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[News] KJPW Partners with EXODUS, The Sons of James Goodwin are coming!

-- From its new offices in Tokyo; still partially under construction, KJPW CEO and Acting President Shigesato Ishiyama held a press conference to make several announcements; a lot of which involve many new faces soon to be making their arrival in KJPW!

President Ishiyama opened by touching on the fallout of the company's 02/23 event in Osaka, calling it a "resounding success," and mentioned that the building was legitimately packed, with them turning away over 500 fans at gong time. "We packed every seat in BODYMAKER's second hall. I'm overwhelmed with the success, to be honest." Ishiyama went as far as to say that they even considered moving the show to a larger building when the ticket advances came in, but ultimately (and probably wisely) kept the venue as is.

Moving onto the larger notes, Kingdom of Japan Pro-Wrestling has proudly joined up and formed a mutual partnership with American company EXODUS Pro-Wrestling; based out of San Diego, California. The company is headed by Rufus Frost; a figure best known in American circles as the man behind New Era Wrestling. EXODUS marks Frost's return to the pro-wrestling industry from hiatus. Mr. Ishiyama stated that the deal was made official on 02/23, and will officially kick off on 03/15; the night of the final round of KJPW's EMPEROR'S CUP tournament in Korakuen Hall! EXODUS will dispatch three of its rising stars to test the mettle of the KJPW rookie class, consisting of Shinji Uchikawa, Tsutomu Nishioka, and Yutaka Awano. While far from world-caliber competition, the three inexperienced rookies will serve as a blank canvas for the EXODUS trio to display their skills in one of pro-wrestling's most revered venues; Korakuen Hall.

Mr. Ishiyama showed off blown up photos of the three in action while giving off brief backgrounds. The EXODUS team will be made up of the Johnny Cannon, Kliff Ulysses, and Alex Brooks. Cannon and Ulysses are both larger wrestlers, and will no doubt muscle the smaller rookies around. Brooks however weighs in at 86kg; well qualifying as a junior heavyweight, which aids him in his high flying style. While the three together form a well-rounded team on paper, personalities are bound to clash with all three running in separate circles. The three will no doubt have to work together to achieve victory; no matter how certain the result seems.

We can now provide you with the same information Mr. Ishiyama relayed to reporters.

Name: Johnny Cannon
Hometown: London, England, UK
Weight: 103kg (226lbs)
Height: 190cm (6'3")
Trademark Moves: Cannon Driver, Pulp Fiction, Cannon Driver II
Profile: The arrogant MMA BAD BOY from London. Trained in striking and submissions; he is no stranger to worldly competition. However, he is prone to a reckless heel fighting style, which could get him into trouble.

Name: "Cunning" Kliff Ulysses
Hometown: St. Paul, MN, USA
Weight: 101kg (222lbs)
Height: 190cm (6'3")
Trademark Moves: O.D.S.E., Lotus Dream, Cunningsault
Profile: A very calculated heel fighter who is known for his tenacity and intelligence. While inexperienced, he is a very crafty opponent in the ring capable of damaging kicks, suplexes, and submissions.

Name: Alex Brooks
Hometown: Aurora, CA, USA
Weight: 82kg (180lbs)
Height: 175cm (5'9")
Trademark Moves: Starburst, Aurora Clutch, Elway Drive
Profile: A veteran of many organizations, including SHOOT Project, Brooks represents EXODUS as a phenomenal aerial tactician capable of great things. Despite his size, his Burning Spirit is immeasurable.

Mr. Ishiyama indicated that KJPW would see further EXODUS participation following 03/15, saying the fans were likely to see more EXODUS stars on KJPW's post-Emperor's Cup series starting in late March. Likewise, he said KJPW will likely return the favor and dispatch wrestlers to the United States. However, he reiterated that 03/15 will be the starting point, and thus the focus for the time being. However, he made it clear that KJPW's borders were open to anyone in EXODUS or otherwise who felt strong enough to challenge them.

