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[Results] "SECOND STAGE ~ Birth By Soul," 2013.02.08 @ Differ Ariake

- Two weeks following their debut event in Osaka, KJPW returned with its follow up convention in Tokyo, drawing a respectable crowd of enthusiastic fans. Before gong time, Naoki Fukuda, Go Taniguchi, and other members of the roster greeted fans as they entered the hall. As fans continued filing in, a dark match was held between rookies Shinji Uchikawa and Yutaka Awano in front of much of the KJPW roster. Both wrestlers displayed exemplary polish when it came to the fundamental basics of pro-wrestling. Despite being a "dark" match, the fans who arrived were very supportive. Awano in particular struck a cord with the fans with his animated personality. Unfortunately for Awano, he would be bested by Uchikawa a textbook German Suplex hold proceeding a lengthy crab hold submission.

- Kazuma Fujita appeared before the crowd to open the show, thanking them for their support. He stated that he would be returning to the ring on 2/23 in Osaka, but said more would be said on that later... His main purpose for starting the show was to announce the EMPEROR'S CUP  tournament, which will begin next month in Korakuen Hall, much to the delight of the Tokyo fans. Fujita said that tournaments have always been an essential part to Pro-Wrestling, and sports in general. "Who is the strongest?" Fujita asked the fans. "This is always the question we ask." He stated that the sixteen wrestler tournament would be held over the course of three shows, beginning on 3/08 in Korakuen Hall. The second round will take place on 3/10 in Osaka, with the semi and grand finals taking place on 3/15 in Korakuen. He didn't explicitly reveal what is in store for the winner of the tournament, but said the winner would almost undoubtedly be considered KJPW's "Ace" player. As part of his vow to give his all before winding his career down, Fujita announced his participation in the tournament, saying he still had something to prove.

- The first bout of the night was oddly enough, a handicap match pitting TAKU against two KJPW rookies, Tsutomu Nishioka and Yukio Kisanuki. TAKU was introduced as a Freelancer, which surprised many fans. TAKU made short work of the inexperienced duo, beating them in under three minutes after flattening Nishioka with the Chojin Bomber, and Kisanuki with the Kinniku Buster. TAKU left the ring about as fast as he came, leaving both rookies laid out. Backstage, TAKU refused comment from reporters; instead heading straight for the locker room specifically designated for members of SPIRIT International...

- Speaking of which, SI's Shino Hiriyama faced off against the spirited Kazuki Sendo. Now in his fifth year as a pro, Sendo put on a superb performance alongside Hiriyama, as the two had incredible chemistry as competitors. Both wrestlers showed off flashy, but effective holds to try and secure themselves the victory. In the end however, it would be Hiriyama's devastating "Picture Perfect" German Suplex that would spell the difference. Hiriyama mocked Sendo after the match, saying that his level was just too high for Sendo to reach. Backstage, Sendo vowed to comeback and return the favor to Hiriyama.

- The next match pitted ARMADA teammates against one another, as Harumi Sakai faced off against Yusaku Kitajima. Both men engaged in a intense series of grappling exchanges on the mat; showing their familiarity with each other. Soon however, the spirit of competition was brought out of both men as fiery palms and kicks were traded back-and-forth. While into the action, the fans were pulled further into the match after Kitajima landed a thunderous high kick to the side of Sakai's head, causing him to nearly fall! However, just before he knees gave, Sakai grabbed hold of Kitajima, before FOLDING HIM IN HALF WITH A SICKENING BACKDROP! Kitajima was slow getting to his feet, allowing Sakai to ascend to the top rope in a surprising move. There, Sakai followed with a missile kick to the back of Kitajima's head! Sakai followed with the cover, only for Kitajima to kick out after two. In doing so however, Kitajima fell into Sakai's trap, as he immediately straightened out Kitajima's arm; effectively applying a V1 Armlock! Partially stunned, and with no where to go in center-ring, Kitajima was forced to submit! After the match, both Sakai and Kitajima briefly addressed the fans, promising to earn their keep in KJPW.

