Saturday, February 23, 2013

[Results] "THIRD STAGE ~ RE:SURRECTION," 2013.02.23 @ BODYMAKER Colosseum Second Hall

* Kingdom of Japan Pro-Wrestling returned to Osaka, drawing at, or even possibly beyond the seating capacity of the smaller hall to the BODYMAKER Colosseum, with a crowd full of enthusiasm. At gong time, every wrestler on the roster were called out and introduced in order of faction. After-which, CEO and Acting President Shigesato Ishiyama appeared in the ring to greet the fans. He gave the customary thank you speech, and expressed how much their support meant to them. He vowed that he, and the other wrestlers would work hard to carry out on the things they promised. He said the coming months were extremely vital to the company, and said it would all ultimately culminate with an event that has been in the planning stages for several years, May's "Kansai Pro-Wrestling Festival" in the larger BODYMAKER Colosseum. Until then of course, we would all have to see how everything plays out in the ring.

* After a few moments to clear the ring, Shinji Uchikawa and Yukio Kisanuki from KJPW's inaugural rookie class took the stage to show off their steadily growing skills. Of course, neither man took any exceptional risk, and stuck to very basic attacks. Kisanuki actually dominated the bigger Uchikawa on the mat early on, gaining him some support among the fans. Shinji however got the better of Yukio in an exchange of strikes, as Shinji nearly KO'd Kisanuki after a running elbow smash. Kisanuki would manage a comeback after blindly tossing Uchikawa over his shoulder with a crisp Ipponseio Nage. However, as he tried to secure a half-crab, Uchikawa managed to power him off with his other leg, leading to well-timed dropkick to the face! Uchikawa tried to finish Yukio with a German Suplex, only for the craftier Kisanuki to counter with a rolling Kimura lock attempt! However, just before Yukio could break Shinji's grip, Uchikawa would overpower Yukio, and fold him in half with a German Suplex! Stunned from the shock, Yukio couldn't prevent Shinji from following with a nasty step-over facelock. This allowed Shinji to sink in the submission as deep as he possibly could, forcing Yukio to immediately tap out!

* The other two members of KJPW's first rookie class were up next, albeit as a team. Together, Tsutomu Nishioka and Yutaka Awano faced off against "MONSTER HEAD DUO," Mamoru Sekishima and Tetsuji Kawamura. Both men displayed new ring costumes, giving them larger superstar appeal. The two rookies tried their best; going as far as attacking MHD prior to the gong. Unfortunately for them, it did little to nothing, as they were quickly overpowered by their much larger -- and stronger opponents. The match became more about an exhibition of MHD's double team arsenal, as the two unleashed several devastating attacks to the unprepared rookies. In the end, MHD used a violent flipping alley-oop-style Powerbomb to put Nishioka away, only after using a Double Chokeslam on Awano just moments prior. Together, MHD left a considerable impression upon the crowd.

