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[News] Cards for 11/08, 11/10, and 11/16! Who will challenge for the HEC Heavyweight Title? Joshi integration announced! BIG BOSS Homecoming

* Following its very successful relaunch yesterday in Korakuen Hall, KJPW released several tidbits for the coming weeks; including the full cards for its next two events on 11/08 in Korakuen Hall and 11/10 in Osaka. Indeed, 11/08 will see TAKU and the "BIG BOSS" Chikao Kessin square off in a very important singles match to determine the first challenger to Naoki Fukuda's HEC Heavyweight Title. TAKU stated his intention to rebuild himself in front of the fans following the show's main event. However, when Chikao Kessin unceremoniously ruined Naoki's shining moment by -- in TAKU's eyes, stepping ahead of other deserving challengers. If nothing else, the "BIG BOSS's" actions have motivated TAKU to intercept his Title Challenge! The winner of that match is expected to challenge Naoki Fukuda for his title in December. While the company has yet to formally announce anything, KJPW tentatively has the coveted date of New Years Eve booked for an event titled, "Dynamite Deluxe." One could speculate this to be site of this Championship Bout.

If TAKU vs. Kessin wasn't big enough, the 11/08 Korakuen card will be headlined by an HEC Tag Team Title Bout, as new HEC Heavyweight Champion Naoki Fukuda and WWA National Champion Riki Ichiro defend the Tag Team belts they acquired on 5/31 from Seiji Ebisawa and Katsumi Gakusha. Showing amazing growth since debuting for the company, James Goodwin Jr. and "BIG" Jon Goodwin will step up to challenge FukuRiki in the biggest match of their careers. While still being relatively young and inexperienced in big match situations, Double Goodwin have demonstrated an amazing blend of power, speed, and teamwork.

ARMADA's Kenji Tanamura and Yuichi Miwa will also face the "Dream Catcher" Norihiro Akashi and KJPW newcomer Daisuke Iwakuma in a special tag bout. A long-time friend of Akashi, Iwakuma has been something of a mystery to fans -- and even Akashi's allies in SPIRIT International. We will see how their friendship translates into team chemistry as they face the indominatable "Gladiator King" Kenji Tanamura and his ARMADA protege Yuichi Miwa. The match serves as something of a precursor to 11/10 in Osaka, which will see Harumi Sakai and Seiji Ebisawa join their respective sides. Coming off of their double ring out on 10/25, there are sure to be fireworks between Ebisawa and Iwakuma. Can they work together to obtain victory?

In a precursor to their HEC Jr. Heavyweight Title Bout on 11/10, 11/08 sees Kotaro Ota and long-time friend and OKINAWA SPEED STAR partner Fumihiko Shirai team with the ever-popular masked hero, Jet Jaguar to face ATSUKA, Yoshihiro Shimoda, and the HEC Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Hayato Saigo. Saigo and Ota will both be eager to leave their mark on the other before their Title Bout.

In something that will be elaborated on at a further time, all KJPW cards from this point forward will begin featuring WOMEN'S WRESTLING on their events. Of the three cards announced, each will feature a special Women's match. The four women used for the matches are Miyabi Fujita, Kaoru Hamaguchi, AISUKA (Ai Sukamoto), and Jaguar Dream. The girls have their ties to several wrestlers in KJPW. Most famous is Miyabi Fujita, daughter of Kazuma Fujita. A direct contrast to her more honorable father, Miyabi is a ruthless heel fighter who will step at nothing to obtain victory. Hamaguchi is a skilled amateur wrestler who was a personal protege to former Pro-Wrestling FURY star Otsuo Kayusa. With AISUKA (protege of KJPW Junior star ATSUKA), the two captured titles in ATTACK GIRLS; Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON's Joshi brand. Jaguar Dream is a fierce martial artist who has taken the female form of the popular Jet Jaguar character. Despite being the weakest of the four, her heart is said to be the biggest. Korakuen Hall will see Hamaguchi and AISUKA square off, while Miyabi and Jaguar will face off in Osaka.

November 08, 2013
Tokyo - Korakuen Hall (2,100)
0. Yujiro Higuchi vs. Joshua Sullivan [EXODUS]
1. Harumi Sakai, Yusaku Kitajima & Yukio Kisanuki vs. Go Taniguchi, Tsutomu Nishioka & Yutaka Awano
2. Women’s Pro-Wrestling Match: Kaoru Hamaguchi vs. AISUKA
3. Masafuji Yoshida, Mamoru Sekishima, Tetsuji Kawamura & Jet Jaguar vs. Seiji Ebisawa, Katsumi Gakusha, Shino Hiriyama & Sean King
4. HEC Jr. Heavyweight Title Preliminary Skirmish: Kotaro Ota, Fumihiko Shirai & Kazuki Sendo vs. ATSUKA, Yoshihiro Shimoda & Hayato Saigo [FREE]
5. Special Tag Match: Kenji Tanamura & Yuichi Miwa vs. "Dream Catcher" Norihiro Akashi & Daisuke Iwakuma
6. HEC Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders Match: TAKU vs. “BIG BOSS” Chikao Kessin
7. HEC Tag Team Titles: Naoki Fukuda & Riki Ichiro (c) vs. James Goodwin Jr. & “BIG” Jon Goodwin

November 10, 2013
Osaka - BODYMAKER Colosseum #2 (1,800)
1. Yusaku Kitajima & Yukio Kisanuki vs. Kazuki Sendo & Tsutomu Nishioka
2. Women’s Pro-Wrestling Match: Miyabi Fujita vs. Jaguar Dream
3. Go Taniguchi, Fumihiko Shirai & Yutaka Awano vs. Yujiro Higuchi, ATSUKA & Yoshihiro Shimoda
4. Masafuji Yoshida, Mamoru Sekishima & Tetsuji Kawamura vs. Katsumi Gakusha, Shino Hiriyama & Sean King
5. Kenji Tanamura, Yuichi Miwa & Harumi Sakai vs. Seiji Ebisawa, "Dream Catcher" Norihiro Akashi & Daisuke Iwakuma
6. KJPW vs. Dark Triad Special 6-Man Tag Match: Naoki Fukuda, Riki ichiro & TAKU vs. “BIG BOSS” Chikao Kessin, James Goodwin Jr. & “BIG” Jon Goodwin
7. HEC Jr. Heavyweight Title: Hayato Saigo [FREE] (c) vs. Kotaro Ota

* A special homecoming event for "BIG BOSS" Chikao Kessin will be held on 11/16 in Kessin's home prefecture of Aichi. On his blog, Kessin stated that he had been given partial match-making powers for the card. Naturally, Kessin announced himself as the main event, promising a "very important match that will change the foundation of Japanese Pro-Wrestling." Whether that is hyperbole is yet to be seen. The other match; again made personally by Kessin will pit his former Sumo Brothers partner Masafuji Yoshida in a HANDICAP MATCH against Double Goodwin! Further, Kessin declared that he didn't want Yoshida's shitty wrestling to lower his triumphant homecoming more than it has to -- and thus Yoshida will be banished to the opening match. Kessin said he wished he could make it a dark match so fans didn't have to watch his awful wrestling, but that would lessen the salary of his Dark Triad teammates...

November 16, 2013
Aichi - Nagoya Congress Center (3,000)
* Handicap Match: Masafuji Yoshida vs. James Goodwin Jr. & “BIG” Jon Goodwin
* "BIG BOSS" Chikao Kessin vs. X

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