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Real Name: Hayato Saigo (西郷速人)
Nickname: "Flame of CRIMSON"
Birthplace: Naha, Okinawa
Birthdate: December 09, 1985
Theme Music: "Burn, Burn"
Weight: 88kg (195lbs)
Height: 170cm (5'7")
Debut: 2003 (vs. Keoni Murata)

Physical Appearance: Saigo's body is athletic, with a deep Okinawan tan. His brown hair is medium in length, usually spikey.

Ring Costume: Saigo wears long white trunks with light blue designs, with matching boots. Saigo normally wears shorts, but now wears long tights to hide a knee brace on his right knee.

Title History:

* C-1 Jr. Heavyweight Title (3)
- Naoki Daishi (2007/04/25) / Naoki Daishi (2007/07/27/)
- Akahito Yamada (2008/04/20) / Keoni Murata (2009/03/01)
- Ikuji Royama (2010/05/18) / Kenta Arakiki (2010/07/27)

* PWC Jr. Tag Team Titles
- (/w Keoni Murata) Fumihiko Shirai & Kotaro Ota (2007/08/23) / Millennium S.K. & Ryoma Inoue (2007/10/13)

* HEC Jr. Heavyweight Title
- Yoshihiro Shimoda (2013/07/12) / Jet Jaguar (2013/12/31)

* AALL Intercontinental Welterweight Title
- Kyoto Okazaki (2015/05/31) /  

Tournament History:

* C-1 Jr. Heavyweight Title Tournament (2007): Hayato Saigo beat Naoki Daishi (23:45) with a moonsault press.
* 2007 FUSION J-LEAGUE: Hayato Saigo & Keoni Murata beat Kotaro Ota & Fumihiko Shirai (22:48) when Murata used a Backdrop hold on Ota.
* King of the Super Juniors (2013/07/12): Hayato Saigo beat Yoshihiro Shimoda (16:19) with an avalanche-style Brainbuster.

Trademark Moves:

* Moonsault Double Footstomp
* Matsukasa (Wrist Clutch Inside Cradle)
* Brainbuster
* Phoenix Splash
* Firebird Splash
* Moonsault Press
* Saigo Special - Cartwheel double footstomp into a standing moonsault press

Biography: A product of revered teacher Ryo Suzuki, Hayato Saigo debuted for Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON in 2003. Thanks to his background in gymnastics, Saigo stood out as a top-flight junior. Through three reigns as CRIMSON's Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Saigo cemented his status as the strongest Junior to come from the Iwate-based promotion. Saigo's talents found himself branching out to other organizations, including Pro-Wrestling FURY where he struck a friendship with fellow Okinawan Fumihiko Shirai. Along with Kotaro Ota, the three formed the popular "Super Speed Stars" trio, an evolved version of Ota and Shirai's usual "Okinawa Speed Stars" gimmick. Saigo's home promotion struggled after the devastating north-eastern Tsunami, ultimately forcing the promotion to close its doors. Despite keeping his former haunt in his heart, Saigo continued wrestling across various independents, in addition to promoting his own local events for the Iwate region, along with his home region of Okinawa. In 2013, Saigo reappeared on the national stage as an outside participant in the inaugural "King of the Super Juniors" tournament. Amidst a stacked field, Saigo shocked fans by downing Yoshihiro Shimoda in the finals to become the first HEC Jr. Heavyweight Champion. Saigo would go on to rack up big wins over Kotaro Ota and ATSUKA before dropping the title to Jet Jaguar on New Year's Eve. During KJPW's relaunch in early 2015, Saigo was revealed to have signed a one-year contract with KJPW, making a full-time member of the roster. Saigo has since embraced his new home, while still carrying the flame for his former haunt, Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON.

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