Monday, February 23, 1970


Real Name: Masaaki Komura 
Nickname: "Pro-Wrestling Powerhouse," "Mr. 300%, "Pro-Wrestling King," "Essence of the Burning Spirit"
Birthplace: Sakai, Osaka Prefecture
Birthdate: March 25, 1968
Theme Music: "Never Surrender" by Lion
Weight: 122kg (269lbs)
Height: 188cm (6'2")
Debut: January 27, 1987

Physical Appearance: Geared for possibly the final run of his career, Fujita has rebuilt his body with a strict regiment of weight training.

Ring Costume: Suited for his new beefy frame, Fujita wears short spats for the first time in his career to adequately show off those 46-year old calves, typically black in color with matching boots.

Title History:

* UJPW Tag Team Titles
- (W/ Kendo NAKAI) Goemon Iseki & Giant Tono (1992) / Hiroshita Yagato & Minoru Miyazaki (1992)

* UJPW Heavyweight Title
- Kendo NAKAI (1995) / Vacated (1996)

* GC Heavyweight Title (2)
- Jason Roswell (04/07/2002) / Vacated (5/31/2002)
- Keiji Takano (09/08/2002) / "MAMMOTH" Furiano (10/18/2002)

* GC Tag Team Titles (2)
- (w/ Tokyo REECO) CLUB 02 (11/30/2002) / Vacated (12/20/2002)
- (w/ Big Poppa Dan) Hisashi Kuroyama & Tetsuya Sugimoto (11/11/2003) / Yoshikazu Kanda & Mitsuaki Komura (12/31/2003)

* PWC World Heavyweight Title (2)
- Mitsuharu Nogami (02/04/2006) / Mitsuharu Nogami (4/16/2006)
- Jason Ramsey (12/31/2006) / Akira Takayoshi (05/31/2008)

* F-MAX Tag Team Titles
- (w/ Keiji Takano) Akira Takayoshi & Naoyuki Watanabe (12/21/2009) / Vacated (02/26/2010)

* Unified Double Titles
- Genji Yamato (04/17/2015) /

Tournament History:

* ROAD TO HYOGO (BSPW - 2002): Kazuma Fujita beat Keiji Takano (31:31) by referee stop with the Takano Lock X.
* DUEL SURVIVOR (BSPW - 2002): Kazuma Fujita & Tokyo REECO beat Wataru Kobe & Akitoshi Yoneda (16:27) when Fujita made Kobe submit to a Kataha-Jime.
* GRAND PRIX OF CHAMPIONS (P*J - 2006): Kazuma Fujita beat Mitsuharu Nogami (28:04) with the Fujita Spiral Driver.

Trademark Moves:

* Fujita Lariat (Powerful lariat done from several positions and situations. Arguably the strongest lariat in the entire world.)
* Brainbuster
* Powerbomb
* Stretch Plum
x Shinyaku (Standing Fireman's Carry into a high-angle Vertical Brainbuster. Used as a limit breaker during the P*J/ZION era. Rarely used anymore, if ever.)

Biography: Arguably the country's most recognized wrestler of the last century, Kazuma Fujita gained national notoriety during the early to mid 2000's in Burning Spirit Pro-Wrestling, where he captured the GC (Golden Crown) Heavyweight Title on two occasions. During the prime years of his career, Fujita would become Japan's biggest box office draw, headlining large shows with the likes of Jason Ramsey, Yoshikazu Kanda, James Goodwin, Ryo Inoue, and most recently Genji Yamato. He is largely known for his undying resilience and embodies the very meaning of Burning Spirit.