Friday, October 30, 1970


The inclusion of Jr. Heavyweights led to the natural creation of the HEC Jr. Heavyweight Championship. With a weight limit of 100kg, the title was initially decided in a stacked eight wrestler tournament held over two nights. In the end, long time CRIMSON star and freelancer Hayato Saigo defeated Yoshihiro Shimoda in a thrilling tournament final.

1. (2013/07/12 @ BODYMAKER Colosseum #2) Hayato Saigo beat Yoshihiro Shimoda (16:19) with an avalanche-style Brainbuster (Tournament Final.)
V1. (2013/11/10 @ BODYMAKER Colosseum #2) Hayato Saigo (c) beat Kotaro Ota (20:23) with an avalanche-style Brainbuster.
V2. (2013/11/29 @ BODYMAKER Colosseum #2) Hayato Saigo (c) beat ATSUKA (26:24) with an avalanche-style Brainbuster.

2. (2013/12/31 @ Ryogoku Kokugikan) Jet Jaguar beat Hayato Saigo (c) (18:00) with the THIRD STRIKE.

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