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Real Name: Shoichi Kanemura
Nickname: "Lion of Nansei"
Birthplace:  Kyoto
Birthdate: February 14, 1985
Theme Music: "Alive A Life" by Rica Matsumoto
Weight: 172cm (5'8")
Height: 95kg (210lbs)
Debut: 2003

Physical Appearance: GALLEON's body is fit, with a bit of weight put on after some time in the business.

Ring Costume: The main feature of the character is GALLEON's lion-like mask. While black in color, the mask features gold trim in addition to a silver fur mane. His wears long loose-fitting black pants with gold designing, in addition to matching boots and forearm guards.

Title History:

* All Pacific Jr. Heavyweight Title
- Kotaro Ota (12/21/2009) /

Tournament History:

* TAG BLITZ '08 (05/18/2008): GALLEON & Ryoku Torayashi beat Ryuugo Nagashima & Wataru Yamada (22:43) when Torayashi used a backdrop hold on Yamada.

Trademark Moves:

* Dividing Driver
* GENESIC Clutch
* Grand Pressure

Biography: The product of Kazuya Asakino's Steel Wind Dojo, GALLEON debuted on the independent scene in 2003. He would eventually find his way to the national stage when he signed a contract with Burning Spirit Pro-Wrestling. GALLEON immediately caught on with fans due to his fierce fighting style and unique Lion-inspired mask. After BSPW's collapse, GALLEON returned to the independents, where he continued to build a following in his local region of Kyoto and bordering Hyogo. GALLEON would become one of the top figures for Nansei Nihon Pro-Wrestling upon its foundation. While appearing on FURY events, GALLEON formed a strong friendship with fellow masked hero Jet Jaguar. Together, they form the powerful "DREAM HEROES" team. After the closing of their respective home promotions, GALLEON returned to the big stage with Jaguar after joining KJPW in 2015 as part of its newly re-established Jr. Heavyweight division.

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