Thursday, February 26, 1970


Real Name: Shino Hiriyama
Nickname: "GOLD & GLAMOUR"
Birthplace: Hino, Tokyo
Birthdate: January 19, 1983
Theme Music:"Love?"
Weight: 95kg (210lbs)
Height: 172cm (5'8"
Debut: Unavailable

Physical Appearance: While short, Shino has a very lean, athletic build to go along with his impressive physical charisma. His body is tan; borderline bronze. While clean shaven, his hair is bleached blond and cut short and spiked.

Ring Costume: Shino wears black shorts with splashes of gold and white graffiti. He wears matching knee pads featuring similar markings, along with slick black boots. Coming to the ring, Shino wears dark sunglasses, along with a specially gifted GOLD Ribera Steakhouse jacket.

Title History:

* IFS Tag Team Titles (1)
- (/w Kazuhiro Okamura) Kyoji Shirasu & Takao Hattori (05/19/2007) / Jun Kobayashi & Masafumi Satake (03/08/2008)

Tournament History:

* Special One Night Tag Tournament (FREEDOM - 11/26/2006): Shino Hiriyama & Kazuhiro Okamura beat Masafumi Satake & Jun Kobayashi

* IFS Tag Team Title Tournament (FREEDOM - 05/19/2007): Shino Hiriyama &  Kazuhiro Okamura beat Kyoji Shirasu & Takao Hattori

* Trifecta Cup 2008 (BATTLEFUSION - 2008): Shino Hiriyama, Kazuhiro Okamura & Shinichi Honda beat Hayato Saigo, Kotaro Ota & Fumihiko Shirai (19:51) when Hiriyama used the Picture Perfect German Suplex hold on Saigo.

Trademark Moves:

* Signature Series (Series of contrived cradles.)
* Picture Perfect German Suplex (High-angle German Suplex. Perfect simply because it is such.)

Biography: With some independent experience under his belt, Shino Hiriyama joined Iwate-based Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON early into his career. Hiriyama excelled as a tag wrestler; primarily as the "GLAMOUR PUNKS" with Katsumi Gakusha. He'd leave with Gakusha following his exit from CRIMSON in 2007, where the two would end up in Kanagawa's IFS: FREEDOM promotion. While Gakusha broke off as a singles star, Shino continued in the tag ranks; this time forming a strong team with Kazuhiro Okumura that would continue into FREEDOM's transformation into Pro-Wrestling DYNAMITE. Shino's biggest credit would come in 2008, as he led the DYNAMITE team to an inter-promotional tournament victory in winning the BATTLE FUSION Trifecta Cup.

Hiriyama would find himself returning to CRIMSON in December of 2008 to form the new age terrorist unit "LOVE," bringing with him Kazuhiro Okumura. LOVE would find some success. Unfortunately, due to the devastating economic circumstances, CRIMSON would be forced to close its doors, leaving Hiriyama without a home. Banding together with his old friend Katsumi Gakusha, along with crafty veteran Seiji Ebisawa, Hiriyama joined SPIRIT International as they entered KJPW's gates.