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Real Name: Kyoko Okazaki (岡崎京子)
Nickname: "The Worst One," "The Outlaw"
Birthplace: Sakyo, Kyoto
Birthdate: September 27, 1981
Theme Music: "Violent Wolf"
Weight: 90kg (200lbs)
Height: 175cm (5'9")
Debut: August 14, 2002 (vs. Masafuji Yoshida)

Physical Appearance: Okazaki is something of a fitness freak, and has a body to reflect that, along with a dark tan. While known for having "ikemen" (pretty boy) look earlier in his career, he has spent the past six years perfecting his "Outlaw" persona, which includes shaving his signature locks and growing unsightly facial hair.

Ring Costume: Okazaki wears high-cut short trunks with a black, metallic finish. The front of the trunks feature a red skull & bones, with "THE WORST ONE" written across the rear in white lettering. In addition he wears red wristbands, black/grey kneepads, matching boots with red trim.

Title History:

* F-MAX Jr. Heavyweight Title (2)
- ATSUKA (2/18/2005) / Vacated (5/25/2006)
- ATSUKA (10/25/2007) / Kotaro Ota (8/11/2008)

* PWC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Titles
- (w/ Shin Kaiju) ATSUKA & YAKUTA (8/05/2008) / Jet Jaguar & GALLEON (12/21/2008)

* AALL Intercontinental Welterweight Title
- El Hijo Del Viento (2015/03/25) / Hayato Saigo (2015/05/31) 

Tournament History:

* UMEDA SPECIAL TAG TOURNAMENT (12/12/2004): Masafuji Yoshida & Kyoto Okazaki beat Akira Takayoshi & Yoshihiro Shimoda (14:18) when Yoshida used a Powerbomb on Shimoda.
* J1-WORLD League (2007): Kyoto Okazaki beat Yoshihiro Shimoda (25:58) with the Otokogoroshi.

Trademark Moves:

* Kenka Kick
* Perfect Black (Shining Kenka Kick with the opponent standing instead of kneeling)
* Perfect Dark (Modified version of the Perfect Black, with the opponent seated instead of standing.)
* Moonsault press
* Otokogoroshi (JP: 男殺し ~ Elevated Double Underhook Facebuster, with a rotation. Name means "Man Killer")
* Super Redhawk (JP: スーパ ・レッドホーク ~ Lung Blower, named after a particular type of Revolver.")
* Colt Python (JP: コルト・パイソン ~ Powerful leaping Kenka Kick targeting an opponent's stomach or chest.)

Biography: With a background in amateur wrestling and track-and-field events, Okazaki joined Kazuma Fujita FURY dojo in early 2001 with aspirations of joining Japan's top organization, Burning Spirit Pro-Wrestling. Okazaki showed exceptional coordination with natural charisma, making him a shoe-in for BSPW's ranks. However, the 2002 formation of a promotion based around Fujita's graduations saw his future take a different direction as Okazaki quietly made his debut on an August 14, 2002 independent card promoted by Fujita himself in what would be the foundation for Pro-Wrestling FURY, which was founded later that year. Okazaki stood out among the fresh faces thanks to his overflowing charisma. While a strong supporting player, Okazaki would not win his first championship until 2005 after dethroning ATSUKA for FURY's Jr. Heavyweight crown. 2007 saw a turning point for his career after turning heel. Now "The Outlaw," Okazaki rose to new heights after developing his new "Otokogoroshi" finishing move, leading him to his second reign as FURY's Jr. Heavyweight Champion. Okazaki would remain a central figure in their ranks until the company finally closed in late 2012. Through friendships formed in FURY, Okazaki would wrestle across various independent promotions with the former members of FURY including ATSUKA and Yoshihiro Shimoda. While many of his contemporaries would sign would KJPW in 2013, Okazaki instead chose to travel the world, wrestling in Europe, the United States, and most prominently in Mexico, where he formed a strong friendship with fellow traveling Japanese wrestlers Wataru Yamada and Keisuke Rongai. After the three won gold in early 2015, the trio returned to Japan to announce their invasion of KJPW! KyouHonGan were born.

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