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[Results] "Road to KANFES 2015," 2015/10/10 @ Nirasaki Municipal Gymnasium

* One night removed from Korakuen Hall, KJPW continued the Road to KANFES 2015 just west of Tokyo in Yamanashi. The night opened with a spirited tag match between Harumi Sakai and Yusaku Kitajima of ARMADA against Hajime Kon and Maleko Momoa of Genji Yamato's ~ FIGHTING LOVE! ~ faction.
The ~FL!~ youths put forth an impressive effort against two men with a bit more seasoning between them in Sakai and Kitajima. Momoa engaged the crowd early on with some light-hearted comedy -- only to quickly find himself tested by the unrelenting kicks of Yusaku Kitajima. While Momoa used some impressive rope work early on, he quickly found himself needing rescue by the larger Hajime Kon, who stood as something of a challenge for Kitajima, forcing his senpai -- Harumi Sakai to step in. While Kon looked impressive early on with fiery kicks and chops, Sakai used precision and technique to chop the beefy youth down to size! After putting up one final effort, ~FL!~ would find themselves on the losing end after Kitajima scored with a punishing soccer kick to Momoa's chest for the victory!

Despite losing, Momoa and Kon received a great response from the appreciative fans. Both showed their gratitude with a deep bow to all four sides of the ring.

* Since entering KJPW's ring, Hiroaki Nakata has found himself at odds with of all people -- KJPW trueborn Tsutomu Nishioka. While Nakata has yet to score a meaningful victory in this budding rivalry, Nishioka's success has largely been attributed to his alliance with the deadly foreigner team of James Goodwin Jr. and "BIG" Jon Goodwin -- DOUBLE GOODWIN, in addition to some unfortunate misfires involving the men Nakata has aligned himself with in his struggle -- Manabe Tsuji and RYUJI. Being freelancers by trade, Tsuji and RYUJI missed tonight's event, leaving KJPW trueborns Yutaka Awano and the recently-debuted Kappei Nakao. Unfortunately, his fortunes would not improve given his new partners, as "Mr. Hard Body" would force the rookie to submit to a painful Canadian Backbreaker. Nishioka mocked Nakata for his performance lately, but tried to soften the blow by telling him that "defeat is assured when facing Mr. Hard Body!"

Backstage, Nakata lamented his situation to the press. Looking past the poor communication and problems he has had with Tsuji and RYUJI, Nakata said he would with them yet again in Aichi. Despite their troubled past, Nakata said that he practically raised both men as his little brothers during their time in Pro-Wrestling FURY, and vowed to reach a breakthrough on 5/13 in Aichi!

* The fans in Yamanashi were treated to a fun, albeit rushed singles bout between Ryuugo Nagashima and Genji Yamato's much hyped prodigy, Kohei Obata. The two very briefly traded holds on the mat, with Obata surprisingly holding his own against the more experienced Nagashima! Power soon spelled the difference however as Nagashima nearly finished Obata with a series of deadly forearms, followed by a Death Valley Bomb! Showing his aptitude for knowledge, Obata surprised everyone by pulling a page out of Norihiro Akashi's playbook from 4/17, as he countered Nagashima's R-Bracer with the same crucifix hold! However, Ryuugo would instead show that he had learned from 4/17 as he rolled through the cradle! After landing on his feet, Nagashima slide forward, landing a short-ranged R-BRACER TO THE SIDE OF OBATA'S HEAD! Despite showing incredible resilience and natural genius for his experience level, Obata would finally succumb to the R-Bracer to give Nagashima the victory.

Ryuugo helped the promising heavyweight to his feet after the match, and raised his arm in acknowledgment. The Yamanashi fans met Obata's efforts with unanimous cheers.

* The main trio of Kyou Hon Gan scored a much needed victory against their seikigun enemies as Kyoto Okazaki, Wataru Yamada and Keisuke Rongai bested Jet Jaguar, GALLEON, and rookie Ryo Nozawa. Indeed, it would be Nozawa's inexperience that would prove to be the seikigun side's weak link. Despite showing a good effort early on, he would eventually fall to Keisuke Rongai's powerful lariat. Jaguar and GALLEON spent much of the match fighting with Yamada and Rongai -- largely continuing the proceedings from Korakuen Hall.

