Friday, April 24, 1970

S☆S STAR (S☆S・Star)

Real Name: Seiji Sasaki (佐々木堅)
Nickname: "The Darkest Star"
Theme Music: "S☆S TRANCE" ~Neo Bloody Mix~
Weight: 83kg (183lbs)
Height: 175cm (5'9")
Debut: May 30, 2007 (Manabe Tsuji)

Physical Appearance: Lean, athletic appearance with a tan. His hair is spiked back, dyed a mixture of silver and red to play up his heel persona.

Ring Costume: S☆S wears long dark gray pants with a met, metallic finish. Silver stars decorate the sides of the pants. The front features a star (of course,) with the back reading "THE DARKEST STAR." To add the cherry on the sundae, S☆S paints a silver/gold star on his forehead.

Title History:

* None

Tournament History:

* None

Trademark Moves:

* S☆S Smash (Running Ace Crusher)
* Celestial (Former "Corazon" -- Elaborate crucifix hold.)
* Various forms of foot stomps
* Dark Star Chaos (Over-the-shoulder reverse Emerald Flosion.)
* Cosmic Big Bang (Diving Double Foot Stomp to a seated opponent.)

Biography: Seiji Sasaki entered the Pro-Wrestling FURY dojo with a strong background in track and amateur wrestling. Despite his smaller size, Sasaki showed undeniable heart, and refused to quit the harsh training environment. Sasaki debuted alongside contemporaries Norihiro Akashi and Manabe Tsuji in 2007. His fiery spirit and charming personality won him many fans across Japan, leading to him becoming the second incarnation of the popular Kinaki Kamen character. Watching Akashi and Tsuji rise in rank, Sasaki suddenly dropped the comical character to rededicate himself to pro-wrestling... Unfortunately, Sasaki would find little success in the following year. The closing days of Pro-Wrestling FURY saw Sasaki return to his "entertainment" ways after debuting the "S☆S Star" character -- a take/parody on pretentious J-rock performers. The character initially earned Sasaki criticism. However, S☆S Star persisted -- and eventually begun to win over fans across various independents in 2014. Now for the first time in several years, Seiji Sasaki returns to the national stage as his controversial alter-ego.

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