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Real Name: Hiroaki Nakata (中田寛昭)
Nickname: "Renaissance Fighter"
Birthplace: Kishiwada, Osaka
Birthdate: January 11, 1981
Theme Music:
Weight: 105kg (231lbs)
Height: 183cm (6'0"
Debut: (w/ Hiroshita Yagato vs. Kazuma Fujita & Tetsuhisa Nakagawa)

Physical Appearance: Tone, athletic build with a medium tan. Nakata's dark brown hair is cropped neatly, with a beard growing from ear-to-ear.

Ring Costume: Nakata wears black trunks with gold sides, in addition to black knee pads, boots, and kick pads.

Title History:

* UJPW Heavyweight Title
- ZERO Kubota (11/30/2002) / Tetsuhisa NAKAI (6/18/2003)

* KFD/F-MAX/KOF Heavyweight Title
- Kenji Tanamura (2/18/2004) / Ryo Kitase (6/25/2004)

* KFD/F-MAX/KOF Tag Team Titles
- (w/ Yoshihiro Shimoda) Masafuji Yoshida & Chikao Kessin (5/18/2005) / Vacated (5/25/2006)

* WWA National Heavyweight Title
- Tatsumichi Akamatsu (5/31/2009) / Riki Ichiro (03/27/2010)

Tournament History:

* Revival Series (2002): Hiroaki Nakata beat ZERO Kubota (27:37) with an Avalanche Style Dragon Suplex.
* KFD Heavyweight Title Tournament (2/18/2004): Hiroaki Nakata beat Kenji Tanamura (16:58) with a Dragon Suplex.
* F-MAX Summit (2006): Hiroaki Nakata beat Otsuo Kayusa (19:04) with a Dragon Suplex hold.
* FURY 5th ANNIVERSARY CUP (10/21/2007): Hiroaki Nakata, TAKU & Mastodon Fukuda beat Etsuya Kawachi, Kazumitsu Takemura & Hidaka Kamon (15:28) when TAKU used the Kinniku Buster on Kamon.

Trademark Moves:

* Wakigatame
* Yagato Clutch (Kido Clutch, innovated by late trainer Hiroshita Yagato.)
* Dragon Suplex
* Zanzai (Running Soccer Kick to the face. Name means "execution by decapitation.")
* Dokkan (Series of right-left leg kicks, ending with a buzzsaw kick to the head. Name is a Japanese onomatopoeia for two swords clashing.)

Biography: Hiroaki Nakata graduated from the Kazuma Fujita dojo in 2002 with a great deal of hype surrounding him due to his credentials in amateur wrestling, which include the All-Japan Nationals and a silver medal in the Pan-Asian Championships. Nakata debuted on an independent event in August of 2002 that would be the inception for Pro-Wrestling FURY, formed later in the year. Nakata quickly rose to the top as Ace of the promotion, where he would begin a bitter -- and eventual friendly rivalry with second-generation star Tetsuhisa NAKAI. While other stars would emerge, Nakata remained a constant throughout the promotion's 10-year lifespan, holding both of the group's most prestigious titles: the UJPW Heavyweight title, and later the KOF Heavyweight title, in addition to winning the company's annual tournament held in November on two occasions. Nakata found himself as something of a controversial figure after quitting the promotion with a collection of other wrestlers, including Tetsuhisa NAKAI. While Nakata would eventually return, he would not follow the wrestlers who would go on to form KJPW. However to the surprise of many, Nakata made a surprising return to the national stage after KJPW publically declared "ALL BORDERS OPEN!" He has also dabbled as an promoter after a series of successful events under the "BREAK BLOW" banner... Perhaps reaching the end of his athletic prime, the "Renaissance Fighter" looks to make one last claim to the throne of "World's Strongest."

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