* The next bout was much more sporting, as Kazuki Sendo met ARMADA's Yusaku Kitajima, who was still something of a mystery to the Osaka fans, having only seen limited experience in front of a live crowd. Sendo however thrived in being the fan favorite, and even swiveled his hips to the delight of the ladies (and selected men) as he tore away his trademark baseball pants. Kitajima played a stark contrast to Sendo's exaggerated characteristics, as he remained poised and focused from the start. Both seemed evenly skilled on the mat early on, but Kitajima quickly got the better of Sendo; using his superior amateur wrestling background. Things quickly fired up however, as Sendo slapped Kitajima HARD across the face! The shot seemed to fire Kitajima up, who immediately shot in for a double-leg, ONLY TO TAKE A DEVASTATING KNEE TO THE FACE FROM SENDO! Kitajima found himself staggered, before lurching forward. This prompted Sendo to go for the kill as he came off the ropes, aiming for a second knee to the head... Kitajima however countered, FOLDING SENDO IN HALF WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX! The fans errupted; perhaps finally taking notice of Kitajima. Still, fans largely rallied behind the native Osakan as cries of, "SENDO!" broke out. Referee Hideki Kajiwara counted both men to seven before Kitajima rouse to his feet to break the count. Sendo soon followed, leading to the two staring each other down for a brief moment; maybe two seconds. Finally, both charged at one another, colliding with heavy elbows. Soon, Kitajima was getting the better of the exchange by mixing in kicks. After a vicious savate kick, which literally lifted Sendo off the ground; Kitajima scored the first near fall of the match after connecting with Double Arm Suplex hold! Kitajima aimed to finish Sendo with an onslaught of soccer kicks, but the agile Sendo managed to avoid devastation, and literally spring to life with a kip up, catching the fans off guard! Kitajima again tried to retaliate with a second savate kick, only for Sendo to LEAP over the attack, and counter with a BEAUTIFUL one-foot dropkick directly to Kitajima's jaw! Sendo followed with the cover, only for Kitajima to kick out after one. In desperation, Kitajima rolled to the outside to get catch his breathe... Sendo however had other plans, as the moment Kitajima touched down, Sendo raced off the ropes with lightning speed. With the fans holding their breath in anticipation, Sendo gracefully jumped at the perfect angle, narrowly avoiding the top rope. And just when Kitajima felt he could recover, he suddenly found himself catching all 87kg with the added force that comes with hurling said weight over eight feet onto the floor! The Osaka fans were ecstatic by this point; with the fans soundly behind Sendo. After returning to the ring, Sendo lined Kitajima up for his "Nice Hit!" knee. However, upon contact, Kitajima managed to grab hold of Sendo's leg! After standing up, Kitajima slickly kicked out Sendo's other leg, allowing him to apply a DEEP achilles ankle hold! Sendo's face clearly showed he was in immense danger, leading to him clawing his way to the ropes for the break. Kitajima continued to work over Sendo's leg with kicks, before ultimately going for the submission yet again. This time however, Sendo managed to kick Kitajima off into the corner, where he jumped to his feet and connected with a CORNER VARIATION OF THE "NICE HIT!" As Kitajima stumbled out towards the center, Sendo came off the ropes once more; assumably with yet another knee. Kitajima however COUNTERED WITH A BOOT TO THE FACE! The shot sent Sendo into a complete 180, allowing Kitajima to grab the waistlock and perform a beautiful, yet brutal looking German Suplex hold! Sendo was finished, and Kitajima secured the pinfall!

Despite their favorite losing, the fans were very supportive of Kitajima in his victory as he bowed to all four sides of the ring. Kitajima attempted to help Sendo to his feet, but his advances were thoroughly rejected as Sendo SHOVED Kitajima away, before exiting the ring on his own power. Sendo's behaivor drew less-than-favorable responses from the fans.

* Within moments of the brief intermission wrapping up, fans immediately begun anticipating the next match, as one of the most important figures in the last decade of pro-wrestling made his return. As stipulated several times, the bout would be a special two-out-of-three falls match; no doubt testing the limits of the returning Kazuma Fujita. Chants of "FU-JI-TA! began roaring from the Osaka faithful. As the lights dimmed to signify the second portion of the card, the gong sounded before a *whooshing* sound effect preceded a booming, English-speaking voice. "KINGDOM OF JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING -- HEROES OF THE NEW GENERATION." Ironically, this "new generation" continued chanting for the "hero" of the prior generation, Kazuma Fujita. Still, they would have to wait for the entrances of ARMADA, as Kenji Tanamura, Yuichi Miwa, and Harumi Sakai made their way to the ring; set to the tune of Tanamura's career-long theme song, "The Final Countdown" by Europa. Fans were still very into Tanamura, along with his two most well known disciples. Both men displayed double-sided flags, sporting the logos of KJPW and ARMADA... Finally however, fans were pleasantly surprised to hear "Chase The Dream" by Kinuko Oumori. The song, known better for being from the 1980's anime Bubblegum Crisis; was the very theme song used by Kazuma Fujita. Nostalgia was propelled through out the hall as the chants for Fujita grew even louder. Fujita, along with Riki Ichiro and Yujiro Higuchi finally made their arrival. Ichiro and Higuchi both held the ropes open for Fujita as he climbed onto the apron. The respect seemed to stop there however, as Ichiro and Yuichi Miwa immediately both began to lock eyes and begin to verbally disrespect the other. The tension nearly erupted into a full blown riot as the two hot-tempered alpha males got nose-to-nose with each other. Despite the two shoving one another, Referee Haruhiro Hirata, with the help of Kazuma Fujita; managed to pull the two apart without further incident. Fujita's aid however was mostly due to him wanting to START THE MATCH; much to the delight of the Osaka crowd! Tanamura was equally thrilled; long seeking a match with his mentor. The 1,900 fans were near visceral as Fujita and Tanamura squared off. After a sporting handshake, the two broke away. And with the gong sounding, the match was under way!