In addition to the stars of EXODUS, two more Americans will make their KJPW debut on 03/15 as the two sons of Legendary foreigner James Goodwin, "BIG" Jon Goodwin, and James Goodwin Jr. make their Japanese landing! Goodwin Jr., the oldest Goodwin son is only still in his 20's, but has been a veteran under his father's tutelage since 2006. He is no stranger to Japan, having traveled several times with his father; in addition to working for several groups, including Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON. Less is known about Jon, other than his enormous size. He is the younger, and lesser experienced of the two Goodwins, but is a splitting image of his father, being the only one of the two to have Goodwin's blood (Jr. is adopted.) The two will be joining the roster in a full-time capacity, though it's not known how long their stay is planned for. The two will face "MONSTER HEAD DUO," Mamoru Sekishima and Tetsuji Kawamura. With MHD trying to quickly make a name for themselves, both teams have a lot riding on this match.

Here is more information on "Double Goodwin."

Name: James Goodwin Jr.
Hometown: Long Beach, CA, USA
Weight: 108kg (237lbs)
Height: 185cm (6'1")
Trademark Moves: Power Collapse, Moonsault press, Terror Ride
Profile: Adopted by James Goodwin as his first son, and trained to be a professional wrestler from his teens. Debuted in 2006 for James Goodwin Promotions (JGP), and showing himself to be a high level physical talent. He has seen high-level competition world-wide, including Japan.

Name: "BIG" Jon Goodwin
Hometown: Long Beach, CA, USA
Weight: 134kg (295lbs)
Height: 207cm (6'8")
Trademark Moves: Firedrop, Chokeslam, Diving Body press
Profile: James Goodwin's only biological son. Jon made his pro debut last year, with many promoters taking notice of Jon's huge size and pedigree. He is the spitting image of his father, and will be a fearsome name to come; if it isn't already.

With the titular Emperor's Cup taking up the focus of the three-show series, cards for 03/10 and 03/15 are still incomplete until the first round of the tournament is decided. It must be reiterated that the winner of the Emperor's Cup will become the very first HONORED EMPEROR'S CROWN (HEC) Heavyweight Champion. While not explicitly stated until now, the HEC will serve as the sanctioning body for championships within KJPW. More information on the HEC Committee will be released in the coming weeks.

March 08, 2013
Tokyo - Korakuen  Hall (2,100)

0. Kazuki Sendo, Tsutomu Nishioka & Yutaka Awano vs. Yusaku Kitajima, Shinji Uchikawa & Yukio Kisanuki
1. Emperor's Cup - Round 1: Riki Ichiro vs. Yuichi Miwa
2. Emperor's Cup - Round 1: Tetsuji Kawamura vs. Sean King [SI]
3. Emperor's Cup - Round 1: Chikao Kessin vs. Mamoru Sekishima
4. Emperor's Cup - Round 1: Kenji Tanamura vs. Katsumi Gakusha [SI]
5. Emperor's Cup - Round 1: TAKU vs. Harumi Sakai
6. Emperor's Cup - Round 1: Go Taniguchi vs. Yujiro Higuchi
7. Emperor's Cup - Round 1: Masafuji Yoshida vs. Seiji Ebisawa [SI]
8. Emperor's Cup - Round 1: "Mr. Iron Man" Kazuma Fujita vs. Naoki Fukuda

March 10, 2013
Osaka - BODYMAKER Colosseum Second Hall (1,200)

* Yutaka Awano vs. Yukio Kisanuki
* Emperor's Cup - Round 2: Winner of Ichiro/Miwa vs. Winner of Kawamura/King
* Emperor's Cup - Round 2: Winner of Kessin/Sekishima vs. Winner of Tanamura/Gakusha
* Emperor's Cup - Round 2: Winner of TAKU/Sakai vs. Winner of Taniguchi/Higuchi
* Emperor's Cup - Round 2: Winner of Yoshida/Ebisawa vs. Fujita/Fukuda

March 15, 2013
Tokyo - Korakuen  Hall (2,100)

* KJPW vs. EXODUS: Shinji Uchikawa, Tsutomu Nishioka & Yutaka Awano vs.  Johnny Cannon [EXODUS], Kliff Ulysses [EXODUS] & Alex Brooks [EXODUS]
* Double Goodwin Japanese Landing ~ Reign of Terror: Mamoru Sekishima & Tetsuji Kawamura vs. James Goodwin Jr. & "BIG" Jon Goodwin
* Emperor's Cup - Semi Final: To Be Decided
* Emperor's Cup - Semi Final: To Be Decided
* Emperor's Cup - Final: To Be Decided

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