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JET JAGUAR (ジェットジャガー)

Real Name: Unknown
Nickname: "HERO no yume" (Dream Hero)
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown (Rumored to be in his late 20's)
Theme Music: "Honoo no Jaguar"
Weight: 94kg (207lbs)
Height: 175cm (5'9")
Debut: April 29, 2007 (vs. Shun Shiriashi)

Physical Appearance: Jaguar's body is athletic in figure, with a dark tan. Protruding from the back of his mask is long, flowing hair with a dark brown tone.

Ring Costume: Jet embodies the "masked hero" concept, and his costume reflects that. Despite his name, Jaguar's outfit reflects very little on the animal itself. His mask stands is black in color, exposing only his mouth. Three horns protrude at the top at equal distances. The mask itself features silver detailing to almost give off a metal-like effect. He wears a chest piece with similar colors, in addition to matching loose karate dougis. His arms are covered by elaborate bracers -- also sporting the black/silver colors. In recent years Jaguar has taken bigger influence from the "Metal Hero" genre of Japanese entertainment. For big matches, Jaguar will come to the ring wearing elaborate costumes inspired by various characters.

Title History:

* Iron Crown Jr. Heavyweight Title
- Nakata Ohmiori (10/07/2007) /SAKA Ibuchi (5/24/2008)

* PWC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Titles
- (w/ GALLEON) Shin Kaiju & Kyoto Okazaki (12/21/2008) / RYUJI & Manabe Tsuji (5/20/2009)

* F-MAX Jr. Heavyweight Title
- Shin Kaiju (8/11/2009) /Yoshihiro Shimoda (10/25/2009)
- Yoshihiro Shimoda (11/25/2009) / Vacated due to inactivity (02/11/2011)
- GALLEON (12/21/2011) / Vacated due to inactivity (10/25/2012)

* HEC Jr. Heavyweight Title
- Hayato Saigo (12/31/2013) / Vacated when proposed title bout fell through (02/22/2014) 

Tournament History:

* Air Wars Tournament (2007): Jet Jaguar beat Nakata Ohmiori (19:36) with the Jaguar Special II.
* J1-MAX League (2009): Jet Jaguar beat Shin Kaiju (22:48) with the Jaguar Special.
* KOF/F-MAX Jr. Heavyweight Title Tournament (FURY - 12/21/2011): Jet Jaguar beat GALLEON (9:18) with the THIRD STRIKE.

Trademark Moves:

* Jaguar Suplex hold (Leg Lock Suplex hold)
* Jaguar Special (Twisting Somersault Guillotine Drop)
* Jaguar Special II (Rolling Jujigatame)
* Spiral Bomb (Rotating Sit-out Powerbomb. Done in tribute to the original Jet Jaguar, Shoji Suzuki.)
* Avalanche Fisherman Buster
* THIRD STRIKE (Vicious one-two kicking combination to the legs, ending with a kneeling thrust kick to the face.)

Biography: Trained by the greatest minds in wrestling including Kazuma Fujita, Jason Ramsey, and the original Jet Jaguar Shoji Suzuki, the third incarnation of the legendary masked hero captivated fans when he debuted in 2007 for Jason Ramsey's Superstar Pro-Wrestling group. Jaguar stood out as a top star for the fledgling independent promotion, winning the company's top junior title by the end of the year. Jaguar moved onto a larger stage the following year, debuting for Pro-Wrestling FURY. It was there Jaguar had his breakout rivalry against fellow masked wrestler Shin Kaiju. Both men would go on to headline FURY's annual Ryogoku Kokugikan event in an emotional mask vs. mask match that saw Jaguar finally topple FURY's Jr. Kingpin in front of the original Jet Jaguar, Shoji Suzuki. Jaguar would reign for the next three years off and on as the Ace of FURY's Jr. Heavyweights. When the company ceased operations for good in late 2012, Jaguar would form something of a traveling troupe with other former FURY juniors such as ATSUKA, Yoshihiro Shimoda, Kotaro Ota, Fumihiko Shirai, and Kyoto Okazaki. Together, the group would promote independent half pro-wrestling/variety show events across Japan under the "OLD DOGS PRO-WRESTLING" promotional banner. Jaguar, along with most of FURY's former juniors would finally return to the national stage on 5/31/2013 in a 14-man Cibernetico. Jaguar would be among the top performers -- only to be snubbed in the final round by former CRIMSON star Hayato Saigo. Jaguar would get revenge towards the end of the year, where he defeated Saigo to capture the HEC Jr. Heavyweight Title. Whether it's due to his talents or the character itself, Jet Jaguar is easily the most recognizable Jr. Heavyweight wrestler in Japan -- especially among children. His has had a long-lasting friendship with former Nansei Nihon star and fellow masked wrestler GALLEON. Together, the two form the popular "DREAM HEROES" duo. Despite his enormous appeal, Jet is a skilled fighter, capable of putting almost any opponent down if given the opportunity.

For years, Jaguar's identity has been the source of many rumors and speculation. Many point to former Jason Ramsey dojo graduate turned Pro-Wrestling ZION trueborn Yusuke Minekawa. Many fans report Minekawa wrestling in Mexico during an overseas excursion wearing a mask identical to the mask Jaguar wore upon his debut. Unfortunately, Yusuke reportedly retired from pro-wrestling in early 2007, and is rumored to have married a famous film star. He remains out of the public eye.

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