Circling one another, both seemed hesitant to make the first move. However, somebody would have to do it; and it was Tanamura, who shot forward; grabbing hold of Fujita's leg! Fujita stumbled, before falling forward onto Tanamura in a moment straight out of an MMA match. Still, Tanamura showed good power in getting Fujita to his back. From the side, Tanamura worked his masterful technique by consistantly grabbing hold of various limbs to keep Fujita occupied. Finally, to even the astonishment of the crowd; Tanamura transitioned to the mount position in one fluent motion! Having competed in a handful of MMA bouts himself, and practicing judo; Fujita defended well by keeping his arms close to his body. Tanamura however opened things up with a HARD PUNCH to Fujita's midsection; somehow echoing over the rabid fans! Even after a frantic flurry of palms to the face, Fujita kept his composure, before ultimately striking with an upward palm of his own... Unfortunately, this was the perfect opportunity for Tanamura to latch onto Fujita's arm, and apply a JUJIGATAME! Just barely keeping his arms clasped together, Fujita wisely kicked his way within reach of the bottom rope for the escape! Amidst the crowd's applause, Fujita and Tanamura both got to their feet while continually staring the other down.. However, the tension was suddenly diverted by Riki Ichiro, who took it upon himself to tag in! Some respondedly negatively, but the majority of the fans welcomed the "Hot-Tempered" Samurai into the ring. Naturally, Miwa appealed for the tag; hoping to face off with his fellow dojo classman. After once more butting heads and exchanging "pleasantries," both fighters unleashed on one another with a volley of forearms! The fans quickly got behind both men more with every blow. Ichiro finally broke the pattern by taking his left fist, and striking Miwa FULL BLAST in the face! The verocity of the blow silenced the fans... However, they were incited moments later as Miwa showed true guts by HEADBUTTING ICHIRO IN THE BRIDGE OF THE NOSE! The out-of-no-where blow sent Ichiro to his rear. Within moments, BLOOD could be seen leaking from a cut above Ichiro's right eyebrow! Other than being caught off guard, the shot appeared to do nothing more than piss Ichiro off, who responded with a FAST double-leg, SPEARING Miwa to the mat unexpectedly! Before long, both men were rolling around the mat, trading punches! With Ichiro on top, Yujiro Higuchi was eventually forced to jump in and pull Riki off, before forcibly tagging him out. This brought in ARMADA's Harumi Sakai, who immediately begun to chop away at the 194cm Yujiro Higuchi. The "Nagoya Tower" fired back with kicks and chops, before ultimately overwhelming the smaller Sakai. Yujiro attempted to cast Harumi into the ropes. The former shoot fighter however countered, sweeping behind Yujiro's back and picking his leg out right from under him! There, Sakai locked in an Ankle hold! However, the hold was of little threat, as Yujiro easily grabbed the ropes. Despite Referee Hirata trying to separate the two, Sakai continued to try and pull Yujiro away from the ropes, resulting in Yujiro kicking Sakai away! Upon getting to his feet,  Sakai would remarkably be cut off by his larger opponent; eating a VICIOUS BOOT TO THE FACE! With no time to recover, Yujiro pulled Sakai up, before SPIKING HIM INTO THE MAT WITH A CHOKESLAM! Yujiro followed with the cover; only for Tanamura to break it up with an axe-handle to the back! Showing great ring expertise, Tanamura pulled Sakai towards his corner as the referee admonished him, allowing him to tag himself in! Here, he unleashed on Yujiro with a barbarous flurry of palms, kicks, and knees. With Higuchi staggered, Tanamura exerted his strength to hold Yujiro into two with a nasty Backdrop! Tanamura covered; sensing an opportunity. However, at the 2.5 mark, Fujita would make the save; only to be quickly cut off and disposed of by Yuichi Miwa. As both legal men got to their feet, Tanamura begun to throw more kicks, only for the larger Higuchi to absorb every shot! Another reaching his peak, Higuchi unleashed with a fiery series of chops and forearms. Just as Tanamura appeared to be waivoring, he struck back with a lightning-fast combination of slaps... However, as Tanamura drew back on his shot to increase power, Higuchi countered with a BRUTAL BOOT TO THE FACE! As he had done with Sakai earlier, Higuchi grabbed Tanamura by the throat, before hoisting him high for a Chokeslam... Tanamura however COUNTERED, transitioning into a JUJIGATAME IN MID-MOTION! The move amazed the fans, who followed their shock with resounding applause! Higuchi kept balance; with Tanamura literally hanging upside down. However, this only allowed Tanamura to turn the jujigatame into a Triangle hold! Higuchi momentarily appeared as if he would be able to power out of it... However, that would be the case as he would find himself COLLAPSING under his own weight! Before Fujita and Ichiro could realize it, Higuchi was in trouble. And worse yet, Sakai and Miwa were quick to the draw; knocking both men off the apron! With no where to go, and no one to help, Yujiro Higuchi was forced to tap out; awarding the first fall to ARMADA!

