Thursday, April 23, 1970


Real Name: Kappei Nakao (中男克平)
Birthdate: October 10, 1989
Theme Music:
Weight: 92kg (203lbs)
172kg (5'8")
Debut: May 09, 2015 (vs. Ryo Nozawa)

Physical Appearance: Slight tan with some thickness to him. His hair is shaven to about a quarter-inch.

Ring Costume: Nakao wears plain green trunks with matching knee pads and black amateur shoes.

Title History:

* None

Tournament History:

* None

Trademark Moves:

* Airplane Spin

Biography: Nakao studied judo and amateur wrestling during his youth, but was largely kept busy helping his family's fishing business. Nakao continued working part-time for his family while attending a local university in Iwate. Iwate remained active in judo and kyokoshin karate during college, and earned several regional championships. In 2014, Nakao answered an open tryout held by KJPW and was granted entry into the dojo.

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