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Real Name: Norihiro Akashi (昭典広)
Nickname: "Child from Heaven, "Dream Catcher," "Nightmare Child," "Madness Joker"
Birthplace: Ushizu, Saga
Birthdate: August 25, 1988
Theme Music:
Weight: 107kg (237lbs)
Height: 187cm (6'2")
Debut: May 30, 2007 (vs. TAKU)

Physical Appearance: Akashi is an athletic freak borderline-obsessing on fitness. His body has a mixture of the typical bulk you'd see on a "traditional" pro-wrestler combined with a slim physique of a track runner. His dark hair is often slicked back, but is sometimes styled more eccentrically. One of his trademarks over the last few years has been his trimmed facial hair; an ear-to-ear beard he began to grow into during a trip to Mexico in 2013.

Ring Costume: Akashi wears short spats; dark gray with red designing. He wears matching knee pads and boots, in addition to red wrist bands and bicep ties.

Title History:

* NWC British Commonwealth Jr. Heavyweight Title
- Aldis Levy (10/25/2008) / Aldis Levy (12/04/2008)

* G-Shock Wrestling Heavyweight Title
- Marcus Dixon (03/07/2009) / Stephen Priest (01/13/2010)

* KFD/F-MAX/KOF Heavyweight Title
- Naoki Fukuda (05/31/2012) / TAKU (08/11/2012)

* HEC Heavyweight Title
- TAKU (04/28/2013) / Title vacated due to inactivity (10/03/2013)

 * WWA National Heavyweight Title
- Riki Ichiro (2015/05/31) / 

Tournament History:

* NEW BREED 2007 (09/23/2007): Norihiro Akashi beat Akira Tomizaki (15:17) with a High-Angle German Suplex hold.
* KOF Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders Tournament (05/24/2012): Norihiro Akashi beat Naoyuki Watanabe (18:44) with the Planet Buster.

Trademark Moves:

* Dream Weaver (Wrap-around Lariat, formally known as the "Planet Buster" Lariat.)
* Nightmare Cascade (LeBell Lock)
* Nightmare Combination (Brutal left-right kesagiri chops to a kneeling opponent, followed with a spinning KO variation.
* Nightmare Crash (Vertical Suplex dropped into a seated STO at an incredible velocity. Akashi's first big finisher, and usually sealed due to its frequency of injuring opponents. Formally known as the "Ignition Crash.")
* Various forms of German Suplex

Biography: Norihiro Akashi debuted from Pro-Wrestling FURY's dojo in mid 2007 amidst much hype due his work ethic, in addition to winning several amateur wrestling championships. Akashi struggled early on to live up to the expectations promoters and fans both put on him. A successful American tour in 2009 saw Akashi return to Japan for his first attempt at becoming a main eventer. Akashi immediately made waves by challenging the notorious Ryo Inoue for FURY's top crown. However, the infamous legend was too much for him to overcome. During the final days of Pro-Wrestling FURY, Akashi finally reached the top by beating Naoki Fukuda for FURY's Heavyweight title. Unfortunately, Akashi's would slump once again after dropping the title in his first defense. Akashi would vanish from the public eye for the next year as he traveled the world learning and experiencing the various styles of pro-wrestling different locales had to offer. Akashi returned in early 2013, crashing a KJPW press conference uninvited. The controversial event earned Akashi entry into KJPW's ring, albeit as an outsider. Akashi stunned Japan by wrestling the HEC Heavyweight Title from the man who ended his run as champion, TAKU. Akashi has become a very mysterious figure in the last few years. Once again a lone wolf, Norihiro Akashi sets out on coloring the pro-wrestling world with his unique flavor.

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