Tuesday, April 28, 1970


Real Name: Ryo Inoue (山本竜)
Nickname: "Shoot Terrorist"
Birthplace: Hiroshima
Birthdate: February 10, 1978
Theme Music: "You Get to Burning" by Yumi Matsuzawa
Weight: 108kg (239lbs)
Height: 184cm (6'0")
Debut: Unknown

Physical Appearance: Inoue sports a shaved head, and little else but a menacing stare.

Ring Costume: Plain black trunks, black knee pads, black boots and kick pads -- in addition to open-fingered MMA gloves.

Title History:

* F-MAX United Heavyweight Title
- Tetsuhisa NAKAI (2/10/2009) / Otsuo Kayusa (6/12/2009)

* KFD/F-MAX/KOF Tag Team Titles
- 4WAY Decision Match (12/21/2011) / Daisuke Iwata & Shigeru Iwasaki (4/20/2012)

Tournament History:

* J1 Real Grade Tag League: Ryo Inoue & Jinsei Asaka beat Inferno & Paradiso (22:17) when Inoue used a Moonsault press on Paradiso.

Trademark Moves:

* Triangle hold
* Vertical Drop Brainbuster
* Dynamite Right (Powerful right hand punch.)

Biography: Arguably one of the most controversial names in all of combat sports, the "Shoot Terrorist" Ryo Inoue has waged a war of philosophy and pride for almost two decades. Despite breaking into pro-wrestling as a high-flyer for Neo Japan Pro-Wrestling, Inoue would find greater success as an idealistic shoot fighter after incorporating the sports he competed in during his youth into his wrestling style, effectively creating the "Shoot Terrorist." Inoue gained fame in the Japan Pro-Wrestling Association due to his grand standing challenges towards JPA owner Genji Yamato. He is also noted for creating one of the more influential factions in wrestling: Total Attack Pro-Wrestling. While the group has seen different versions throughout the years, the result is always the same with Ryo Inoue as its leader: Destruction.

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