Both teams were given a brief 1:00 rest period before the action resumed. Fujita attempted to start the fall off once more, but he was cut off by Ichiro, who appealed to start! Fujita relented, bringing the bloodied Ichiro back in. Miwa naturally came in to face off, leading to another fervid exchange. Ichiro however ultimately got control with a simple headlock; allowing him to tag in Fujita, who laid into the subdued Miwa with a HARD knife-edge chop! Almost encouraging more, Miwa stuck his chest out as his first teacher, provoking Fujita to unleash five THUDDING chops; turning Miwa's chest bright red! After a simple body slam, Fujita followed with a hard elbow drop across Miwa's chest, before applying a rear chinlock, while driving his knee deep between Miwa's shoulder blades. After trying to further drain Miwa, Fujita tagged out to a newly recovered Higuchi. Miwa would fight back with kicks and slaps, but would eat a massive double axe-handle from Yujiro in the process; keeping him grounded. Finally motioning to his corner as if on cue, Fujita and Ichiro leapt in the ring, before knocking Tanamura and Sakai off the ring apron! With Miwa isolated, Higuchi, Ichiro, and Fujita all consecutive crushed him with HARD corner lariats! As Miwa staggered out, Yujiro locked both hands around his neck; lifting Miwa up, before SLAMMING HIM HARD with the DOUBLE GAUGE! The move sent shockwaves through out the hall as Yujiro covered... However, there was still fight left in Miwa; who kicked out at 2.5! Sensing an opportunity to finish, Yujiro tried once more to use his patented Double Gauge Chokeslam. Miwa however countered, BLASTING HIM WITH A KNEE! Miwa managed to tag out to Sakai, bringing him in just in time for Yujiro to tag out to Ichiro. The two naturally collided; exchanging heavy blows in the process. Sakai managed to re-open Ichiro's wound, causing even further bloodshed. This only seemed to incense Ichiro, who responded in kind with a firm boot to the midsection, followed by a DDT! Sakai found himself staring up at Ichiro, who had firm hold of both of his legs; teasing the Scorpion Deathlock! Instead however, Ichiro planted his foot down HARD across Sakai's stirnum to drive the wind out of him! Prone; Sakai fell victim to a Piledriver, which seemed to spell doom for ARMADA in this fall! Sakai covered, only for Tanamura to leap in and break the ensuing pin attempt! Tanamura made liberal use of his given time in the ring, and attacked Sakai with hard kicks and knees, finishing with a rolling koppou kick! Tanamura took a brief moment to appeal to the fans by pumping his fist into the air... What followed was the booming screaming of, "DON'T GET COCKY, YOU BASTARD!" The cry didn't come from Ichiro however, but from KAZUMA FUJITA, who from the ring apron, delivered his trademark FUJITA LARIAT to Tanamura, TURNING HIM INSIDE OUT! As the two legal men pulled themselves up, it would be Sakai who would strike first, throwing one singular palm blow, ECHOING OFF ICHIRO'S JAW! Now grabbing hold of the back of Sakai's head, Ichiro screamed back, "THAT'S NOTHING! ACT SERIOUS!!" This infuriated Sakai, who threw two more shots equally as hard. Blood still dripping down his face, A smirking Ichiro again taunted, "IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE? YOU'RE NOT TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY!!" Again, a flustered Sakai responded with more shots. This time however, Ichiro avoided every shot, before taking off into the ropes, and SMASHING INTO THE WINDED SAKAI WITH THE RIKI LARIAT! The fans come unglued as Sakai's body did a complete 180! Fujita and Higuchi were quick to cut ARMADA off, allowing Hirata to count Sakai's shoulders to the mat!