*The semifinal bout featured Kenji Tanamura and Yukio Kisanuki of ARMADA facing the unique duo of Tetsuhisa NAKAI and Hayato Saigo in an excellent openweight tag match. The Yamanashi crowd were treated to the first in-ring interaction between Tetsuhisa NAKAI and Kenji Tanamura in well over a decade. Showing no ill feelings one way or another, the two faced off in the ring, testing one another with hard strikes. Kisanuki and Saigo would give the crowd something more substantial with a wild exchange of kicks. Despite only being in his third year of pro-wrestling, Kisanuki demonstrated his continued growth in keeping up with a wrestler of Hayato Saigo's caliber. While Tanamura and Kisanuki naturally worked well, NAKAI and Saigo surprisingly gelled as a unit -- and used several double team attacks to take the bout! In the end however, Saigo would prove to be too much for Kisanuki after connecting with his breathtaking Phoenix Splash.

The post-match saw something of a welcome from Tanamura to NAKAI, as the two patted fists during ARMADA's departure. The ever-popular Saigo briefly spoke after the bout, promising to return to Yamanashi as AALL Intercontinental Welterweight Champion after he defeats Kyoto Okazaki on 5/31!

* As always, the fans were treated to a gigantic main event bout, pitting the Seikigun team of Naoki Fukuda, Riki Ichiro, ATSUKA, and Yoshihiro Shimoda against the unique team of Mamoru Sekishima, Norihiro Akashi, and Kyou Hon Gan members Kazuki Sendo and SS Star. The bout was something of a reunion for Akashi and SS Star, who were brought up together as part of the Kazuma Fujita Dojo System. While having no long-term allegiance to his partners, Mamoru Sekishima worked alongside his predominantly heel-oriented partners, leading to some fiery exchanges with his 5/31 opponent, Naoki Fukuda. Likewise, Riki Ichiro took the opportunity to attack Akashi any chance he was given after falling to his Dream Weaver Lariat yesterday in Korakuen. Akashi seemingly took great pleasure in drawing Ichiro out, often darting in and out of the ring to avoid his pursuer. He would eventually get too clever for his own good after repeating the sequence that won him the bout yesterday, as Ichiro abruptly cut him off with a brutal headbutt to the jaw! The match had a bit more of a quicker pace thanks to the crowd-pleasing aerial efforts of the juniors. Perhaps most amusing however was the closing sequence between Heavyweight Mamoru Sekishima and Junior Heavyweight ATSUKA. Showing no fear, the 175cm ATSUKA roared in the face (so to speak) of the 198cm Sekishima! Despite assaulting the heavyweight with elbows and chops, ATSUKA quickly found himself nearly decapitated by Sekishima's retaliatory lariat! Fans were equally shocked and impressed as ATSUKA kicked out at 2.5 after Sekishima followed with the cover. However, ATSUKA's luck had finally run out as he found himself on the receiving end of Mamoru Sekishima's GRECO BOMB for the three count!

Sekishima once again closed the show with a rousing, if not quirky speech. He admitted to feeling butterflies now that he will compete in his first Big Match main event. However, the fear of the unknown excites him. He said while he aimed to become HEC Heavyweight Champion, his goal in wrestling was to make fans feel the way he felt growing up watching the likes of Hiroyoshi Tenzaki, Genji Yamato, and later Kazuma Fujita. "When you work hard and believe in your dreams, anything is possible. Together, let's realize our dreams!" Sekishima said to end the show.

May 10, 2015
Yamanashi - Nirasaki Municipal Gymnasium
961 Fans (No Vacancy)
1. ARMADA versus ~FL!~: Harumi Sakai & Yusaku Kitajima beat Hajime Kon & Maleko Momoa (9:05) when Kitajima used a Penalty Kick on Momoa.
2. "Mr. Hard Body" Tsutomu Nishioka, James Goodwin Jr. & "BIG" Jon Goodwin beat Hiroaki Nakata, Yutaka Awano & Kappei Nakao (8:35) when Nishioka used a Canadian Backbreaker on Nakao.
3. Special Singles Match ~ Mushozoku versus ~FL!~: Ryuugo Nagashima beat Kohei Obata (12:31) with the R-Bracer.
4. Seikigun versus KHG: Kyoto Okazaki, Wataru Yamada & Keisuke Rongai beat Jet Jaguar, GALLEON & Ryo Nozawa (14:40) when Rongai used a lariat on Nozawa.
5. Special Tag Match: Tetsuhisa NAKAI & Hayato Saigo beat Kenji Tanamura & Yukio Kisanuki (17:33) when Saigo used the Phoenix Splash on Kisanuki.
6. Road to KANFES Special 8-Man Tag Match: Mamoru Sekishima, Norihiro Akashi, Kazuki Sendo & SS Star beat Naoki Fukuda, Riki Ichiro, ATSUKA & Yoshihiro Shimoda (22:26) when Sekishima used the Greco Bomb on ATSUKA.

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