Thursday, February 26, 1970


Real Name: Katsumi Gakusha
Nickname: "Mr. DYNAMIC"
Birthplace: Sakai, Osaka
Birthdate: December 03, 1971
Theme Music: "Beauty & Stupid" by Kuroyume
Weight: 106kg (234lbs)
Height: 183cm (6'0")
Debut: December 31, 1996

Physical Appearance: Gakusha's trademark is bleached blonde hair down to his shoulders with a middle part, his hair having been carefully groomed for years. Gakusha sports a strong bronze tan, and his once athletic physique has given way to spots of flab with age but still in considerable athletic condition.

Ring Costume: No upper body, white wrist tape, blue tights with yellow bolts stringing along the sides.

Title History:

* Jisedai Pro-Wrestling Tag Team Titles (3)
- (w/ Yoshiaki Takagi) Ryushi Suzambo & Seiichi Ozaki(01/12/1998) / Ryushi Suzambo & Seiichi Ozaki (03/05/1998)
- (w/ Seiji Ebisawa) Tetsuo Kasai & Hiroshi Kamata(04/21/1999) / Kazuki Yamane & Masaki Hiroyuki (08/14/2000)
- (w/ Seiji Ebisawa) Kazuki Yamane & Masaki Hiroyuki(8/18/00) / Jin Yoshimatsu & Satoshi Suzambo (07/02/2001)

* IFS Openweight Title (2)
- Data Unavailable  / Hiroyuki Takano (09/07/2007)
- Yoshiaki Matsuda (05/27/2008) / Akuma Toyota (06/22/2008)

* PWC World Tag Team Titles (1)
- (/w Seiji Ebisawa) Makoto Tachibana & Yujiro Higuchi (05/24/2009) / Tatsumichi Akamatsu & Yujiro Higuchi (09/05/2009)

Tournament History:

* None

Trademark Moves:

* Blessful Crusher (Ace Crusher)
* Blessful Bomb (Doctor Bomb)
* Blessful Uppercut (Halfway between a straight uppercut punch and a European Uppercut in form)
* Leaping Piledriver

 Biography: A trainee for small independent promotion Jisedai Puroresu, Katsumi Gakusha was pegged for success early in his career, within two years capturing tag team titles. Gakusha would form a tag team with best friend Seiji Ebisawa that would last until the modern era.

Jisedai collapsed in 2002, resulting in Gakusha along with Seiji Ebisawa, Naoki Daishi & Goro "GORO" Iijima jumping ship to Project:BETA as a faction named Spirit International. Gakusha would stay with BETA until late 2003 when personal issues overwhelmed his life forcing BETA to terminate his contract. Future stays in CRIMSON would have the same result.

Gakusha ended up in the fledgling FREEDOM promotion. Gakusha turned his life around; overcoming personal issues and achieving success as the "Ace" of FREEDOM and later it's offspring DYNAMITE. Gakusha morphed from an also-ran to a legitimate top of the line star, holding the IFS Openweight Championship on two occassions. Gakusha also bested best friend Seiji Ebisawa in DYNAMITE to "escape" his shadow.

Since the closure of DYNAMITE, Gakusha has drifted along without any focus. Gakusha has returned to the big leagues; once again with Seiji Ebisawa as SPIRIT International to take KJPW by storm.