The third fall began almost immediately, with both teams seemingly choosing to forgo the 1:00 rest period after all the four previously illegal men continued fighting. Eventually, Miwa and Higuchi formally kicked off the third fall with an exchange of strikes, with Higuchi eventually catching Miwa coming off the ropes with a front suplex; sending Miwa flying overhead! As Miwa got to his feet, he immediately found himself cornered, where Yujiro met him with a BRUTAL KENKA KICK to the face! Staggered; Miwa was helpless to fight Yujiro as he hoisted him high, before PLANTING HIM with a Powerbomb! Yujiro kept his weight on top of Miwa for the pin, only for Sakai to make the save for his partner! Wasting no time, Yujiro tagged out to an eager Riki Ichiro, who continued to assault Miwa with kicks and stomps. Ichiro showed impressive strength by hoisting Miwa up for two consecutive vertical suplexes with almost no effort shown. Riki finally signaled to Fujita and Yujiro once more, who cleared ARMADA from the ring apron, before following to the outside... In the ring, Riki aimed to finish Miwa as he tried scooping him up; potentially for the Northern Light Bomb... Miwa however fought vigorously with elbows to eventually break free. Still, Ichiro tried to further weaken Miwa with more kicks and chops, before delivering his second Piledriver of the match! Rather than go for the pin, Ichiro began waving his left arm to signify Riki's trademark lariat; inherited by Kazuma Fujita himself! As Miwa shambled to his feet, Ichiro came roaring off the ropes; swinging violently with everything he had in him... ONLY FOR MIWA TO DUCK AND TAKE OFF INTO THE ROPES HIMSELF! With everyone; including Ichiro himself caught off guard, Miwa launched himself off the ropes, before BLASTING ICHIRO WITH THE BERSERKER KNEE! The concussive blow sent the hall ablaze as Ichiro's unconscious body slumped to the canvas! Miwa covered. With Tanamura and Sakai subduing Fujita and Higuchi on the outside, Ichiro was powerless to kickout, and the match was decided!

The Osaka fans were incredibly appreciative for what they felt was a great effort. All six men received their share of individual support, with Miwa in gaining particular favor. Despite the heated confrontation, both sides were largely respectful to each other; with everyone showing respect to Fujita in particular. Ichiro however had no love for Yuichi Miwa, as he attacked the man who had just soundly pinned him. The two generation rivals, and First Round Emperor's Cup opponents had to be separated by both teams, before Fujita and Yujiro dragged Riki backstage. In the ring, ARMADA leader Kenji Tanamura thanked the fans for their support, and vowed he, Miwa, and Sakai would all advance to the second round of the EMPEROR'S CUP, which will naturally be held in Osaka.

* Without giving the passionate Osaka crowd much time to catch their breathe, we were set for our main event; pitting the KJPW Seikigun consisting of Team Captain Naoki Fukuda, Go Taniguchi, and the "Sumo Brothers" Chikao Kessin, and Masafuji Yoshida against the union of KJPW wrestler TAKU and Seiji Ebisawa's SPIRIT International faction made up of himself, Katsumi Gakusha, and Shino Hiriyama. TAKU raised many questions when he attacked his friend and former tag team partner Naoki Fukuda following their match on 01/24. TAKU however made it clear that this was about establishing himself as a top level star. Admitting his own selfishness, TAKU said he would stop at nothing to win the EMPEROR'S CUP; even if it means beating his friend. What this has to do with his affiliation with Ebisawa's SPIRIT International is anyone's guess. TAKU appeared to be on good teams with SPIRIT Intl', shown by their entrance together. While not sporting the same "SPIRIT" tees worn by Ebisawa and company, TAKU appeared very chummy with the three. After individual entrances for each of the Seikigun wrestlers, a tense atmosphere filled the hall once again after a few minutes of entrances.

Being a Captain's Fall Elimination Match, the rules were clearly stated to the fans: A match cannot end unless all four wrestlers from a team is eliminated, OR if its designated Team Captain loses a fall; which in this case would be Naoki Fukuda and TAKU respectively. In addition to pinfall and submission, wrestlers can also be eliminated by being thrown over the top rope... Before the match, both teams were given lavish bouquets of flowers to commemorate the match.

The gong sounded to begin the final match before the forthcoming EMPEROR'S CUP tournament, with Masafuji Yoshida and Shino Hiriyama starting the match off for their respective teams. The quicker Hiriyama moved around the ring at the fast clip, hoping to keep Yoshida off balance. Finally however, Yoshida threw a perfect timed kesagiri chop, SWATTING the annoying Hiriyama down like a fly! This got the match off to a fast start, as Yoshida pulled Hiriyama into his corner, before unleashing with more kesagiri chops while his partners held Hiriyama at bay! This brought in Go Taniguchi, who continued the assault, but with hard vertical chops to the top of Hiriyama's head! Go then whipped Hiriyama into the ropes, only to have his big boot avoided! Before he would even turn around, Hiriyama struck, BLASTING Go in the back of the head with a pin-point precision dropkick! Hiriyama mocked Go by slapping him across the back of the head; screaming, "BAAAAKAA! (Dumbass!)" As Go climbed back to his feet, Hiriyama came off the ropes once more; ONLY FOR GO TO COUNTER WITH A DROPKICK OF HIS OWN! The move came off very impressive, given Go's limited athleticism and larger size. Tagging out, Go brought in Chikao Kessin, the largest man in the match, who stood above the smallest man in the match. Sensing doom, Hiriyama tried to beg off momentarily to buy himself time. Kessin however responded with HARD chest slaps, followed by a POWERFUL Belly-to-Belly slam to nearly take all of the air out of Hiriyama! Pulling Hiriyama up, Kessin BLASTED HIM across the side of the face with the side of his fist; setting up the SEKAI ICHI NO BACKDROP! Collapsed in a heap, Hiriyama found himself with Kessin's knee pinned across his chest, as Referee Kajiwara counted Hiriyama's shoulders to the mat for the first elimination of the match!

