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[Results] "Road to KANFES 2015," 2015/05/13 @ Toyohashi City Gymnasium #2

May 13, 2015
Aichi - Toyohashi City Gymnasium #2 (1,500)

* Kingdom of Japan Pro-Wrestling continued its Road to KANFES 2015 with an eventful night of results in Aichi. The atmosphere was somewhat lessened due to the half-house, which arguably resulted from a lack of a full card announced. Never the less, the 750+ in attendance watched with a great interest leading into the night's opening bout with FIGHTING LOVE!'s Yusuke Kishimoto and Maleko Momoa facing KyouHonGan's Kazuki Sendo and SS Star.
The pretentious rudos bullied the two youths during the early going, garnering large sympathy from the Nagoya fans. Sendo and Star's arrogance would be their weakness as Kishimoto and Momoa mounted a spirited comeback after catching the two off-guard with stereo dropkicks! With the fans solidly behind Genji Yamato's wards, Kishimoto attacked Sendo with hard kicks and elbows, before pulling off a flashy standing Moonsault press! In the end however, Sendo would prove too crafty for Kishimoto after using a back groin kick to soundly end a struggle the two had over a backslide. Both Kishimoto and Momoa protested to the Referee Kajiwara. However, the referee's decision was final... Naturally, Sendo and Star mocked the two afterwards for their "whining."

Match #1: 1 Fall, 20-Minute Time Limit
Yusuke Kishimoto
Maleko Momoa
(7:16 - Backslide)
Kazuki Sendo
SS Star

* Genji Yamato's two remaining students would too be tested in the following match as they teamed with the fresh rookie Ryo Nozawa, facing strong opposition in Tetsuhisa NAKAI himself. However, NAKAI would be aided by Yutaka Awano and Nozawa's rookie contemporary Kappei Nakao. Showing frightening similarities to his late father -- former 80's star Kendo NAKAI, as he seemingly took great pleasure in torturing the younglings with various stretches and holds. However, NAKAI was not bullying the youths -- but rather testing them. Showing his maturing wisdom, NAKAI left calculated openings to allow Obata to fight back -- only to be quickly cut down. Awano followed NAKAI's lead, and tested Nozawa with a series of bodyslams one after another However, a miscalculation between he and Nakao would give Obata and his team their biggest chance to win, as Obata trapped Nakao in his Lock Kohei modified STF. It was evident that Nakao was about to submit -- only to be saved at the last second by NAKAI! Obata then tagged out to Hajime Kon who tested his mettle against NAKAI, even trading two hearty shoulder tackles! However, NAKAI would eventually put Kon down for the victory with a sudden and violent lariat as the over-eager heavyweight came off the ropes.

Match #2: 1 Fall, 20-Minute Time Limit
Tetsuhisa NAKAI
Yutaka Awano
Kappei Nakao
(11:26 - Short-Ranged Lariat)
Kohei Obata
Hajime Kon
Ryo Nozawa

Backstage, NAKAI evaluated KJPW's group of young wrestlers, including his teammates... NAKAI praised Obata and Kon for their abilities despite their experience-level -- attributing that to the training and wisdom of Genji Yamato. Surprisingly, NAKAI even showered some praise on the junior heavyweight Ryo Nozawa for his tenacity. When asked about his contemporary Kappei Nakao, NAKAI replied, "Who?" Of course, this was all said in front of poor Nakao, who needed consoling from Awano (who too had forgotten his name...)

* The first of two matches pitting Kenji Tanamura's Hybrid Corps ARMADA and Total Attack Pro-Wrestling took place next as Yusaku Kitajima faced Shuji Kido in a non-stop flurry of grappling and striking. With their respective schools on the line, neither fighter held back against the other. Kitajima came on strong early with brick-shattering soccer kicks and suplexes. One could tell by the look on his face that he was fighting with pure emotion. While matching Kitajima's ferocity, Kido instead clearly fought the bout as a strategist. That said, Kitajima's drive would earn him a near victory after catching Kido blindly with a left-legged high kick, almost knocking Kido out! The Ryo Inoue disciple however rallied, and waited for his time to strike. When an opportunity finally presented itself, Kido struck with a blazing right-legged high kick, graving Kitajima above the eye! Like a sack of potatoes, Kitajima fell to the mat, with Kido quickly gaining a top position rather than going for the pinfall. After feigning various submission attempts, Kido finally trapped the tough Kitajima in a jujigatame (cross armbreaker)! After initially trying to reach the ropes, the futility was more than clear to the intelligent Kitajima, who surrendered the match and tapped out.

Match #3: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Hybrid Corps ARMADA versus Total Attack Pro-Wrestling
Yusaku Kitajima
(7:54 - Jujigatame)
Shuji Kido [T.A.P.]

