Saturday, November 16, 2013

[Results] "CHIKAO KESSIN TRIUMPHANT HOMECOMING ~ BIG BOSS RETURNS," 2013/11/16 @ Nagoya Congress Center

* "I am BIG BOSS! And from now on, I'M running this show." These were the words of the NEW HEC Heavyweight Champion -- Chikao Kessin. Despite having help from practically every member of TRIAD, his new gang established earlier in the night, Kessin would capture the belt from beloved babyface -- "DAUNTLESS" Naoki Fukuda after using his devastating wrist-clutch Backdrop Suplex called fittingly enough, the "Disaster Point." Kessin's victory was met with favorable cheers oddly enough. However, that was due largely in part due to Kessin's hometown following in Aichi.

* With tension between Seiji Ebisawa and Daisuke Iwakuma on the verge of breaking, "Dream Catcher" Norihiro Akashi apparently chose his side after allowing his friend and "Blood Brother" Daisuke Iwakuma to be choked out by Ebisawa's patented Sleeper hold. While taking the fight to SPIRIT International, Akashi was urged on by Ebisawa later in the bout to make his choice. While leaving his partner, Akashi chose not to partake in the post-match assault at the hands of the lower members of SPIRIT International. On the microphone, Ebisawa told Iwakuma he was a "trashy American wrestler who couldn't cut it in Japan." 

* Despite earning the victory, MONSTER HEAD DUO found themselves on the receiving end of a heinous post-match assault at the hands of Sean King and Shino Hiriyama, concluding with the SPIRIT International members brandishing SCISSORS and cutting what they could of Mamoru's and Tetsuji's hair before being pulled away. Backstage, MHD swore revenge.

* Champion and upcoming Challenger found themselves on the same side of the ring as HEC Jr. Heavyweight Champion Hayato Saigo teamed with his 11/29 challenger ATSUKA, along with Yoshihiro Shimoda. While showing some surprising good teamwork, to think the cunning trickster ATSUKA wouldn't plan something would be naive to say the least. After a long stretch of isolation, Saigo managed to break free for the hot tag. Exaggerating eagerness to get in; almost to the point of transparency, ATSUKA AND Yoshihiro Shimoda leaped off the apron just as Saigo reached the corner. Dismayed, Saigo was left to the wolves so to speak, allowing Jet Jaguar, Kotaro Ota, and Fumihiko Shirai the victory.

* The first match quickly broke down, as even Referee Hideki Kajiwara quickly threw the match out... However, TAKU would quickly come to the "Nise" Sumo's aid. After some microphone work, TAKU and Yoshida challenged Double Goodwin, provoking them into an impromptu tag match! James Goodwin Jr. came out looking strong after finishing Yoshida with an impressive Moonsault press, while the lesser-experienced Jon continues to receive good marks. James called out the WWA National Heavyweight Champion Riki Ichiro, who he'll face for the title in Hyogo on 11/30, and promised to become a double-crown champion!

November 16, 2013
Aichi - Nagoya Congress Center (3,000)
0. Harumi Sakai & Yukio Kisanuki beat Tsutomu Nishioka & Yutaka Awano (7:36) when Kisanuki used the Kimura Lock on Awano.
1. Handicap Match: Masafuji Yoshida vs. James Goodwin Jr. & “BIG” Jon Goodwin (2:11) went to a no contest.
1b. Restart: James Goodwin Jr. & “BIG” Jon Goodwin beat TAKU & Masafuji Yoshida (9:54) when James used the Moonsault press on Yoshida.
2. Women’s Pro-Wrestling Match: Miyabi Fujita & AISUKA beat Kaoru Hamaguchi & Jaguar Dream (11:09) when Fujita used the Fujita Axe Driver on Hamaguchi.
3. Mamoru Sekishima, Tetsuji Kawamura & Kazuki Sendo beat Shino Hiriyama, Sean King & Joshua Sullivan [EXODUS] (9:21) when Sekishima used a knee kick on Sullivan.
4. Jet Jaguar, Kotaro Ota & Fumihiko Shirai beat ATSUKA, Yoshihiro Shimoda & Hayato Saigo [FREE] (14:15) when Jaguar used the Jaguar Special on Saigo.
5. KJPW vs. ARMADA: Kenji Tanamura, Yuichi Miwa & Yusaku Kitajima beat Riki Ichiro, Yujiro Higuchi, Go Taniguchi (13:47) when Miwa used the Berserker Knee on Taniguchi.
6. Blood Brothers vs. SPIRIT Inter: Seiji Ebisawa & Katsumi Gakusha beat “Dream Catcher” Norihiro Akashi & Daisuke Iwakuma (11:03) when Ebisawa used a Sleeper hold on Iwakuma.
7. HEC Heavyweight Title: “BIG BOSS” Chikao Kessin beat “Dauntless” Naoki Fukuda (c) (17:15) with the Disaster Point to become 4th champion.

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