With Hiriyama gone, SPIRIT International were now on the defensive; and reacted with all-out offense by ambushing Seikigun almost immediately after the fall. After knocking Fukuda, Go, and Yoshida off the ring, Ebisawa, TAKU, and the designated legal man Gakusha all triple-teamed Kessin in their corner. After whipping the Sumo across the ring, the three followed with a dropkick from Gakusha, a back elbow from Ebisawa, and a POWERFUL lariat from TAKU in succession! Ebisawa and Gakusha then tried their hand at vertically suplexing the 145kg Sumo; but proved unable to overcome Kessin's power! However, the "Rampaging Choujin" TAKU would aid Ebisawa and Gakusha. Together, the three would manage to hoist the big Sumo overhead, and drive him into the mat! By this time, the KJPW Seikigun had recovered, and returned the favor in kind by attacking them in the ring. Before long, the action spilled to the outside, leaving Kessin and Ebisawa. The two traded chops back and forth, with the older Ebisawa surprisingly holding his own against the much more powerful Kessin; to the point that some fans even began rallying in support for the gutsy veteran. Kessin however got the better of Ebisawa by cutting him off with a BRUTAL lariat! With Ebisawa prone, Kessin aimed to finish him with another Sekai Ichi no Backdrop... However, Ebisawa managed to TURN HIS BODY in mid-move, which allowed him to land on the apron at a very dangerous position! Seeing what was about to play out, Ebisawa suddenly grabbed hold of Kessin's neck, pinning him across the top rope! All became clear suddenly, as KATSUMI GAKUSHA appeared back in the ring, and grabbed Kessin's legs to TIP HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE, AND TO THE FLOOR! By match stipulation, Kessin was eliminated from the match, evening things up for both teams!

SPIRIT International gave Seikigun no time to rest, as they pulled Team Captain Naoki Fukuda into the ring, making him their focus of attack. Together, the three unloaded with a volley of blows. TAKU took over as legal man for the moment, and punished his former tag partner with a grueling double-chickening submission. Not satisfied, TAKU tossed Fukuda into a neutral corner, before unleashing with a series of HARD short lariats. As Fukuda stumbled forward, TAKU showed immense strength by grabbing Fukuda by the neck and HURLING him across the ring, and into his corner! TAKU charged in as Fukuda got to his feet -- ONLY FOR FUKUDA TO MOVE AWAY! The counter left TAKU unprepared, as he collided with BOTH Ebisawa and Gakusha! Admidst the confusion, Naoki BLASTED TAKU with a hard lariat, SENDING TAKU FLYING OVER THE ROPES! However, TAKU managed to hang onto the top rope to prevent his elimination. Before Naoki could follow up, he found himself ambushed by both Ebisawa and Gakusha; which in turn brought in Yoshida and Taniguchi. Both teams brawled in the ring momentarily, with all but Taniguchi and Ebisawa being left in the ring. Both unloaded heavy strikes on the other. Go ultimately seemed to gain the advantage; allowing him to connect with his "Aqua-Line" Northern Light Suplex hold! Ebisawa however, was able to escape quickly after two! Sensing momentum, Go aimed to finish Ebisawa by lifting across his shoulders... However, before he could execute his trademark Tama Tama Drop, the craft Ebisawa would slide-down Go's back, before locking in a tight SLEEPER HOLD! Within mere moments, Go was going limp. Rather than allow the referee to check for the submission, Ebisawa released his grip on Go; instead grabbing hold and SPIKING HIM ON HIS HEAD WITH THE WRIST-CLUTCH EXPLODER! Ebisawa covered Go, who was too far gone to kick out!

