Tuesday, April 28, 1970

"BIG" JON GOODWIN ("BIG"・ジョン・グッドウィン)

Real Name: Jonathan Francis Goodwin (ジョナサンフランシス・グッドウィン)
Nickname: "BIG"
Birthplace: Long Beach, California, USA
Birthdate: April 22, 1992
Theme Music: "Ghost Division" by Sabaton
Weight: 133kg (295lbs)
Height: 207cm (6'8")
Debut: March 12, 2012 (/w James Goodwin Jr. vs. Terry Rush & Vance Oren)

Physical Appearance: Jonathan Goodwin follows in the footsteps of his father James. A massive man with short black hair, bluish green eyes, and a naturally fair complexion with a slight tan. Jonathan is heavily muscular with little to no fat content on his entire body having been a strength and fitness fanatic from a young age.

Ring Costume: Black tights, black boots, and white wrist tape. As is customary in the Goodwin clan, Jonathan often comes to the ring wearing a mask; his mask a spiked green demonic mask based off various mythologies.

Title History:

* HEC Tag Team Titles
- (w/ James Goodwin Jr.) Naoki Fukuda & Riki Ichiro (11/08/2013) / Vacated due to no title defenses (06/08/2013)

Tournament History:

* None

Trademark Moves:

* Firedrop (Death Valley Bomb thrown into Choke slam)
* Choke Slam
* Diving Body press
* "BIG" Cyclone (Whirly Bird Throw)

Biography: The only biological son to legendary wrestler James Goodwin, "Big" Jon Goodwin seems to have inherited all the genetic traits that set his father apart from the pack. Making his debut with his adopted brother, Jonathan immediately created buzz for his massive size and strength, along with some agility. Together, the two seized the HEC Tag Team Titles towards the end of 2013. Still immensely raw for his experience, the potential of "BIG" Jon is massive.

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