After the bout, Kido would do something uncharacteristic of Total Attack Pro-Wrestling in helping his opponent up to his feet. Clearly not happy with the result however, Kitajima shoved Kido away -- refusing any help from his supposed enemy...

* The series continued as Harumi Sakai and Yukio Kisanuki represented ARMADA against T.A.P.'s Takumi Amano and Daichi Kurumada. Amano garnered loud boos for his thuggish attitude, and paid no mind to the referee's warning before the bell -- instead choosing to hurl insults towards ARMADA's corner. For a man who is normally of high spirits, Harumi Sakai displayed rarely seen focus in facing Amano during the early going. The two displayed smooth grappling and transitions -- while trading occasional strikes. Eventually however, Amano trapped Sakai in a similar position to the one he caught Yuichi Miwa in on 4/17 that led to Miwa's eye injuries after a series of mounted punches... However, Sakai pulled a fast one over Amano by catching his oncoming punch and nearly submitting him with an armbar! Showing no couth whatsoever, Amano broke the submission by promptly stomping on Sakai's face as he had the hold. Daichi Kurumada and Yukio Kisanuki soon took over, with Kurumada greatly enjoying his height advantage over the 175cm Kisanuki. However, Kurumada may have underestimated Kisanuki's guile, as the energetic Jr. Heavyweight was soon lighting Kurumada up with slicing kicks to the leg, followed by a powerful Judo Throw! Both teams would continue to trade control back and forth until Sakai pulled out a nasty Tiger Suplex -- folding Kurumada in half! Sakai followed by sinking in a Chickenwing Facelock, forcing the prideful Kurumada to reluctantly tap out!

Match #4: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Hybrid Corps ARMADA versus Total Attack Pro-Wrestling
Harumi Sakai
Yukio Kisanuki
(13:57 - Chickenwing Facelock)
Takumi Amano [T.A.P.]
Daichi Kurumada [T.A.P.]

* When Hiroaki Nakata entered KJPW in April, he became quickly entangled in a rivalry with the young, and brash "Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka and the fearsome gaijins, Double Goodwin -- James Goodwin Jr. and "BIG" Jon Goodwin. Nakata would receive help from some unlikely allies in the form of former Pro-Wrestling FURY stars and contemporaries of Nakata, Manabe Tsuji and Ryuji -- OSAKA WILD STYLE. While various long-standing conflicts persisted between Nakata and his former partners, RYUJI and Tsuji pledged to help their Senpai. While they would come out on the losing end of their encounters, a level of effort from RYUJI and Tsuji could be seen... Tonight however, was a different story...

Unlike the prior nights where Tsuji and RYUJI both argued to start the match in place of Nakata, they left the duties to their Senpai with almost an aloof attitude shared between them. Nakata started the bout with the powerful "BIG" Jon Goodwin -- matching his mammoth power with surgeon-like precision using his legs as scalpels. Nakata soon beckoned for aid as he maintained Jon with a front facelock. However, RYUJI and Tsuji remained standoffish. This momentary breakdown allowed Jon to overpower Nakata with a forceful overhead throw. Nakata soon found himself on the receiving end of a relentless three-on-one assault -- all while RYUJI and Tsuji watched on with... indifference? Being the "Renaissance Fighter" however, Nakata mounted a tactical comeback -- once more using battering kicks as his primary weapon. In an incredible sight, Nakata successfully thwarted off BOTH Goodwins in a remarkable display of intelligence and tenacity. So fast was Nakata, that he was able to catch the overconfident Tsutomu Nishioka with an unsuspecting elbow! Suddenly with the crowd rallying behind Nakata, Tsuji and RYUJI suddenly begun motioning for the tag!  Somewhat put off, Nakata put his pride aside in the name of teamwork as he approached his corner. However, as he reached his hand forward for the tag, RYUJI AND TSUJI JUMP OFF THE APRON! The move puzzled not just the fans, but Nakata himself. Glaring at his partners with a perplexed expression, Nakata was then blindsided with a crushing attack from behind thanks to "BIG" Jon! The backstab spelled the sudden end for Nakata, as James Goodwin finished him with the Power Collapse Sit-out Powerbomb!

Match #5: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Special 6-Man Tag Match
Hiroaki Nakata
[FREE] Manabe Tsuji
(6:01 - Power Collapse)
"Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka
James Goodwin Jr.
"BIG" Jon Goodwin

After the bout, "Mr. Hard Body" reveled in the treachery, and said nobody wanted to be friends with a brittle, sagging old man. Nishioka solidified a newfound alliance with the freelancers with a handshake. "Mr. Hard Body" was greatly impressed with Manabe's grip strength, and said his physique was quite admirable "for an amateur." However, he somewhat chastised RYUJI, who is known for his heavy drinking habits. OSAKA WILD STYLE had no clear explanation for their actions, simply saying Nakata "should have never trusted dogs who bit him before."

