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Real Name: Takashi Otsuka (大握宇志)
Nickname: "Green Punk," "Problem Child"
Birthplace: Sakai, Osaka
Birthdate: May 18, 1980
Theme Music: "Lookin' For The Truth" by Yoshinobu Kanayama
Weight: 91kg (200lbs)
Height: 175cm (5'9")
Debut: September 28, 2001 (vs. Mr. Miyasashi)

Physical Appearance: A few years older, ATSUKA shows some age in his face -- but largely retains his trademark youthful appearance. His hair is typically more reserved than in previous years, as it's simply cut short. ATSUKA is a renowned fitness maniac, and his body reflects that.

Ring Costume: Keeping his trademark green colors, ATSUKA wears short two-toned spats (the other color being black.) The back of his trunks read "PROBLEM CHILD" in white graffiti lettering. His other gear includes black knee pads and wrestling shoes, both of which have green trim.

Title History:

* KFD Jr. Heavyweight Title (3)
- KANJI Sakaigama (8/31/2003) / Vacated
- Yoshihiro Shimoda (10/25/2004) / Kyoto Okazaki (2/18/2005)
- KEIJI (4/31/2007) / Kyoto Okazaki (10/25/2007)

* RJPW Jr. Heavyweight Title
- Takehiro Dakatsu (11/23/2003) / Vacated

* GSW Independent Tag Team Titles
- (w/ YAKUTA) KEIJI & Suya Moto (11/22/2006) /

* PWC World Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Titles
- (w/ YAKUTA) Millennium S.K. & Ryoma Inoue (4/22/2008) / Kyoto Okazaki & Shin Kaiju (8/05/2008)

Tournament History:

* Sapporo City Tag Team Tournament (6/18/2003): ATSUKA & Akira Takayoshi beat "Bad Genome" Kyohei Yamada & Takumi Mako (27:36) when ATSUKA used a Victory Roll on Mako.
* RJPW Jr. Heavyweight Title Tournament (2004): ATSUKA beat Takehiro Dakatsu (17:22) with the AT#2.

Trademark Moves:

* ATSUKA Twister (JP: ATSUKA・ツイスター ~ Rotating Fisherman Buster.)
* Green Crush (JP: グリーン・クラッシュ ~ Top Rope Rebounding Face Kick. Has undergone various name changes over the years, including ATSUKA Crush, Osaka Crush, and CHAOS Crush.)
* AC-Z (Canadian Backbreaker Lift into Ace Crusher.)
* AT-Z (Lifting Fisherman Buster into Head-Spike Michinoku Driver II)
* Punk Rock (JP: パンクロック ~ Powerful Front Dropkick, sending the opponent flying back into the turnbuckles.)
* Shooting Star press (Only used in rare big match situations.)
* El Nudo Lagunero (JP: エル・ヌード・ラ グネロー ) Elaborate arm/leg llave submission. ATSUKA learned the hold in 2003 while training in Mexico, but has used it sparingly until recently
* BDSM (Cross-armed lift into a Canadian Backbreaker, turned into a piledriver.)

Biography: Otsuka was the first product of Kazuma Fujita's FURY dojo after debuting for Burning Spirit Pro-Wrestling in 2001. Under the ring name of "Kanumaru Atsuka" (A name ATSUKA himself admits to making up on the fly,) Otsuka underwent the usual trials encountered as a rookie in pro-wrestling. However, frustration and a poor influence from vile rule breakers KANJI Sakaigama and Jin Hiroto led to Otsuka turning heel and joining the Anti-BSPW faction known as Black STAR. Now known as "ATSUKA," Otsuka remodeled himself as an eccentric personality, sometimes even wrestling as a pretentious alter-ego known simply as "Action Star!" after a successful break into Japanese TV. Ultimately however, ATSUKA failed to climb to the top of BSPW's junior rankings, and found himself ousted from Black STAR. Now the source of ridicule and mocking from the very man who inspired him to strike out on his own, ATSUKA began a violent feud with KANJI Sakaigama that crossed multiple organizations. The climax of the rivalry saw ATSUKA finally defeat his "Senpai" on 8/31/03 at the site of the former Kawasaki Stadium. ATSUKA would eventually take his career full circle by joining Pro-Wrestling FURY, initially as a referee. However, this was a ploy to lure out Yoshihiro Shimoda, FURY's top Jr. Heavyweight enroute to becoming the group's Jr. Heavyweight Champion. ATSUKA would reform a team from earlier in his career with good friend YAKUTA. For the next few years, the two would be synonymous with one another, and would win tag team gold on two occasions. ATSUKA would be a stable fixture for FURY until taking its final breath in 2012. Since then, ATSUKA has formed the popular "OLD DOGS" wrestling troupe with former FURY stars such as Masato Osagawa, Yoshihiro Shimoda, Jet Jaguar, and Kyoto Okazaki, with several successful events under their belt. ATSUKA finally made his return to the national level by joining KJPW in April of 2013. The 2015 relaunch saw ATSUKA and the other members of KJPW's newly established "Jr. Seikigun" embark in a bitter feud against the villainous Kyou Hon Gan faction.

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