shoulder tackles and elbows, ultimately allowing Akashi to tag out to Tetsuhisa NAKAI, who stood face-to-face with a man he had taken under his wing years before in Pro-Wrestling FURY. With a subtle nod of acknowledgment, the two traded blistering chops, with Nagashima showing his vast growth over the years. NAKAI almost appeared proud as Nagashima lit his chest ablaze with knife-edge shots... That was, until he took three consecutive chops from Nagashima. Each shot was louder than the last, causing a rapid succession of nasty echoes throughout Korakuen Hall! After sending NAKAI into the corner, Nagashima capitalized with a jumping elbow attack in the corner, followed with a textbook Brainbuster suplex!

This soon brought in Naoki Fukuda. While quick on the attack, Naoki was unable to prevent NAKAI from breaking away, and tagging out to Naoki's current rival, the 198cm "Greco Superman" -- Mamoru Sekishima! Standing toe-to-toe, neither man backed down. Despite the height difference, the elder Fukuda asserted his rank by quickly grounding Sekishima with a heavy forearm. Fukuda continued to pound away with shots, until Mamoru forcibly POWERED Fukuda off of him! Showing newfound spirit, Sekishima SPEARED Fukuda to the mat before bombarding him with HARD elbows from the mounted position! This ultimately brought in Riki Ichiro and Ryuugo Nagashima, who promptly rescued Fukuda with an assault of kicks and stomps. Order was quickly lost as Akashi and NAKAI returned to the ring, leading to a brief, but wild brawl! Eventually, the illegal participants took their fight to the outside, leaving Mamoru and Naoki once again. The two continued to trade heavy shots, while trying to quickly finish the other with various big attacks. While Naoki failed in executing his Mastodon Buster on the larger Sekishima, Fukuda narrowly avoided disaster by countering Sekishima's "Greco Bomb" with a simple-but-effective shoulder throw!

This allowed Fukuda to tag in Riki Ichiro, who just about exploded in anticipation! After a series of right-left elbows, Ichiro brought Sekishima onto his rear with a snapmare, before delivering a STIFF soccer kick to the chest! The blow only proved to breathe some life into Sekishima, who jumped to his feet and answered with a powerful knife-edge chop! Ichiro tried to fight back, but quickly found himself overwhelmed by Sekishima's machinegun-like chops -- one another! The fans channeled Sekishima's raw emotion, and cheered along with every shot the "Greco Superman" delivered! After whipping Ichiro across the ring, Sekishima followed -- CRUSHING Ichiro with a running knee to the body! This brought in Norihiro Akashi, who was quick to assault the WWA National Heavyweight Champion. With Ichiro prone in the corner, Akashi took his boot against his face before SHAKING RABIDLY, causing great discomfort, irritation, and most importantly -- humiliation! Akashi foolishly took a bow in the center of the ring while soaking up the cheers of the crowd -- opening him up for a fiery comeback LARIAT FROM ICHIRO! The sideways attack sent Akashi falling through the ropes, and onto the floor, with the "Hot-Blooded Samurai" following suite!

Once more, the match broke down to a chaotic fight between all six men -- this time on the Korakuen floor. Ichiro took advantage of fleeing fans by grabbing a chair and SMASHING IT across Akashi's back! Elsewhere, Naoki shockingly showed some ruthless aggression not seen since his "Mastodon" Fukuda days in UPRISER'Z as he began choking Mamoru Sekishima with a television cable! Fukuda aimed for further destruction as he tried to send Mamoru into the steel post -- ONLY FOR SEKISHIMA TO COUNTER, sending Fukuda smashing into the post!! NAKAI and Nagashima found themselves brawling up the isle way, trading shots back and forth.

As the referee's count reached 18, Akashi had managed to turn the tide of his close quarters fight with Ichiro just in time to return to the ring. Landing the first significant move of the match, Akashi connected with a beautiful German Suplex -- only getting a two count. This brought NAKAI back in, who promptly took over where Akashi took off. After pelting him further elbows, NAKAI connected with a Half-Nelson Suplex for yet another two count... Garnering sympathy from the fans, Ichiro eventually dug deep to fight back, landing a POWERFUL counter-lariat as NAKAI fool heartedly came off the ropes! While not flooring NAKAI, the shot clearly wobbled the stout heavyweight! Landing a short-ranged lariat to the back of NAKAI's head, Ichiro came off the ropes for another lariat -- ONLY TO EAT ONE FROM NAKAI HIMSELF! While staggered, Ichiro suddenly let out a mighty roar, before TAKING NAKAI'S OFF WITH A DISCUS LARIAT! While initially failing to make the cover, Ichiro would eventually roll over for the pin attempt -- only to get a two!

