Thursday, April 23, 1970


Real Name: Ryo Nozawa (野沢了)
Birthplace: Miyoshi, Tokushima
Birthdate: July 02, 1990
Theme Music:
Weight: 83kg (185lbs)
Height: 175cm (5'9")
Debut: May 09, 2015 (vs. Kappei Nakao)

Physical Appearance: Short, cropped black hair with a clean face. His body is wiry, but athletic.

Ring Costume: Ryo wears turquoise trunks. While he wears no knee pads (perhaps foolishly,) he does wear old school black boots with white laces, in addition to white wrist tape.

Title History:

* None

Tournament History:

* None

Trademark Moves:

* Flying Headscissors

Biography: Ryo Nozawa comes into pro-wrestling with a strong athletic background in gymnastics and baseball. Despite his short stature, Nozawa became a sought-after free agent as he neared graduation from the prestigious Keio University in Tokyo, including several prominent baseball scouts. Unable to qualify for the Olympic gymnastics team, Nozawa surprisingly accepted a lucrative offer from investors representing KJPW, making way for his entry into the KJPW dojo. Training under the likes of veterans ATSUKA and Kyoto Okazaki, Nozawa has already taken to the pro-wrestling style, and looks to be a promising recruit.

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