- On KJPW's inaugural event two weeks ago, Riki Ichiro faced off against Yujiro Higuchi, before besting him with the Riki Lariat. Afterwords, the two expressed mutual respect for one another, going back to their time together in Pro-Wrestling DYNAMITE. Tonight, the two worked together as a team, facing young upstarts Tetsuji Kawamura and the nearly 200cm Mamoru Sekishima. Prior to the gong sounding, Formally "Tetsujin," Kawamura reiterated his recent decision to begin wrestling under his real name, saying he would run wild and show his true personality. Kawamura also declared he and "Mamo-chan" as a full-time tag team. On cue, both he and Sekishima pulled off their plain black shirts, revealing the words "MONSTER HEAD DUO." Kawamura boasted that this would be the "fearsome" name of their team, but the Tokyo fans didn't quite know how to initially respond. Amidst Kawamura appealing to the fans, Ichiro and Higuchi immediately began attacking to start the match. After throwing Kawamura to the outside, Ichiro and Higuchi worked over the larger Sekishima with kicks and chops. Eventually, Sekishima managed to singlehandedly fight his two opponents off with BRUTAL knees to the body! This allowed Kawamura to capitalize with a diving crossbody attack onto Ichiro! The upstarts showed great tenacity, and even better teamwork. The two even scored a near fall after Sekashima lifted Ichiro up in an Spinebuster position, allowing Kawamura to follow through with a Bulldog Headlock from the second turnbuckle! In the end however, Kawamura's over zealousness would cause him to make a vital mistake after trying to lift Higuchi for a Chokeslam, allowing Yujiro to counter with the DOUBLE GAUGE! The impact of the move sent shock waves through out Korakuen Hall, giving Higuchi and Riki Ichiro the victory!

- In the night's semi final bout, the re-united Sumo Brothers; Chikao Kessin and Masafuji Yoshida tried to exact revenge over SPIRIT International's Seiji Ebisawa and Katsumi Gakusha losing to the two, along with Shino Hiriyama in a six-man tag match. Ebisawa and Gakusha were not exactly gracious in victory, pressing the issue. Unfortunately for the Sumos however, the results would be similar after Ebisawa muscled the 124kg Yoshida over his head with an Exploder to secure the three count. As Shino Hiriyama stood behind them displaying a black flag with "SPIRIT International" emblazoned across it, Ebisawa said that after going 2-0 over KJPW, he questions whether or not they're even at the level of a "Pro." Naming KJPW Match Maker Kazuma Fujita personally, Ebisawa asked to be given a decent challenge next time...

- The main event saw the pro-wrestling return of Kenji Tanamura, who pioneered modern Japanese kakutougi in the late 90's and early 2000's. He garnered an incredible amount of attention when he made the move to Pro-Wrestling in 2002, and even after returning to the kakutougi ring afterwords, he still kept close ties to Pro-Wrestling. Now with his martial arts days behind him, Tanamura has set his eyes on many of his unrealized goals in Pro-Wrestling, and took his first step tonight as a part of the KJPW roster. Along with protege and accomplished kakutougi fighter Yuichi Miwa, both faced a prepared Naoki Fukuda and Go Taniguchi. To the delight of the audience, Tanamura and Fukuda started the match off against each other. The contrasting styles made for an interesting confrontation. The two exchanged holds and takedowns, with the more technically proficient Tanamura to gain the advantage. Fukuda however came back with nothing more than sheer strength, and welcomed Tanamura back to the Pro-Wrestling ring with a powerful shoulder tackle. After feeling each other out, both men tagged out to their respective partners, bringing in Go Taniguchi and Yuichi Miwa. Miwa immediately took control with powerful knees to the body to force Go into the corner. Taniguchi tried to fight back with chops whenever an opportunity presented himself. Before long, Go caught Miwa impatiently rushing in, allowing him to raise his huge boot up just in time to catch Miwa in the face! Go followed with the Running Neckbreaker Drop, before tagging out to Naoki. Through out the match, Naoki and Go used many of the double team attacks they used during their respective tag teams with TAKU to form a unique amalgamation of the Chojin Powers and FURY Machineguns. Miwa was able to eventually comeback with a flurry of heavy knees to the head of Naoki Fukuda! With Fukuda stunned, Miwa was able to tag out to Tanamura. Teacher and student showed masterful, if simplified, teamwork to continually keep the "Chojin Machineguns" off-balance! Miwa scored some near falls over Go, including a spectacular high-angle German Suplex hold to the 193cm Go Taniguchi! After Fukuda broke up the pin attempt, Miwa aimed to finish the match once and for all, as he unloaded onto Go with a volley of strikes. As Yuichi LEAPT with a match-ending Jumping Knee, Go CAUGHT Miwa's knee, before carefully positioning him over his shoulder and delivering the TAMA TAMA DROP! With the vocal fans putting their hands together, Go tagged out to Naoki Fukuda, who struck upon the staggered Miwa with a powerful Lariat! Rather than going for the cover, Fukuda opted to further punish Miwa with the MASTODON SLAM! The match seemed decided as Go restrained Tanamura. However, through sheer determination, Tanamura managed to elbow his way free, and making the DIVING SAVE to shove Fukuda off his partner at 2.9! Unfortunately for him however, Go was quickly able to toss him to the outside once more, allowing Fukuda to ascend to the top and CRUSH Miwa with the "Mastodon Crash" Frog Splash! With Tanamura unable to break the fall this time, Fukuda was able to pick up the three count!

