Saturday, March 21, 2015

[News] The Nansei Terrorist Returns!

The ghosts of the past continue to turn up, because the "Terrorist of Nansei" is back! During the later hours of March 21st, a shocking letter was found nailed to the door of Kenji Tanamura's "KT-Club" dojo in Kobe. Scrawled in red ink was the kanji character for "CHALLENGE," in addition to brazenly displaying the unmistakable crest of Ryo Inoue and the famed Steel Wind Dojo.

Appearing in front of the press with the above mentioned letter was Tanamura himself, in addition to members of his faction; Hybrid Corps ARMADA.  One of Tanamura's sharpest prodigies, Yuichi Miwa read a copy of the letter's contents while Tanamura himself displayed it for all to see. The body of the letter read as follows:

"For too long I have been silent. For too long you have forgotten the terror of being hunted and devoured in that which remains my hunting ground, though I have been absent from it. The Lone Wolf sees prey worth hunting. A strong beast that must be brought down. My pack will hunt his pack. Only after that will those who seek to usurp us in my absence know what it means to be an Alpha Wolf. I lay my gaze on my prey and soon he will know that neither he nor any of his comrades are safe.

There is no safe harbor anymore. You seek refuge in thinking you are ships, a fleet of men ready to do battle. You all are nothing. You will be torn limb from limb and made to scream. Your gathering of ships shall be dashed against the rocks. Notice is given, challenge is made. I, Ryo Inoue, return with those that are hungrier and more ferocious than you. I shall let my pack of wild wolves run rampant in your rings. There will blood. There will be agony. There will be glory.

My wolves and I come to wreck these ships of fools.
We are the hurricane that will end the ARMADA!

Ryo Inoue
Head Trainer, Co-Owner
Steel Wind Dojo Japan"

Speaking rather frank to reporters, Tanamura admitted to be at a loss for words, having no prior interaction with Inoue in the past. Naturally, it is not so strange to see Inoue given the pending return of Genji Yamato. However, what is most alarming is the fact that Inoue is not targeting Yamato; but Tanamura and Hybrid Corps ARMADA!

For the few unaware of Ryo Inoue's history, Tanamura briefly explained his never-ending war with Genji Yamato, in addition to his hostile invasions of company's including RJPW and FURY -- where he defeated Kazuma Fujita in front of 45,000 fans in Osaka.

While uneasy about Inoue's motives, Tanamura fired an immediate response -- vowing to accept Inoue's challenge PERSONALLY by visiting the Steel Wind Dojo! While vague on exactly when, Tanamura promised to enter the belly of the beast and confront the "Terrorist of Nansei" face-to-face. "Don't hide behind Asakino-sama! I will visit during business hours too," Tanamura joked in closing.

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