Saturday, April 4, 2015

[News] Title Bout Added to 4/17! EXODUS Champ versus "Mr. Hard Body"!

Days after capturing his very first championship in Pro-Wrestling, KJPW trueborn Shinji Uchikawa will make his first defense of the EXODUS Pro-sanctioned championship on 4/17 in Osaka!

Appearing with KJPW President Shigesato Ishiyama, Uchikawa proudly displayed his new title belt for the eager photographers. On the match itself, Uchikawa spoke of how much it meant to seize the belt in front of his home country. However, Shinji lamented his brief celebration, as it was ruined by one of the four competitors in the match -- Shozo Arino. While promising revenge in the future, Shinji stated that his eyes were currently focused on April 17.

It was up to Mr. Ishiyama to reveal Shinji's opponent for the title bout... However, the challenger decided to make the announcement himself, as TSUTOMU NISHIOKA -- Shinji's dojo contemporary entered the room with his arms wrapped around two lovely Japanese ladies. Having been out of the public eye for several months, the former bodybuilder appeared more cut than ever, with confidence to match.

"Shinji-kun, welcome home!" Nishioka sarcastically coughed out, before looking to his two lady-friends for a reaction. Going even further, the two women sized Shinji up. "Hmm... You lied, sweetheart..! He's actually cute!" the first coyly spoke. Her friend disagreed. "AHH! He looks so weak! His muscles are nothing compared to yours, darling!" Hearing this was enough to cause an almost child-like squeal to come out from Tsutomu, being exactly what his ego needed to hear.

Shinji and Tsutomu both debuted on KJPW's first event on January 24, 2013. While the two were not close during their dojo upbringing, the two debuted alongside one another in a tag team match. When going over their history together, Tsutomu made sure to note that it was Uchikawa who lost the match for them.

Tsutomu told reporters that while Shinji has been "sight-seeing" in America, he has continued to improve his body. He noted that he had won three amateur bodybuilding competitions in the last six months alone, and said the only thing keeping him from "turning pro" is his desire to be the best pro-wrestler in Japan. Never the less, his accolades have earned him the name of "Mr. Hard Body." He said his first in-ring statement would be "embarrassing" Shinji by showing just how far the gap has grown between the two. He showed little respect for the championship he was fighting for, much to the ire of the proud, defending champion.

"I only want this belt because it will hurt you. Also, one of my lovely friends want it... I forget which!"

Hearing enough, Shinji cut Tsutomu off mid-sentence, promising to put everything he has learned to use in their match in order to shut Tsutomu up. Shinji delivered it with such confidence that Tsutomu was briefly speechless...! Flustered, Tsutomu tightened his hooks around his ladies and snidely called Shinji an "idiot virgin" (to the amusement of his friends) on his way out the door.

Alone with the press, Uchikawa promised to make Nishioka pay for disrespecting his new championship. While fans in Korakuen witnessed his progression since leaving, the fans in Osaka will see an even further evolution!

April 17, 2015
Osaka - BODYMAKER Colosseum (6,000)
1. LAST of BIG BOSS ~ Chikao Kessin Farewell Match: "BIG BOSS" Chikao Kessin, James Goodwin Jr. & "BIG" Jon Goodwin vs. X, X & X
2. We are... NEW GENERATION!! ~ EXODUS Pro Pacific Coast Title Match: Shinji Uchikawa vs. "Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka
3. ARMADA vs. T.A.P. ~ The First Shot: Kenji Tanamura, Yuichi Miwa, Harumi Sakai & Yusaku Kitajima vs. Ryo Inoue [T.A.P.], X [T.A.P.], X [T.A.P.] & X [T.A.P.]
4. "DAUNTLESS" Naoki Fukuda & "Hot-Blooded Samurai" Riki Ichiro vs. Tetsuhisa NAKAI & Mamoru Sekishima
5. Unified Double Titles Match: "FIGHTING LOVE!" Genji Yamato (c) vs. "Mr. 300%" Kazuma Fujita

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