Tuesday, February 24, 1970


Real Name: Seiji Ebisawa
Nickname:"Mr. Transcendence," "FREE SPIRIT"
Birthplace: Toba, Mie
Birthdate: February 21, 1969
Theme Music: "Saturday"
Weight: 110kg (242lbs)
Height: 185cm (6'1")
Debut: February 19, 1993

Physical Appearance: Ebisawa has a decent physique for a man his age; though he is certainly looking lumpier and more like a leather purse in his older age. He has short, black hair; almost resembling a bowl cut.

Ring Costume: Ebisawa wears long black pants with a gold/white design going down the pant legs. In addition to white wrist tape, he wears black knee pads with supports (thought obscured by the pants) and black boots.

Title History:

* Jisedai Pro-Wrestling Tag Team Titles (2)
- (w/ Katsumi Gakusha) Tetsuo Kasai & Hiroshi Kamata (04/21/1999) / Kazuki Yamane & Masaki Hiroyuki (08/14/2000)
- (w/ Katsumi Gakusha) Kazuki Yamane & Masaki Hiroyuki (08/18/2000) / Jin Yoshimatsu & Satoshi Suzambo (07/02/2001)

* C-1 Heavyweight Title (3)
- Tetsuhiro Kaneda (05/01/2003) / Vacated (07/02/2003)
- Stephen Priest (10/13/2004) / Yuki Nomura (01/09/2007)
- Tatsumichi Akamatsu (07/27/2008) / Akuma Toyota (10/13/2008)

* PWC World Tag Team Titles (1)
- (/w Katsumi Gakusha) Makoto Tachibana & Yujiro Higuchi (05/24/2009) / Tatsumichi Akamatsu & Yujiro Higuchi (09/05/2009)

Tournament History: 

* Power Source Tournament (CRIMSON - 2003): Seiji Ebisawa beat Stephen Priest (19:25) with an Exploder.
* Power Source Tournament (CRIMSON - 2008): Seiji Ebisawa beat Akuma Toyota (18:23) with a Wrist-Clutch Exploder.

Trademark Moves:

* Choke Sleeper
* Diving Headbutt
* Powerbomb
* Exploder
* Wrist-Clutch Exploder

Biography: Seiji Ebisawa made his pro-wrestling debut in the early 1990's, primarily working for Tokyo-based independent Jisedai Pro-Wrestling. Ebisawa became one of the top names on the roster, and formed a pivotal tag team with best friend Katsumi Gakusha. Both Ebisawa and Gakusha would remain with Jisedai until the company finally buckled under financial restraints in 2002. Ebisawa, along with Gakusha invaded Project BETA Pro-Wrestling (the spiritual predecessor to Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON) where they formed the original incarnation of SPIRIT International with Naoki Daishi and Goro "GORO" Iijima. He would have a break out year in 2003, winning the company's singles tournament en route to the C-1 Heavyweight Title.

Ebisawa would eventually be forced to leave CRIMSON after a blood feud with former friend Goro Iijima came to a head; leading to a Loser Leaves Town match. His inactivity didn't last long however, as he soon ended up in Kanagawa-based FREEDOM promotion, where he'd feud with Gakusha of all people. These were only momentary distractions however, as Ebisawa returned to CRIMSON in 2008 on the behest of company owner Kazushi Mimura; who needed a strong fighter with even stronger ties to CRIMSON to oppose Tatsumichi Akamatsu, who ruled CRIMSON as its enemy champion. Ebisawa took up the call, and would defeat Akamatsu (albeit via underhanded means) to claim the C-1 Heavyweight Title for a third time. After losing the title to Akuma Toyota, he'd once again find himself out of CRIMSON. He'd eventually land in the successor to FREEDOM, Pro-Wrestling DYNAMITE where he brought with him the current version of SPIRIT International; consisting of himself, Katsumi Gakusha, and Shino Hiriyama.

Staying with DYNAMITE until their collapse, Ebisawa reared his head once more in late 2012 after learning about the plans for KJPW. While refusing a roster position, Ebisawa offered the services of SPIRIT International to KJPW during its establishing period in the name of goodwill. However, his actions and arrogant attitude towards KJPW rosters and staff show he has another agenda...