* In the night's semifinal, the incredible Junior Heavyweights took stage as Seikigun members Jet Jaguar, ATSUKA, and GALLEON met KyouHonGan's strongest trio -- "The Outlaw" Kyoto Okazaki, Wataru Yamada, and Keisuke Rongai. The villainous heels ambushed the Seikigun before the bell, leading to a wild brawl around ringside. KHG had no problems abusing the rules -- and actually reveled in it. Yamada and Rongai in particular enjoyed taking it to the men who will challenge for their AALL Tag Team titles on 5/31, as they repeatedly assaulted Jet Jaguar and GALLEON -- while frequently tearing at their trademark masks! Naturally, the unique double and triple team attacks the juniors have become known for were on full display. KHG particularly displayed exemplary chemistry and teamwork, with HOT LIMIT tying ATSUKA up in a kneeling position, while allowing Okazaki to stand tall on top of ATSUKA's back in an act of pure humiliation... The Seikigun however would soon rally, with all three gaining a measure of revenge over the heels with a series of counter-attacks. Jaguar and GALLEON caught HOT LIMIT with stereo arm drags to send them to the outside. There, Jaguar and GALLEON elated the Aichi fans with simultaneous topes through the ropes onto their 5/31 opponents! In the ring, ATSUKA and Kyoto Okazaki tried to finish one another with big moves -- only to counter each other every time. After hitting a point of exhaustion, the two tagged out to GALLEON and Rongai respectively. Rongai tried to overpower his Senpai with hard lariats in the corner, only to find himself nearly cradled by the crafty masked man! However, Rongai would eventually land a devastating lariat as GALLEON came off the ropes -- nearly getting the victory in the process! Rongai soon aimed to finish GALLEON once and for all as he lifted him up for the Tower Hacker Bomb! However, as he threw GALLEON up to complete the sit out Powerbomb, GALLEON countered with a brilliant hurricarana TO GIVE HIM THE THREE COUNT!

Match #6: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Road to KANFES 2015 Special 6-Man Tag Match
Seikigun versus KyouHonGan
Jet Jaguar
(21:44 - T.H. Bomb Cutback Hurricarana)
Kyoto Okazaki
Wataru Yamada
Keisuke Rongai

KHG wasted no time in assaulting the three babyfaces after the match, resulting in referee and officials needing to get involved. Backstage, the three told reporters that tonight's results were inconsequential, as they were still champions. Rongai in particular called shenanigans on GALLEON's pin, insisting that the "stupid referee" missed his shoulder lifting off the ground. HOT LIMIT declared that they would be going "On Safari" come 5/31, and would bag themselves a Lion, and a Jaguar. Looking forward to his AALL Intercontinental Welterweight Title Bout with Hayato Saigo on 5/31, Okazaki said the win was already guaranteed due to "super-secret reconnaissance work" from Kazuki Sendo and SS Star, who learned of a series of debilitating knee injuries Saigo suffered several years ago (which isn't that much of a secret...) Okazaki vowed to put Hayato Saigo out of wrestling once and for all on 5/31!

