Monday, April 27, 1970

JAMES GOODWIN Jr. (ジェームス・グッドウィン Jr.)

Real Name: Samuel James Goodwin (サミュエル・ジェームス・グッドウィン)
Nickname: "Fireman II"
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
Birthdate: March 23, 1985
Theme Music: "Star of 666" by Vampires Everywhere (via Youtube)
Weight: 108kg (237lbs)
Height: 185cm (6'1")
Debut: January 15, 2005 (w/ James Goodwin vs. Terry Rush & Michael Arias)

Physical Appearance: Jr. is smaller than his adopted father but far from weak. A solidly built 108 kg, Goodwin is muscular but with a clear bend towards athleticism. His hair is brunette which he wears near to his shoulders, has a goatee, and brown eyes.

Ring Costume: Jr. wears black leather-like tights with red and green symbols along with fire designs on the sides. He sports black wrist tape, no elbow pads, and black wrestling boots with Jr. on the sides.

Title History:

* JGP Championship (2)
- Jonathan Byron (02/12/2005) / Terry Rush (12/29/2005)
- Terry Rush (03/07/2006) /

* BURNING PARADISE Dynamic Duos Tag Team Titles
- (w/ James Goodwin) Bronco King & The Saber (08/10/2009) / Kazushi Matsuo & Hiro Tomizawa (12/31/2009)

* HEC Tag Team Titles
- (w/ Jon Goodwin) Naoki Fukuda & Riki Ichiro (11/08/2013) / Vacated due to no title defenses (06/08/2013)

Tournament History:

* JGP Championship Tournament (2005): Urizen (James Goodwin Jr.) beat Jonathan Byron (14:43) with the Fall of Urizen.

Trademark Moves:

* Power Collapse (High Angle Sitout Powerbomb)
* Moonsault press
* ZAOS Clutch (Camel Clutch Full Nelson)
* Firedrop (Death Valley Bomb thrown into choke slam)
* Terror Ride (Death Valley Bomb spun into sitout powerbomb)

Biography: The adopted son of James Goodwin, one of the pioneering figures of modern pro-wrestling, Samuel James Goodwin began his career as an active wrestler for his father's promotion James Goodwin Promotions in 2005. A very young man, he wrestles under a mask as "Urizen" in the United States, and is blessed with natural athletic talent. While not as big as his father, Jr. uses more speed and cunning then sheer power and brute force. Goodwin Jr. has bounced around for several years, even capturing the BURNING PARADISE tag team championships with his father for two months in 2009. Jr. showed up in KJPW alongside his younger brother "BIG" Jon Goodwin in early 2013 after being introduced by their father, James Goodwin. "Double Goodwin" would dominate the tag division towards the later months of the year after capturing the HEC Tag Team titles. The two would be forced to vacate the titles in 2014 due to lack of company activity. With KJPW's successful return in 2015 however, Double Goodwin once again plan on reclaiming their spot as the top tag team in not just Japan, but the world!

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