Now with the advantage, Ebisawa, Gakusha, and TAKU aimed to finish the match once more by going after Naoki, who valiantly did his best to fight off all three only to be overwhelmed. Masafuji Yoshida finally came to Naoki's aid, only now to find himself the victim of the three-on-one. The three continued taking turns assaulting Yoshida with attacks in the corner. TAKU finally planted Yoshida firmly with a body slam, allowing Gakusha to connect with a diving body press from the top rope! Once more, the three sent Yoshida into the corner, before following through with crushing blows. However, Yoshida managed to narrowly avoid the third strike coming from TAKU! As TAKU hit the turnbuckle, he suddenly found himself BLASTED WITH A CORNER LARIAT FROM THE RETURNING NAOKI FUKUDA! Naoki as well managed to catch both Ebisawa and Gakusha off guard with lariats, sending them both rolling to the outside; forcing Naoki to follow. Finding some new life, Yoshida aimed to finish TAKU. However, as he grabbed the waistlock; setting up his Masayume, TAKU fired back with a HARD headbutt! Countering with a swift go-behind, TAKU then delivered a SICKENING German Suplex; dumping Yoshida on his head at an awkward angle! As Yoshida sat up, clearly stunned; TAKU came racing off the ropes, before BLASTING YOSHIDA WITH THE CHOUJIN BOMBER! The sickening blow sent shock waves through out the hall, and the pinfall that followed from TAKU was academic.

The odds were now firmly stacked against Fukuda, who faced three men alone. The three circled him in the ring; like vultures. However, it would be Naoki who would strike first, as he began wildly throwing blows to anyone within range! Of course, the odds were too much and Naoki was soon dominated, and falling victim to further assault in the corner. The Osaka fans rallied heavily behind Fukuda, with chants of "NA-O-KI!" roaring through out the hall. After all taking turns giving Fukuda snapping Backdrops, TAKU appealed to end it once and for all. As Naoki sat up, TAKU sized him up perfectly, before coming off the ropes for the Choujin Bomber... Naoki however ROLLED OUT OUT OF THE WAY! Ebisawa and Gakusha scrambled to restrain Fukuda, only to receive two HARD forearms; grounding both men! As TAKU got to his feet, Naoki met him head on, BLASTING HIM WITH A LARIAT! With TAKU literally on the ropes, Naoki foolishly charged; utterly unprepared for TAKU, who dropped to the mat, PULLING THE TOP ROPE WITH HIM! Unable to stop his momentum, Naoki TUMBLED over the ropes! However, to the delight of the breathless Osaka faithful, Naoki managed to hang onto the bottom rope! Not out of danger yet however, Naoki continued to fight TAKU from the outside of the ring apron. TAKU unloaded with elbows; each one coming closer and closer to knocking Fukuda off. Suddenly Ebisawa charged over and knock Fukuda off, ONLY FOR FUKUDA TO PULL THE ROPES DOWN! Like Fukuda earlier, Ebisawa spilled over the top, where he hang only by the bottom rope! With the match literally hanging in the balance, Naoki fended off Ebisawa from the apron, and TAKU in the ring as best he could. TAKU finally subdued Naoki on the apron for Ebisawa, who stood in wait on the opposite side of the apron. Finally, Ebisawa took off racing, before throwing a HARD lariat aimed for Fukuda! The problem was he ended up hitting TAKU, as Naoki avoided the blow! After jumping into the ring, Naoki caught Ebisawa with a lariat of his own, knocking him flat on the apron! Just barely recovered, Gakusha walked straight into a SPEAR from Fukuda; nearly tearing Gakusha in two! Staggered, Gakusha could do nothing as Naoki lifted him up, and SPIKED HIM on his head in one, fluid motion with the MASTODON BUSTER. With the passionate Osaka fans on their feet, Naoki came one step closer to a miracle comeback as he made the cover, and got the three count!

Naoki had little time to rest however, as TAKU and Ebisawa immediately began stomping and kicking, before going back to isolating him in the corner. Ebisawa pulled off the consecutive Exploders, further injuring Fukuda. TAKU would in turn fold Fukuda in half with a powerful German Suplex hold; only keeping Fukuda down for two. Wanting to finish Fukuda, TAKU whipped him into Ebisawa, who greeted him with yet another Exploder! The momentum of the throw sent Naoki seated forward; the perfect position for TAKU's oncoming CHOUJIN BOMBER! The end appeared to be near for the Seikigun team as its sole member and team captain as TAKU made the cover. However, Fukuda perhaps pulled out a miracle by kicking out at 2.9! The kick out caught the fans completely off guard, who responded with a resounding round of applause! However, Naoki literally had nothing left now, and found himself unable to fight as TAKU dragged him towards the neutral corner... After taking a brief moment to himself, TAKU ascended to the top rope; waiting for Naoki to begin to sit upward. Finally, TAKU jumped high into the air, before coming down onto Naoki with a SLICING DOWNWARD LARIAT! The shot sent the back of Naoki's head CRASHING into the mat! Having unveiled a brand new technique, TAKU secured the three count, and pivotal victory for his team!