* The main event of the night took a big step on the Road to KANFES 2015 as a huge eight-man tag bout featured two of the big title bouts already announced for 5/31, as Naoki Fukuda, Riki Ichiro, Ryuugo Nagashima, and Hayato Saigo faced Mamoru Sekishima, Norihiro Akashi, Yoshihiro Shimoda, and ARMADA's venerable leader Kenji Tanamura. Despite the half-house, the Aichi fans came unglued for this big eight-man offering featuring some of KJPW's best heavyweights and juniors. Showing no love lost since their WWA National Heavyweight Title Bout was made official for 5/31, Riki Ichiro started the match off against his next challenger, Norihiro Akashi. After getting what he wanted, Akashi now looked to play mind games with the WWA National Champion with a series of evasive maneuvers and psychological plays... In the end however, Akashi would outsmart himself after a series of duck-unders -- ONLY TO EAT A NASTY LARIAT FOR HIS EFFORTS! Naoki Fukuda and Mamoru Sekishima too met head on in a preliminary skirmish before they will determine the brand new HEC Heavyweight Champion. Both men showed incredible resilience going up against one another. Sickeningly hard shots were traded back and forth, as with every elbow Naoki buried into the side of Mamoru's jaw, Sekishima would answer with a chest-caving knee to the body! However, neither man would gain anything over the other, forcing both to regroup. We had some interesting teamwork between Tanamura and Shimoda against Nagashima, both of whom actually shared a Senpai/Kouhai relationship over a decade ago. Not to be counted out however, the determined Nagashima caught Tanamura unsuspectingly with a jumping elbow smash to the face! Just as Ryuugo was building steam however, he was cut off by his 4/17 opponent, Norihiro Akashi -- clearly showing that their rivalry is not over... With all eight men putting forth their best for the paying fans, the main event saw the match largely breakdown into a bedlam with wrestlers hitting their big moves one after another. First Akashi leveling Ichiro with the DREAM WEAVER! However, as Akashi foolishly took a moment to pose, Ryuugo Nagashima struck, GERMAN SUPLEXING Akashi on his head! This led to Tanamura sneaking up on the unsuspecting Nagashima, before dropping him on the back of his head with a BACKDROP! Tanamura too had no time for celebration, as "DAUNTLESS" Naoki Fukuda hoisted him onto his shoulders -- before SPIKING HIM WITH THE MASTODON BUSTER IN ONE, FLUID MOTION! Symptomatic of the environment, Fukuda made the mistake of getting too overzealous as well, allowing his 5/31 opponent to grab him and hoist him HIGH into the air... before FOLDING HIM IN HALF WITH A DANGEROUS BACKDROP! Both heavyweights rolled to the outside, allowing the two legal men -- Saigo and Shimoda to take center stage once again. Once regarded as the best pound-for-pound wrestler in the world, Shimoda showed that his skills had not dulled as he matched Saigo's speed and quick-thinking with his trademark resolve and brilliance. Shimoda managed to deal severe damage after connecting with his Torokeru Knee Kick. However, Saigo showed he was just as tough as he kicked out at 2.5. Shimoda soon tried for a second Torokeru Knee, only to receive a vicious Jumping Savate kick to the face -- setting up a picture-perfect VERTICAL BRAINBUSTER! That in itself may have been the end had Tanamura not made the last second save... After Tanamura was disposed of by the returning Ichiro and Nagashima, Saigo decided to send a clear response to his 5/31 opponent -- Kyoto Okazaki. Hearing the talk regarding the condition of his knees, Saigo soundly silenced the talk by climbing to the top, and executing an amazing Phoenix Splash, crushing Shimoda on the dot for the three count victory!

Match #7: 1 Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit
Road to KANFES 2015 Special 8-Man Tag Match
Naoki Fukuda
Riki Ichiro
Ryuugo Nagashima
Hayato Saigo
(19:42 - Phoenix Splash)
Kenji Tanamura
Mamoru Sekishima
Norihiro Akashi
Yoshihiro Shimoda

All 750+ fans roared with appreciation for the efforts of all eight men. After their opponents left the ring, Hayato Saigo was allowed to close out the show before the live fans. He noted his anxiety leading into such a huge show on 5/31, but said it wasn't his first time competing on a large stage. With everything in life, we must push forward and give our best. Saigo assured Okazaki that his knees were now fine, and cited tonight as evidence. With sarcasm in his voice, Saigo jokingly welcomed Okazaki to try and submit him with a Figure Four, promising to never give up!

May 13, 2015
Aichi - Toyohashi City Gymnasium #2
765 Fans
1. Kazuki Sendo & SS Star beat Yusuke Kishimoto & Maleko Momoa (7:16) when Sendo used a low blow-assisted backslide on Kishimoto.
2. Tetsuhisa NAKAI, Yutaka Awano & Kappei Nakao beat Kohei Obata, Hajime Kon & Ryo Nozawa (11:26) when NAKAI used a short-ranged lariat on Kon.
3. ARMADA versus Total Attack Pro-Wrestling: Shuji Kido [T.A.P.] beat Yusaku Kitajima (7:54) with a jujigatame.
4. ARMADA versus Total Attack Pro-Wrestling: Harumi Sakai & Yukio Kisanuki beat Takumi Amano [T.A.P.] & Daichi Kurumada [T.A.P.] (13:57) when Sakai used the Chickenwing Facelock on Kurumada.
5. "Mr.  Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka, James Goodwin Jr. & "BIG" Jon Goodwin beat Hiroaki Nakata, Manabe Tsuji [FREE] & RYUJI [FREE] (6:01) when James used the Power Collapse on Nakata.
6. Road to KANFES 2015 Special 6-Man Tag Match: Jet Jaguar, ATSUKA & GALLEON beat Kyoto Okazaki, Wataru Yamada & Keisuke Rongai (21:44) when GALLEON used hurricarana on Rongai.
7. Road to KANFES 2015 Special 8-Man Tag Match: Naoki Fukuda, Riki Ichiro, Ryuugo Nagashima & Hayato Saigo beat Kenji Tanamura, Mamoru Sekishima, Norihiro Akashi & Yoshihiro Shimoda (19:42) when Saigo used the Phoenix Splash on Shimoda.

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