The audience applauded both teams efforts. After teasing tension, Fukuda welcomed Tanamura to the KJPW ring, and said he was more than impressed by his prowess. He said for the first time in years, his blood was boiling with the Burning Spirit of competition, and promised to assert his strength, and by proxy, KJPW's strength upon the wrestling world. He directed his attention what Seiji Ebisawa had said earlier in the night, saying if SPIRIT International wanted a decent challenge, he would be more than happy to show them the "true power of KJPW," and said he, Go, Chikao Kessin, and Masafuji Yoshida would meet them two weeks in Osaka! Oddly enough however, his response wouldn't come from SPIRIT International, but from TAKU, who suddenly made himself known at ringside! TAKU said Naoki's tough attitude was getting on his last nerve, and said he was tired of sitting back as a singles player.  He acknowledged his ongoing contract negotiations with KJPW, and said he wanted to enjoy his time as a Freelancer for the time being, and expressed his interest in aligning with SPIRIT International for this suggested match. Naoki and TAKU argued for a few minutes, before a Captain's Fall Elimination Match was decided! Seiji Ebisawa briefly appeared with TAKU to confirm SPIRIT International's participation, before leaving alongside TAKU...

Kenji Tanamura also spoke afterwords, saying he had waited to return to the Pro-Wrestling ring for several years. He brought up Kazuma Fujita's upcoming in-ring return for 2/23 in Osaka, stating that he strongly desired to face off against his teacher! This of course brought out Kazuma Fujita, who while taking Tanamura's challenge very seriously, jokingly said he wasn't ready for a singles match this close before the Emperor's Cup... Fujita said he would be thrilled to face Tanamura, but suggested a six-man tag match. Fujita personally nominated RIKI ICHIRO and YUJIRO HIGUCHI as his partners, citing their performance earlier tonight. The match was agreed upon, and officially signed for 2/23 to closeout the show.

"SECOND STAGE ~ Birth By Soul"
February 08, 2013 (FIGHTING TV Samurai)
Tokyo - Differ Ariake (1,800)
1,160 Fans (No Vacancy)

0. Shinji Uchikawa beat Yutaka Awano (6:05) with a German Suplex hold.
1. Handicap Match: TAKU [FREE] beat Tsutomu Nishioka & Yukio Kisanuki (2:46) when he used the Kinniku Buster on Kisanuki.
2. Shino Hiriyama beat Kazuki Sendo (12:16) with the Picture Perfect German Suplex hold.
3. THIS IS ARMADA ~ S vs. K: Harumi Sakai beat Yusaku Kitajima (13:32) with a V1 Armlock.
4. Riki Ichiro & Yujiro Higuchi beat Mamoru Sekishima & Tetsuji Kawamura (14:23) when Higuchi used the Double Gauge on Kawamura.
5. Seiji Ebisawa & Katsumi Gakusha beat Chikao Kessin & Masafuji Yoshida (14:28) when Ebisawa used an Exploder on Yoshida.
6. Historic First Meeting  ~ KJPW vs. ARMADA: Naoki Fukuda & Go Taniguchi beat Kenji Tanamura & Yuichi Miwa (18:13) when Fukuda used the Mastodon Crash on Miwa.

February 23, 2013
Osaka - BODYMAKER Colosseum Second Hall (1,800)

- Kazuma Fujita Chase The Dream "One More Time" Special 2/3 Falls Match: "Mr. Iron Man" Kazuma Fujita, Riki Ichiro & Yujiro Higuchi vs. Kenji Tanamura, Yuichi Miwa & Harumi Sakai
- KJPW vs. SPIRIT Intl' + TAKU ~ Captain's Fall Elimination Match: Naoki Fukuda (C), Chikao Kessin, Go Taniguchi & Masafuji Yoshida vs. TAKU (C), Seiji Ebisawa, Katsumi Gakusha & Shino Hiriyama

March 08, 2013
Tokyo - Korakuen  Hall (2,100)

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