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Real Name: Tetsuhisa Nakagawa (水谷徹久)
Nickname: "The Invincible Shogun"
Birthplace: Kizu, Kyoto
Birthdate: March 21, 1981
Weight: 120kg (264lbs)
Height: 178cm (5'10")
Debut: August 14, 2002 (w/ Kazuma Fujita vs. Hiroshita Yagato & Hiroaki Nakata)

Physical Appearance: Beefy, muscular frame with dark, tanned skin. NAKAI's hair is shaven down, dyed blond.

Ring Costume:  NAKAI wears red tights with black designing, along with black wrist tape and red bicep ties. In addition, he wears black knee pads with red designing and boots matching his trunks.

Title History:

* UJPW Heavyweight Title
- Hiroaki Nakata (06/18/2003) / Title Retired (01/25/2004)

* KFD/F-MAX/KOF Heavyweight Title
- Akira Takayoshi (09/21/2008) / Ryo Inoue (02/10/2009)

Tournament History:

* F-MAX WORLD LEAGUE (FURY - 11/28/2004): Tetsuhisa NAKAI beat Tetsuhiro Kaneda (25:00) with the Koukai Vice.
* F-MAX Summit (FURY - 11/20/2008): Tetsuhisa NAKAI beat Chikao Kessin (12:09) with a strong-arm lariat.
* POWER SOURCE 2009 (CRIMSON - 05/20/2009): Tetsuhisa NAKAI beat Takayuki Ariwa (17:14) with the Koukai Vice.
* TOP OF THE GENERATIONS 1NIGHT Tournament (07/23/2009): Tetsuhisa NAKAI & Ryuugo Nagashima beat GALLEON & FALCON Hori (14:25) when NAKAI used a strong-armed lariat on Hori.

Trademark Moves:

* Lariat
* Half-Nelson Suplex
* Kendo Clutch (Cobra Clutch crossface, rookie-era finisher.)
* Devil Eruption (Fireman's Carry into a powerful facebuster.)
* Koukai Vice (Anaconda Vice-style choke utilizing the cobra clutch.)
* MAX BULLET (Fireman's Carry tossed into an Emerald Flosion-style drop.)

Biography: Tetsuhisa Nakagawa entered pro-wrestling as a second generation star, inheriting a legacy thanks to his late father, Kendo NAKAI. Kendo NAKAI was one of Japan's more notorious heels during the 70's and 80's, and is also responsible for discovering a young amateur grappler named Masaaki Komura, who would go on later to become Kazuma Fujita. After his father's untimely passing in the late 90's, Tetsuhisa began training under Kazuma Fujita, learning what his father had taught him decades before. The two shared a close relationship for years, even after Tetsuhisa finally debuted in late 2002, leading to the creation of Pro-Wrestling FURY. Despite wanting to strike out using his own name early on, Tetsuhisa Nakagawa became Tetsuhisa NAKAI towards the end of the year after engaging in a heated generation rivalry with Hiroaki Nakata. NAKAI would win his first championship in 2003 -- doing so by finally earning a hard-sought victory over Nakata. NAKAI would remain a top figure in Pro-Wrestling FURY until controversially leaving the promotion in 2007. After expanding his pro-wrestling ideology in the form of competing in "garbage" death matches, NAKAI was brought back to FURY at the request of generation rival -- now friend, Hiroaki Nakata. NAKAI would remain with the promotion until quitting once more towards the end of 2011, citing philosophical differences with the promotion's direction. He would make a very brief return to the FURY ring in 2012, competing on the promotion's tenth anniversary -- and final card. NAKAI returned to the independent scene, instantly shaking up several smaller regional promotions with his arrival. In 2015, NAKAI answered KJPW's call after declaring "ALL BORDERS OPEN." While his allegiance is never clear, NAKAI remains one of the strongest heavyweights in Japan.

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