Both NAKAI and Ichiro lied motionless for a moment as the fans took the opportunity to breathe. Eventually however, the rabid Korakuen fans began rallying behind BOTH men, with calls of "NA-KA-I!" and "I-CHI-RO!" ringing throughout the building! The two finally came to, before slowly tagging out to Mamoru Sekishima and Naoki Fukuda respectively! Quickly upping the pace once more, Fukuda and Sekishima traded heavy shots once more. However, as Mamoru caught Fukuda's leg, the powerful Sekishima used his strength to throw Fukuda's leg downward, sending Naoki plummeting forward -- STRAIGHT INTO MAMORU'S MAMMOTH KNEE! The shot was harder than ANYTHING seen in the match -- perhaps all night! The fans erupted in shock at the shot, sensing the end could be near! However, while Naoki showed no signs of kicking out, he'd find himself saved by Riki Ichiro's intervention at 2.8! Some brief chaotic fighting would break out in the ring, leading to Akashi and Ichiro finding themselves the legal men. As the other four men continued the fight on the outside, Akashi and Ichiro traded near misses with each other's larger attacks. However, a perfectly-timed headbutt to Akashi's jaw appeared to signal the beginning of the end! Ichiro aimed to finish the "Nightmare Child" once and for all with his Northern Light Bomb... However, as he lifted Akashi up vertically, Ichiro lost his grip -- allowing Akashi to strike with a KNEE to the top of Ichiro's head! After dropping down, Akashi went for the sudden kill, aiming to finish him with his Dream Weaver lariat... Ichiro however DUCKED the oncoming lariat... As he tried to whip Akashi into the ropes as a counter, Akashi in-turn countered, pulling Ichiro inwards! While Riki swung wildly with a lariat of his own, Akashi ducked the shot, setting up another Dream Weaver attempt -- THIS TIME LANDING FLUSH! The violent lariat sent Ichiro landing on the back of his neck, allowing Akashi to collapse on top of his folded body TO GET THE THREE COUNT!

The Korakuen fans met both teams with unanimous cheers afterwards, showing their appreciation for the efforts of all six men. Sporting noticeable swelling on his left eye, Fukuda confronted Sekishima once more. While nothing audibly could be heard, Fukuda took his hand as something of a measuring stick, and placed it above Sekishima's head -- as if to indicate he's not yet there. Showing the perfect response, Sekishima raised both arms as high into the air as he could, garnering a HUGE ovation from the crowd! After Ichiro was taken away from ringside by his teammates, Norihiro Akashi took the house microphone and said that while most people forget about the existence of Ichiro's WWA National Heavyweight Title, HE DID NOT! Making his intentions known, Akashi said that Ichiro's time with the belt had long expired, and it was time for a new "King." Playing to the crowd, Akashi asked, " you want to see this match?' which naturally led to a big reaction. Leaving the ball in Ichiro's court, Akashi attempted to end his challenge with a traditional babyface-style promo, but quickly gave up. Calling Mamoru back into the ring, Akashi handed him the microphone saying, "You seem more suited for this than me..." before taking his leave! In the ring, Mamoru briefly stammered over the microphone, endearing him to some fans. After poking some fun at himself however, Sekishima's shining personality came to the forefront as he closed the show out with a rousing promo, emphasizing how important the weeks leading up to 5/31, and the 5/31 event itself will be. He admitted to having several detractors, including Naoki Fukuda himself! However, Mamoru promised to lead a Youthful Rebellion into KJPW's Kingdom, and overthrow the current, "tired" regime.

"Road to KANFES 2015,"
May 09, 2015 (Samurai! TV)
Tokyo - Korakuen Hall (2,100)
1,910 Fans (Super No Vacancy)
0. Ryo Nozawa/Kappei Nakao Debut Match Ryo Nozawa vs. Kappei Nakao (10:00) went to a time limit draw.
1. Opening Match ~ ARMADA (w/ Y.A.) versus ~FL!~ Special 8-Man Tag: Harumi Sakai, Yusaku Kitajima, Yutaka Awano & Yukio Kisanuki beat Kohei Obata, Hajime Kon, Yusuke Kishimoto & Maleko Momoa (7:21) when Kisanuki used the Firebird Splash on Momoa.
2. Seikigun versus KHG Special 6-Man Tag Match: ATSUKA, Yoshihiro Shimoda & Hayato Saigo beat "The Worst One" Kyoto Okazaki, Kazuki Sendo & SS Star (13:52) when Saigo used a Matsukasa on Okazaki.
3. Special 6-Man Tag Match: "Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka, James Goodwin Jr. & "BIG" Jon Goodwin beat Hiroaki Nakata, Manabe Tsuji [FREE] & RYUJI [FREE] (10:15) when Jon used a diving body press on Nakata.
4. Special Tag Match ~ DREAM HEROES versus HOT LIMIT: Jet Jaguar & GALLEON beat Wataru Yamada & Keisuke Rongai (14:06) when GALLEON used the Grand Pressure on Yamada.
5. Hybrid Corps ARMADA versus Total Attack Puroresu ~ Special Single Match: Kenji Tanamura beat Takumi Amano [T.A.P.] (12:04) by disqualification.
6. Road to KANFES Special 6-Man Tag Match: Mamoru Sekishima, Norihiro Akashi & Tetsuhisa NAKAI beat Naoki Fukuda, Riki Ichiro & Ryuugo Nagashima (25:04) when Akashi used the Dream Weaver on Ichiro.

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