Tuesday, October 27, 1970


The HEC Heavyweight Title is coveted by every wrestler with aspirations of making it on the Japanese stage. The initial champion was crowned in the culmination of the 2013 EMPEROR'S CUP tournament. Out of a stacked field, TAKU bested Kenji Tanamura in a thrilling tournament final to firmly establish the HEC Heavyweight Title as the premier Heavyweight Crown in Japan.

1. (2013/03/15 @ Korakuen Hall) TAKU beat Kenji Tanamura (20:32) with the Choujin Lance (Tournament Final.)
V1. (2013/04/06 @ Korakuen Hall) TAKU (c) beat Seiji Ebisawa (24:31) with the La Magistral.

2. (2013/04/28 @ Ota Ward Gymnasium) Norihiro Akashi beat TAKU (c) (32:13) with the Dream Weaver.
V1. (2013/05/31 @ BODYMAKER Colosseum) Norihiro Akashi (c) beat TAKU (24:10) with the Dream Weaver.
V2. (2013/06/28 @ BODYMAKER Colosseum #2) Norihiro Akashi (c) beat Riki Ichiro (19:59) with the Dream Weaver.

-- Title vacated due to inactivity.

3. (2013/10/25 @ Korakuen Hall) Naoki Fukuda beat Norihiro Akashi (29:50) with the Mastodon Crash (Decision Match.)

4. (2013/11/16 @ Nagoya Congress Center) Chikao Kessin beat Naoki Fukuda (c) (17:15) with the Disaster Point.
V1. (2013/12/13 @ Tokyo Dome City Hall) Chikao Kessin (c) beat Kenji Tanamura with the Disaster Point.

5. (2013/12/31 @ Ryogoku Kokugikan) Naoki  Fukuda (2) beat Chikao Kessin (c) (20:35) with a Mastodon Crash from the top of a cage.

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