The Osaka fans loudly applauded the efforts of both teams after the match; with even some enthusiastic fans trying to start a "OUKOKU (Kingdom)" chant. the KJPW Seikigun took their time attend to Naoki after the match, who had been pushed far past his limits... An effort was made to remove him from the ring to seek further medical attention. However, Naoki refused initial attention, and instead begun calling for TAKU's name! Still cooling off from the match, TAKU, stood calmly as Naoki asked for the house microphone. After getting his request, Naoki said that he understood TAKU's feelings. Everyone is entitled to their own ambitions. However, Naoki told TAKU, "You're going about it all wrong!" Naoki said that above all else, he wanted to see TAKU succeed in becoming a singles player, and that TAKU doing so doesn't have to mean the end of their friendship. Naoki extended his hand outward to TAKU; not quite knowing how to react. In fact, one would say it was foolish to trust TAKU at this point... However, TAKU would shock almost everyone in the building by ACCEPTING NAOKI'S GESTURE. After a long round of applause and cheers, TAKU took the microphone, saying, "I was brash... And you understand my feelings. Our friendship is great, but you know what this means to me! Win or lose, our friendship will be even greater after the EMPEROR'S CUP, because ONE OF US WILL BE CHAMPION! THERE IS NO OTHER POSSIBILITY!" TAKU's passionate microphone appeal had most of the fans rallying with support. TAKU finally turned to Ebisawa and the other members of SPIRIT International, saying "Ebi-san, Gaku-san, forgive me. But if you face me in the EMPEROR'S CUP, YOU WILL LOSE!" TAKU spiked the mat onto the mat, before leaving the ring. After a awkward, albeit brief staredown with Seikigun, SPIRIT International made their exit to savor their victory...

Winded, and visibly exhausted, Naoki thanked the fans for their amazing support tonight; saying that the "spirit of pro-wrestling is burning hotter than ever!" He promised amazing things were in store for the future, and that the coming EMPEROR'S CUP was just the beginning!

February 23, 2013
Osaka - BODYMAKER Colosseum Second Hall
1,900 Fans (Super No Vacancy Full House)
1. Shinji Uchikawa beat Yukio Kisanuki (8:19) with a step-over facelock.
2. Mamoru Sekishima & Tetsuji Kawamura beat.Tsutomu Nishioka & Yutaka Awano (7:04) when Kawamura pinned Nishioka after the Megaton Bomb.
3. Yusaku Kitajima beat Kazuki Sendo (10:13) with a German Suplex hold.
4. Kazuma Fujita Chase The Dream "One More Time" Special 2/3 Falls Match: Kenji Tanamura, Yuichi Miwa & Harumi Sakai beat "Mr. Iron Man" Kazuma Fujita, Riki Ichiro & Yujiro Higuchi in the third fall (18:21) when Miwa used the Berserker Knee on Ichiro. 1st Fall: Tanamura beat Higuchi (10:56) with a Triangle hold. 2nd Fall: Ichiro beat Sakai (15:22) with the Riki Lariat. 3rd Fall: Miwa beat Ichiro (18:21) with the Berserker Knee.
5. KJPW vs. SPIRIT Intl' + TAKU ~ Captain's Fall Elimination Match: TAKU (Cpt.), Seiji Ebisawa, Katsumi Gakusha & Shino Hiriyama beat Naoki Fukuda (Cpt.), Chikao Kessin, Go Taniguchi & Masafuji Yoshida (26:41) when TAKU used the Choujin Lance on Fukuda. Order of Elimination: Kessin eliminated Hiriyama (5:48) with the Ichi no Backdrop, Gakusha eliminated Kessin (7:04) by throwing him over the top rope, Ebisawa eliminated Taniguchi (13:45) with the Wrist-Clutch Exploder, TAKU eliminated Yoshida (17:32) with the Choujin Bomber, Fukuda eliminated Gakusha (21:58) with the Mastodon Buster, and TAKU eliminated Fukuda (26:41) with the Choujin Lance.

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